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Default Food and blood pressure.

I was wondering if any members know exactly how foods and liquids affect blood pressure. I started my weight lose 5 days ago. I am 380 pound Male with high blood pressure. This is my 10th time trying to lose weight I'm sure. I go from high junk food and processed foods to 100% clean eating and from mostly pop to water only. I know I am only eating 1200 calories daily if im adding correctly and should be well over 2000 from what I seen online. I also pee way more with only water.

now my actual problem is everytime I try my blood pressure goes way up and I think it's from lack of calories and maybe peeing(10 times daily) maybe throwing my electrolytes off. I feel like no energy and this may sound weird but im puppy hungry all the time. I shake n am ravioushly hungry.

can someone shed some light on this. Is it my calories and too much water intake too fast. I have no other health problems as of 1 week ago. Blood work fine.

Please only positive replies I suffer from anxiety and dont want that up with my blood pressure lol.
Thanks and have a great day..
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Junk food definitely can affect blood pressure. Good on you for trying again, doesn't matter if it's your 10th time. At your weight, 1200 calories is way too low and I think that is causing your shaking and possibly blood pressure. Why not do this under the supervision of your family doctor? Then you can get some guidance on how to lose the weight in a healthy way and you might have less side effects. This will help you stick with it also. The internet has lots of sites that show how many calories is safe to eat as per your current weight. The more you lose weight...the more you'll reduce your calorie intake. But I think you might have gone too drastic right out of the gate. You can do this! I wish you all the best.
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Since my BP is influenced by stress, I will say that worrying about it and taking it frequently when I get a high reading actually causes it to go up and the effect can be quite pronounced! ............ my doctor made me promise once a day first thing in the morning

Also BP is higher in the winter.

I agree that 1200 calories is fine for a typical woman [I ate about 1200 when I started at 265] but it is very low for a man. I log food on Cronometer to make sure I get all my nutrients and it is hard to get them all on a 1200 calorie diet. I would talk with your doctor about it all though. It could be something with the electrolytes since you have started dieting. Also if you are famished on your diet it is going to make it harder to comply long term for slow steady weight loss. A lot depends on age, activity level etc but I know my husband who is about my age can eat so many more calories than me even though I get more exercise.

There are supplements like magnesium that help with BP and you need to get adequate potassium which is hard to do with calorie restriction but a doctor needs to advise on those supplements due to possible interactions/issues with BP medicines.

Hang in there. Wish you success. It is all in being steady and consistent! I lost 130# and have great numbers now though and have ditched the statin, A1C is great, but still have to take low dose BP meds.
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