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Jello 10-16-2003 08:32 AM

Well, the Cubs broke my heart but I love 'em anyway. :^:

Know what? The Cubs lost last night.

And this morning, the sun still came up! The world has kept on turning. Yesterday has become today. Tomorrow will still come.

So if I fall completely off program, should I just give up and figure that's it, that's the end?

Heck no! :D I'll just keep on plugging.

Hm, can learn a lot from the wide world of sports....

But I am wearing black today ... just 'cuz. :rolleyes:

:chin: I'm feelin' strong and brave. I think I need to go fill my water bottle now.

SEMO 10-16-2003 09:19 AM

Sorry Girls, about the Cubs!

I can tell you that I'M NOT HAVING FUN!!!! Our WHS MGR has been on a delivery truck all week and I'm not getting any training on his position. The new replacement guy and I are coming in on Sunday so maybe we will have some quite with the one that's leaving. :yikes: This stinks!

DNW, thinking about you often. Please check in, you know we worry.

Gotta run.

gma22 10-16-2003 09:31 AM

Jello: They played lousy both games and didn't deserve to win. There is always next year. They have a fine ball club and an excellent manager. Tweak the team a bit and they will be back again next year. I can't believe they wanted this so much and played so crummy for two games. Jack said he thinks both Prior and Wood were just plain out of steam and he could be right!

I just wanted to peek in. I have a lot to do this morning. Talk to you later.


Cafe976 10-16-2003 02:07 PM

Hey ladies. Sorry about the cubs!

Faye, I double-checked the travel arrangements in case there was a way we could squeeze a visit in. It would make the trip worthwhile for me! Unfortunately the way DH booked the flights we are basically on the ground no longer than necessary. We leave bright and early the morning after the wedding. :(

I'm having to do a lot of work on my computer lately, backing up and removing files, moving things to the server. Tried to defragment overnight but it stopped halfway through. The 2nd half took until noon to complete. But it had to be done. Don't ask me how I had managed to fill up a 20 gigabyte hard drive, but I'm 43% free now and fully defragged. Yay! Took a day and a half, though. I cleaned up my paper files in the meantime like a banshee. Nothing else to do!

So now I've got to scoot and clear up the backlog of work.


QuilterInVA 10-16-2003 04:49 PM

Hello, ladies, my condolences for the demise of the CUBS for this year.

Had my physical yesterday - get mammogram next wednesday and bone density on Monday. I've shrunk 3/4 inch in the last 2 years. Steroids for asthma and hypothyroidism all contribute to osteoprosis. Plus I have my 3rd high blood pressure reading so now I get to do the DASH diet and lose 30 pounds. Insulin Resistence stayed the same and sugar returned to where it was with that so no diabetes yet - more reason to get those 30 pounds off. Dr. said my chloresterol was the lowest he has ever seen and he would guarantee I'll never have heart disease - but I might get run over by a truck. So better than I thought and I'm glad to find out about the high blood pressure before I have a stroke. DASH diet is exchanges and I'm real familiar with them from WW before points. It's the salt-free that will take some getting used to. I also not only have a raging case of GERD but an ulcer as well. No caffine, no chocolate. Did I mention I have a bit of stress on the job?
He also mentioned the ugly exercise word.

DNW, take care of yourself. Let us hear from you when you feel like it.

SEMO 10-17-2003 09:59 AM

Good Morning and a Very Happy Friday!:dance: It's raining here but the weaterman promises it will clear out by noon and be a pretty weekend.

Quilter, First, congrats on the perfect blood work results. Does you doctor recommend these diet plans or are you seeing a dietician? Just wondering, all my doctor ever says is cut fat, calories and exercise! BTW, exercise is great for stress.

Dang, boss just handed me some purchase orders to type, be back later.

QuilterInVA 10-17-2003 10:29 AM

SEMO, my doctor sends me to a dietician...she helps me taylor the plan to my needs and tastes. Fortunately, my insurance carrier pays for it. I would pay myself if I had to because it has been so helpful in the past.

Beautiful day but rain is on the way - yet again. It's amazing how much stuff still has to be cleaned up from the hurricane. They are running out of space to put the trees.

Cafe976 10-17-2003 02:06 PM

Quilter - excellent news re: choleserol and diabetes factors. I'm glad to hear it, on your behalf. The BP thing is something, but sounds like you will handle it with style.

