"Best" ketogenic program/low carb diet??

  • What's the "best" ketogenic program/low carb diet?? What diet/program have been most successful for members??
  • Hi Haley! Sorry for being a few days late. I just spoke with a girl named Coco who lost 105 pounds doing Keto, and here's what she told me: "I focused on protein, healthy fats, and vegetables and also drank a ton of water, and eventually introduced intermittent fasting. Typically I eat 2 times a day, as I fast 16 hours and have an 8-hour eating window. I also try to keep my carb intake around 20 to 25 net carbs per day. A day in the life of my eating is typically overnight “oats” made with chia seeds, almond milk, and almond butter. I also add a few berries and pecans. Another breakfast option is eggs with bacon or sausage. A healthy fat you can add to any meal is avocado. Dinner is usually a steak or chicken breast or a bunless burger with a salad or veggies."
  • My personal trainer told me to always eat healthy foods like salads
  • Do exercise like plank stand for minimum of 30seconds every morning