BOOOOOooooooo October Exercise Challenge

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  • Good Morning to All, here it is October and were having another challenge for the month. Wont you join us in a personal challenge? We are less than three months away from Christmas and just a little more until the New Year begins. We can make a difference in the way we feel by the end of the year by committing each month to a healthier lifestyle. So come on and join us.

    The rules are:

    This is your personal challenge, calculate the number of minutes that you will exercise for the entire month of October and post them here, each day that you exercise subtract that number of minutes and show the remaining balance.

    Do not feel intimidated by the number of minutes that someone else is posting, everyone has to start somewhere and you will get stronger and feel better if you stay with your program.

    You do not have to wait until the beginning of the month to join, just jump in anytime. Count the remaining days of the month and post the time that you are pledging, making a commitment to yourself.
    Im pledging 1,000 minutes, this will be harder this month for me because Ill be out of town several days for work, and visiting my kids.
  • Semo: You know me and exercise so I am in. I am going to pledge 1500 minutes for the month of October starting tomorrow.

    Thanks for the challenge!

  • OK, last time I tried this several months ago, I posted a high number and simply couldn't make it. This time, I'm being more realistic.

    Let's see... Curves 3 times a week .... treadmill in front of the TV upstairs .... dust blown off the exercise videos .... cool, crisp air to walk in......

    I'm in! 800 minutes for October.
  • Count me in for 1710 minutes!

  • 2000 here i am going for it . got to add to my exercise also. so this may help me to go big.....

    2000-60= 1940

    1940-60= 1880
  • Just a quick check in this morning to report 35 min down so far today.

    1000 - 35 = 965
  • I don't think I will be able to post everyday, but I will pledge 1500 this month!! I am loving exercise now!! It is such a healthy way to release stress and lose weight at the same time!! Much better than vodka!! LOL! J/K. Really though, it allows me the opp. to really relieve frustrations.
  • Hi there - I've never tried an exercise challenge, but I could use the extra incentive to get my butt up off the couch . I've been pretty good for the last little while, but I can feel my resolve slipping.

    Put me in for 1000 minutes (hooyah!!)
  • Welcome ConWay and SillyMonkey, you won't be sorry. Please feel free to talk about whatever exercise program that you are doing and/or make suggestions on how to keep everyone motivated. Most of us are regulars on other threads, but it's fun to get to know everone here too. Faye, glad to see you here, and our regulars too!
  • October 1st 40 minutes

    Pledged 1500

    Remainder 1460

    My exercise: during summer months hour of water aerobics/laps
    fall/winter/spring walk 2-3 miles 3 times a week, an hour on the glider the other 4 times a week and 10-15 minutes of resistance/strength upper body 3 times a week

    For those of you who think you can't do this, I started in January at over 400 lbs and walked huffing and puffing 1/2 mile twice a day. I am going to be doing a 5K Oct 25 so exercise is a PRIORITY with me. I have lost about 90 lbs, 10 inches on my hips, 10 on my waist and 6 on my arms. I have gone from a 34 dress suit to a 22/24 so even if you can only do 10 minutes try anything you enjoy and do it A LOT!

  • Wow gma2one - those are amazing numbers! Awesome! Congrats!

    Personally, I haven't set up a 'regime' yet...I'm just doing whatever strikes my fancy in an effort not to get bored - but it HAS to be every weeknight from 7 to 8 (which keeps me doing it). Last night I went for a walk/run (and wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected...usually I run too fast and kill myself, but I was good about going slow and actually enjoyed it ). If it rains, I do a tape. I swing dance on Friday nights (probably the most sweat I do a week), and I go indoor rock climbing twice a month with my friends (great upper body...without realizing you're doing upper body work). So, that's me. I really do want to move more though...I find my eating isn't bad (so long as I keep the evening binges at bay), but when I went to dance camp this summer I ate like a horse and still lost 5 pounds - it hit me that if I really keep with the exercise, I WILL see results. So, I'm keeping with it .
  • October 1

    30 minutes at Curves plus the 15 minute walk home = 45 minutes.

    45 down, 755 to go.
  • Good Morning and Happy Thursday, ever noticed how exercise puts you in a better mood.

    I actually rolled out when the alarm went off this morning.

    965 - 60 = 905
  • 10/1 -
    60 min - Evil Trainer


  • Did another walk/run last night and am still enjoying it!