How to lose weight

  • Simple, Drink WATER, WATER, WATER

    Also helps,
    NONI juice,
    Amla juice(Indian Gooseberry)
  • ♦ Drink a large glass of water before meals.
    ♦ Eat a balanced diet.
    ♦ Do physical exercises.
  • use keto
    its simple use a keto diet plan!
  • keto diet plan
  • Hello, if you want to lose weight then I will share a drink with you. To make that drink you need 1 spoon of Trachyspermum Ammi, 1/4 of Cinnamon and pour it in water(1440 ML) after then boil it for 2-3 minutes. And then drink it all day not drink it all once. It would be much better if you drink it 30 minutes before you eat anything but not all, in small amounts.
  • follow keto diet plan
  • water and walk both are important to lose weight


lose weight