struggles with losing weight

  • For a long time i had struggles with losing weight, it seemed impossible and with 3 kids back to back i thought id never be able to lose it. I tried not eating, i tried less eating, i tried liquid diets, i tried dietary supplements, the list goes on... Im here to find answers and hopefully it could help me and others i can share them with.
  • If you're struggling to lose weight, it's probably because you're eating too many processed foods.

    Processed foods are loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats, and salt, all of which make it difficult to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet made up of whole foods.

    Try incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, and cut back on processed foods. You'll be amazed at how quickly you start to lose weight once you make this change.
  • I would only suggest to avoid sugar and junk food
  • It is really very hard to lose weight but I am trying my best to lose my weight.
  • Proper posture maintains balance for the weight of the body in all positions and movements, such as sitting, standing, walking, and others. A healthy body requires that the parts of the body are arranged on top of each other in a vertical position. The head, neck, trunk, pelvis, legs and feet carry each other in a balanced form with the work of the ligaments, muscles and various body systems.