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Jello 10-20-2003 01:57 PM

What a sweetie my boyfriend is! I'd called him about my wallet and he knows how I obsess (who? me? :rolleyes: ) so he went home at lunch time and then he called me. The good news is, he said, that he found it. The bad news ... well, it's very clean. Yep, bottom of the washer. Geez, I hope those lottery tickets dry out OK. I could be a millionaire and not even know it.

Faye, I had a Stretch Armstrong! :D Yeah, I was a weird tomboy when I was little.

Quilter, your post made me want to go find my pedometer. Little battery operated job I bought, oh a thousand years ago, in an effort to keep track of how far I walked each day. BTW, you deserve a perfect bill of health for having to do THAT twice! :eek:

Well, I'm off to the boss's office to finish up his projects. The rest of the week is mine, all mine! Friday, Rich and I leave for North Carolina and his parents' big 50th. :cheers: Can't wait.

brighterdays 10-20-2003 09:16 PM

Hi all,

Just popped in to say hi!

I found a "present" in my cellar last weekend---a baby Siamese kitten. She (I think it's a she) is gorgeous and I've been nursing her back to health. I think her mother abandoned her or forgot her way back or something? My neighbor said to put her back in the cellar since she wouldn't even drink milk for us so I put her back in her place the next night to make sure her mother didn't find her....but I couldn't let her stay long---it was chilly that next morning. She has to be bottle fed and I'm in business now---got pet baby bottles, powdered formula, litter box, the works! But...the dog thinks she has a new playmate and isn't as gentle as she should be so we have to watch them closely together. I'm heading to the vet at the end of the week...need to see if I'm raising the kitten correctly--never had one this young before---possibly 4-5 weeks old.

Still following the SB diet---it seems a little easier now that I've got in a routine. Down at least 1/2-1# per week. Slow but sure... Getting my exercise following the kitten-dog chase!

Gotta go....the house chores go by the wayside with small pets and I'm gonna have to catch up if we're going to actually try to live here!

Take care all,


P.S. Hugs to you, Carol.

gma22 10-21-2003 05:20 AM

Bright: Always interesting bringing in a new pet. I know that when Jack found the abandon kitten out where he works and brought it home I wasn't sure how Fortune would take to it. He was terrified of it for awhile but they are pretty good buds now. I still have to get him neutered and declawed though. Be careful with the formula stuff as it will cause diarrhea. I had Butterscotch on it when we got him because I didn't have any idea how old he was and the vet took him off of it and the soft cat food immediately and put him on dry. I am sure your vet will direct you appropriately.

Jello: Aren't you thankful for laminate? I remember the days when the ole license was just a piece of paper basically and became fluff in the dryer filter or shreds on the inside of the washer! :lol: One of these days, dh and I are going to get out to Vegas. We had a trip all planned for my birthday and ended up having to cancel because of all this electrical stuff that had to be taken care of. If I were you, I would go to the book store and get a good Vegas guide book. It can be invaluable. That is what Jack and I did. Most of them will show you what hotels are the most expensive, least, best etc also give you ideas about the best buffets and restaurants and best places to gamble. We were going to stay just off the strip at the Orleans. It has a shuttle that will drop you off at either of their other two hotels, one being on the strip and one down on Frontier street and we thought that would save cab bucks or taking public transportation. My son called yesterday and wants to book a cruise with us, he and his fiance and his future mil. I told him remember the wedding? The two of them make huge bucks and can afford stuff like that, we have to save to be able to do cruises and such and the wedding expenses are going to suck us DRY! We just might be able to afford a rowboat down the Mississippi!

Hope everyone has a terrific day!


Jello 10-21-2003 08:22 AM

Had a whole day OP!!! That includes a workout at Curves and last night, get this, I'd eaten everything I felt I should but I was still hungry. Well, not really hungry but I wanted something....

.... so I .....

... went to bed. :D Score one for ol' Jello!!!!

Oooh Brighter, a kitten! Sounds so cute. As Faye said, I'm sure the vet will be able to advise you on the proper care and feeding. She's gonna need lots of love. Sounds like you're up for the job.

BTW Bright, congrats on your success with SB! A pound or so a week sounds just right.

And speaking of that, I'm thinking 20 lbs. in 20 weeks. Maybe for me, it's a bit ambitious but I'm counting on that initial big loss that comes when starting any new weight loss plan. This morning, for example, my weight was down 2.2 lbs from yesterday morning. Now I know that's not going to happen every day but how's that for a head start? :encore:

Faye, thanks for the advice. I think I just might invest in one of those books to find restaurants and such. But we'll probably stay at Bally's. I love Bally's and usually try to stay there. The plan last time was to stay in the middle of the strip and one day walk all the way to one end and back and the next day walk all the way to the other end and back. Yeah, that was the plan. And it's the plan for the next trip too. :rolleyes: Maybe I'll actually do it!