Getting ready to head out tomorrow AM, it will be a whirlwind trip but all things considered that's okay! Looking stuff up on the internet today. Faye: The wedding is downtown in the Overton Square area (Florence & Monroe?). However, the recommended lodging is over by the Wolfchase mall? DH will get a workout with the driving, eh?

Don't have a lot to say about dieting! Except that, I used my crockpot twice this week and liked it. I think this could be good not only for my stress levels (NOT having to come home and cook makes me smile!) but also because there is no added fat in this type of cooking. It's a whole-foods kind of cooking too, which is good for me. The less processed crapola the better. So, eating pretty good this week, but not on plan either. Meh, it's a new week when I get home Sunday.

Everyone have a great weekend!

gma22 10-20-2003 09:05 AM

Good morning ladies!

Cafe: Hope you had a nice time in Memphis! We sure had a beautiful Sat and Sun here for you! I had forgetten that my sil's cousin got married on Sat. I will have to ask Kelly where she got married. Who knows, maybe my daughter was at YOUR wedding! If you saw a spritely little terror of a redheaded boy in navy blue pants and a plaid shirt, that was probably my grandson!!! :lol:

Man, it feels good to be totally back on track. I have had some really long slump time and especially bad the last week or so and didn't exactly know what. Psychoanalyzed myself, figured it out and got back up on the horse.

Today looks like it is going to be a beautifully warm day again so I am going to get my behind going, get my chores done and get out and walk.

Carol, hope things are starting to feel a little better for you. We miss you bunches!

Everyone else, have a superb day!


SEMO 10-20-2003 09:31 AM

A quick hello, the weather is beautiful here and we are already busy putting out fertilizer and wheat seed. Today's the first day without our Whs Mgr, gosh I'm gonna miss him. We worked so well together and he reminded me so much of my husband when he was younger. Of course he was almost young enough to be one of my sons but not quite! We were very close as friends even with the age difference. I wish him well.

DNW, I second what Faye said. We miss you and hope you are copeing a little better each and every day. (((huz)))

Cafe, how was the trip? Probably feeling tired this morning.

Tig, Girl, am I gonna have to come drag you out of that mood? Get youself back here, we miss ya.

Hey to everyone, I've got a ton of things to get done, including the most important, payroll! :D

Have a great day.

Tigerlily 10-20-2003 10:14 AM

Woohoo! Monday! ok, not really...but I can pretend. :p
It's been a whirlwind lately. Ten weeks until Christmas and no break in sight.
I finally had that yard sale that I gathered stuff for weeks ago. Diet books all gone. I kept one Kathy Smith book and Bob Greene's Get With the Program. DH is such a card. He sold the last of the stuff to the last people of the day for 10 bucks. It was a truck load full! He even loaded it up in his truck and drove it to their house.
Girls, my Mom was SO thrilled at the "surprise furniture re-arrange" that my sis and I did. It was like our own little HGTV episode. We did three rooms...swapped furniture around, dusted, swept under everything. It was great making her feel so good with all that's going on with my Dad. My sis wants to plan a day to go back and do the bedrooms. :dizzy:
Semo, what does Whs stand for?:^: Weather is nice here too. 80 today!
Faye, you wanna phschoanalyze me? My horse is broken.:dz:
I'm gonna bust butt in the house this morning so I can get outside this afternoon to enjoy the weather. :wave:

Cafe976 10-20-2003 10:49 AM

Speaking of horses, did I ever tell you gals that I fell of the mechanical horse at Red Owl when I was 3 years old? :lol:

Yes, I'm back. The weather WAS perfect, Faye. And YES, I am a little tired today, SEMO. The wedding was very nice, it was small which I enjoyed particularly. I don't think I saw your little red-haired boy, though? There was a cute lil 2 year old boy, but otherwise sans kids. And he had black pants on... Wanted to get down on the wood floor and came up looking like the business end of a swiffer, LOL. Also, I can't remember how old the grandbaby is, and I think the last time I saw him he was covered in paint! :) FWIW, the wedding was Aschman/Byers.

Can I just say it was beautiful here yesterday too? I was so glad to get home!

Meanwhile it's overcast this morning and 3 window washers are going crazy on our building next door (I suppose we're next). They're on floor 15 now - across from our windows - and they're harnessed to things that look like old fashoined swings, each with a 5-gal bucket dangling at one side. Talk about having your butt in a sling, LOL! When they're ready to drop to the next pane, they look just like spiders how quick they can drop from their web. Scary!

That's all I got - but I've decided to start over on my diet today. Um, as of now, that is, since I had an encounter with a pastry this morning.

Tiger - can you do that to my house, please?


Jello 10-20-2003 11:14 AM

Woo hoo, Cafe. It's you and me again, girlie, on the same track. I'm starting over today also, after the walnut and raisin covered sticky bun this morning..... :rolleyes:

But a gal here just got back from a 2-week vacation which included 3 days in Las Vegas. She brought me a 2004 calendar so I can pine away about a different casino every month of the year. :lol:

Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to lose weight and the prize will be a trip to Vegas. And I'm not allowed to go until I lose the weight. Tricky part will be setting the goal. :chin: See I'd like to go to Vegas maybe in late February or March. So I've got to calculate how much I can realistically try to lose by then. Then if I don't lose it, I don't go. There. That's it. Finito! May be a bit harsh but I've got to try something. :drill:

Meanwhile, maybe it'll keep me from having any more weekends like this past one. :cry: And I'm panicked too. This morning I realized that my little wallet that I carry my license, mac card and some money in is missing. I'm pretty sure :^: that it's still in the pocket of the jeans I was wearing yesterday (I hope I hope I hope) but it's not back in my purse where I usually tuck it. Hopefully, I'll find it when I get home from Curves tonight. Meanwhile I'm trying not to think about it. :stress: Fate's punishing me for my bad behavior this weekend.

Tiger, I'm thinking Semo means warehouse???

Semo, we're having great fall weather too. Lots of leaves and pine cones to rake. The only exercise I'm getting lately.

Carol, really miss you sweetie. Send us all a quick post so we know you're OK. Think of you every day. :love:

I have to go. Boss is in France this week so I'm trying to get all the "chores" he left for me done so I can do some of my own work! Gettin' there....


Edited to add: "Butt in a sling"!!! :lol: Cafe, you're a card!

QuilterInVA 10-20-2003 12:03 PM

Hello, ladies. I'm back on track and now wearing a pedometer for incentive to walk more. Doc wants me to do 10,000 steps a day. Don't see that happening anytime soon - I'll have to work up! It records stuff and holds it in memory so I'm supposed to take it to my next visit so they can get the info off. Guess that's a good incentive to move more.

Had my mammogram this morning - there was something wrong with the machine and there were black lines through every one of the x-rays! So they did some fiddling around and did them all again - came out okay that time. Seems like punishment to have it done twice!

Beautiful fall day. The leaves haven't turned much but we have a tone of acorns and nuts down all over the place.

Jello, I like your idea about setting goal and no prize if it isn't reached. I'm aiming for 20 pounds by the end of February - or I will cut 2 days off the Quilt Show. Can't cut them all because I already paid my money and they keep 25% if you cancel. I tell you ladies, sodium is in everything. It's not easy to keep it below 1500.

gma22 10-20-2003 01:29 PM

We are all coming around again it seems. One of the ladies that posts on my thread made a comment everything in nature slowing down at this time of year, but that just can't happen to me or I won't be the best looking woman at my son's wedding (besides the bride of course who will be beautiful)

Cafe: Nope different wedding. You would have definitely noticed Thomas I can assure you! Glad you had a nice time

Tig: I bet you are glad all that stuff is gone. Each time Jack would get transferred when he was in the Navy I yard saled everything I could think of just so we wouldn't have to move it. Your dh and boys must be really down. Winningham or whatever his name is is probably not long for Notre Dame now. They are doing really bad this year. They will probably finish his contract then OUT he will go. Hey, if we can manage it, I would love to get with you next Sept when we come up for Jay's wedding. We are going to be there a whole week and I want to go to my mom's grave, which is in Argos so maybe we can meet at McD's or Burger King at 31 and 6 for just a little while. We have lots of time. We are going to be staying at the downtown Holiday Inn. The Marriott is booked solid for that time period, which would have been great seeing as how it is across the street from the Century Center.

Don't mind any grammar or spelling flubs, I am typing without my reading glasses on as I am coloring my hair. I am leaning back about as far as I can. I need arms like that kids toy of the 70's Stretch Armstrong I think is what he was called.

Well, I better go see if I am "done" yet. I got tired of blond and colored it a deep red so I hope it comes out as I usually pick a light to medium red. I got hooked on Sharon Osborne's show and I love her hair color.


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