No ... not maybe ... I WILL!!!!

Whew! And now I WILL WORK..... Gotta do what you gotta do.

Picturing Faye's whole family in a rowboat on the Mississippi and giggling fiercely...... :lol:

QuilterInVA 10-21-2003 09:30 AM

Faye, while you are rowing up the Mississippi, will you have riverboat gambling as well? Maybe on a little barge you tow behind.

I only walked 6515 steps yesterday. Man, it takes actually doing a walking program to reach 10,000. Guess I'd better get the old walkman dusted off and get started. Aiming for 7000 today.

I always feel better when I eat the SB way, so why do I let myself fall off? The junk food doesn't even taste good anymore but it is like I still have to keep testing to make sure I don't really want it.

Jello, I think you have the excercise part licked - seems like Curves is just what you needed.

Ladies, have a good day - the boss man cometh!

gma22 10-21-2003 10:34 AM


Gosh wouldn't that be a site, one man is 6'2, one is 6'6, one chubby ole lady, and two normal size ones and that doesn't even count the grandson, dd or sil if they would take the trip. Wow, what a great idea have some kind of raft or something with a slot machine, baccarat for dh and maybe a 21 table! I would have to have some type of players card. Ok, I am getting carried away with my own silliness now! I have to tell you guys though, if you knew what goes into the Mississippi you wouldn't get into a yacht and sail down it. Don't forget dh works at Poop Central and he has filled me in about some things!

Jello: Yeah for you. On my thread we call those WTG's. Anything you do or happens that is good but NOT weight loss like you going to bed and not eating. Man, we had a terrible experience with Bally's in Tunica. The ac wasn't working properly, the ceilings were leaking and there were drip pans everywhere, the sheets were TORN, the shower didn't work right and the ice machines were all empty save for one in the lobby. When we pitched a fit, the staff could have cared less.We even filled out a complaint card and nothing! The one night we stayed there cost us $130 and I was seeing red. I looked up their corporate info and sent a letter the the big kahuna and never heard a word back even an apology. About 3 months later, we got a really apologetic letter from the manager of the Tunica hotel and one from corporate and our money back but we will never go back there. For one thing, the hotel is NOT attached to their casino which is lousy too. I am sure the Vegas Bally's is much better. We pretty much stay at Fitzgeralds in Tunica when we go down for the night or weekend. They seem to have the best slots I think and I am an exclusive slot player. I know how to play Texas Hold em Poker, but I am too nervous to play at a table.

Now for the GASP horror! We go down and stay overnight on Christmas Eve every year! It is EMPTY and CHEAP! A room is $19 a night or a suite is $49. Now before you go gaga, we always have our Christmas on Christmas eve with the kids because sil's parents insist on them getting Christmas together. We have no other family here and for us Christmas is over as far as the celebration is concerned by about 4 pm on Christmas Eve so we go the Casino. Now that will change once Jay is married and kids come along etc, but for now that is what we do. We may even have our Christmas this year on Friday the 26th because dd has to work Christmas Eve.

Well, this is not getting any exercise in so ttfn!


Cafe976 10-21-2003 10:41 AM

Good morning to all!

Oooo, Bright! A kitten! I lurvs kittens. WTG sticking with your routine! I'm headed your direction. Just gotta keep reminding myself not to get distracted, LOL.

Quilt - I want a new toy, too. Where did you obtain this 'pedometer' item? I have only seen the dollar-store variety (which do not work). I want one!

Jello, You're so awesome. Slow & steady wins the race.

It lightened up yesterday and DH and I worked quickly in the fading sunlight to remove 30-odd lady bugs from our various window sills and crevices before they woke up and started swarming around the lights for their evening ritual. They are everywhere. I can't quite seem to vacuum them up, though, so I throw them outside with the loving words, "You need to get out more!" LOL. I have to admit that I spontaneously flushed a few in the bathroom because I'd already locked up for the night.

Cafe976 10-21-2003 10:45 AM

Forgot to ask -

Faye: How did the red turn out??

Jello 10-21-2003 11:32 AM

Yikes Faye! Remind me to stay away from the Tunica Bally's! :yikes: I've always had good luck (no pun intended) at Bally's in Vegas. But I gotta tell ya. Rich and I spent last Christmas in Las Vegas. It was terrible. The casinos were absolutely packed. Could hardly walk around because of the crowds. And people brought their kids!?!?! :mad: Security spent most of their days telling people to get their little kids out of the casino. What kind of bozo brings little kids into a casino? Grumble, grumble. Never going back there at Christmas time!!!


I've got nothin' to say really. Just wanted to pop in and respond to Faye's post.

... and keep myself away from the jar of candy on the next desk over....

No! Bad!! Baaaad candy!!!!!

gma22 10-21-2003 11:43 AM

Cafe: I would go online to yahoo and do a search with pedometer. That is what I did and I found a cool looking one that does a lot of stuff including having an FM radio and it was under $30! I LIKE my hair. I am one of those old ladies that likes to what do they say, press the envelope. So, I have spiked maroon hair now! As soon as I am dressed decently, I will have Jack take a pic and post it.

Jello: The casinos in Ms allow the kids to eat in the restaurants but to get to them you have to drag the kids through the smoke filled casino and expose them to the gambling and drinking. I see people dragging there kids in all the time and I think it is disgraceful!

I did about 20 minutes of strength training this morning so I am sure my hands and arms are gonna be sore in the morning, but I need to get my upper arm muscles and hand strength built up especially my right hand as I am left handed and do EVERYTHING left handed.

Well it is to the shower for me.


QuilterInVA 10-21-2003 11:46 AM

Cafe, got the pedometer at the mecca of shopping - Target - I got the best one they had ($26.95), figured the cheaper ones wouldn't be too accurate. Knowing how long it takes me to walk my "measured mile" this one seems to be right on target. I wanted one that measured miles and steps - it also figures calories expended and stores the suff.

SEMO 10-21-2003 12:14 PM

Ya'll remember me? Well, just wanted to say hi. Our year end is Oct 25th and I'm checking inventory and making adjustments here and there. When this is over I should have some time to play. Bye for now.

SEMO 10-21-2003 04:55 PM

Well GEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, guess you guys did forget all about me!

No really, just had a break and thought I'd see what was going on, guess you all have important things going on. See ya later.

gma22 10-22-2003 06:23 AM

Good morning everyone. Well I have probably just made an enemy, but so be it. Someone posted a new diet they are going to try and it is NUTS and I think dangerous. This says you CANNOT exercise, the first 10 days you eat so many days of fruits and veggies only and then so many days of WHOLE milk only. Can you imagine? When are we going to wake up and realize there is NO miracle out there just plain hard work to get the weight off. I tried to be as gentle as possible, but even the site says you can experience dizziness from what is basically hypoglycemic problems so why the heck would you put yourself in jeapordy? I know her desperation at wanting to lose weight but this diet really worries me when even the inventor says you can experience health issues. I told her that once she has lost water weight and her body adjusts to just the milk, fruits and veggies, it will shut down and she will quit losing since she is not boosting her metabolism with exercise. Not only that and I didn't tell her this, but she WILL gain it and probably more lbs back because she is not LEARNING anything about how she should eat on this diet. It is a fad plain and simple to help you lose weight by lightning your WALLET not your body.

Stepping down from the :soap: now. Gosh, Ijust want people to be successful and not be disappointed and not have to pay money for the privilege of losing weight.

I followed Dr Phil's #3 rule no fail environment by starting the clean out the too big clothes. Sadly some of these clothes are beautiful and really expensive, but I need to get them out of the house. The ugly little voice in me for a moment said, "But what will you wear if you gain the weight back?" I punched the little voice in the nose and said, "I am NOT going to ever ever need that size again!"

Well, dh is up now so I am going back to bed (doggy woke us up gagging under the covers and we had to scurry around and get him off the bed. He likes to lick sheets and blankets and gets fuzz in his throat). I just stayed up and posted so Jack could sleep unencumbered for another hour.


Tigerlily 10-22-2003 09:19 AM

Faye, let me know when you'll be back in this neck of the woods. I'm really close to 6 & 31.
Dr Phil has some good rules. Have you been watching his show? I've caught it a few times. I liked the tip one of the ladies gave. She said to put your purse/money in the trunk so you will be less likey to stop at a fast food joint while driving.

Semo, we'd never forget about you. :twirly: Don't work too hard.

The kids get out of school early today/tomorrow and no school Friday. My plan is to let them help paint one of the new bedrooms downstairs. There is no trim or flooring installed yet, so it should be ok. :crossed: Intense Lime Green and Vibrant Bright Blue. DH may be the one that's not ok when he see's the colors. :p

Have a great day all!

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