September Exercise Challenge.

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  • Good Morning Ladies, for those of you that do not know me I'm Semo. We started this thread last year and for the last couple of months I've sort of dropped the ball. Ahwwww, but there's always hope and new beginnings, right? Kathy has some other things going on right now so I'm starting the new challenge and hope that everyone will continue to post.

    The rules are:

    This is your personal challenge, calculate the number of minutes that you will exercise for the entire month of September and post them here, each day that you exercise subtract that number of minutes and show the remaining balance.

    Do not feel intimidated by the number of minutes that someone else is posting, everyone has to start somewhere and you will get stronger and feel better if you stay with it.

    You do not have to wait until the beginning of the month to join, just jump in anytime. Count the remaining days of the month and post the time that you are pledging, making a commitment to yourself.

    With that said, I am pledging 1000 minutes to be completed by September 30th. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

  • Hi Semo, I am like you. I have neglected my exercise mainly because of the heat. I have got the Walk Away Pounds and like them a lot. They have tapes for older(me) 1 mile(me) and 2mile (I'm trying) and a 3&4 mile. It is great for indores. Happy exercising. I've got 16 pounds to go.
  • 1800 minutes here LaDean
  • Count me in. I dropped out in the middle of the July challenge. Just couldn't seem to get into exercise during the summer. But I'm set to go again. My plan is Curves 3X, 3hr yoga and 1 hr pilates per week. And whatever time walking my dog that I can fit in. So I'll challenge myself to 1000 min. this month.

    Good to see you back Semo.
  • Hi Everyone!
    I'm new to the group, planning to get back to WW on Tuesday. I love the idea of an exercise challenge!!! Put me down for 720 minutes.

    WK OF 9/1 > 120 minutes of walking .... 600 left (starting yogafit tonight! Should help me get to goal)

    WK OF 9/8 > 60 min yoga, 150 min walking, 120 min water aerobics... total 330... 270 min left... I'm going to make goal!!!
  • count me in for Sept!
    1590 minutes for me (this month I'm going to hit my goal dammit!)

    9/1 -
    33 min - elliptical
    75 min - Swimming


  • Good Morning to all, and welcome to our Newbies. I'm excited to see everyone here! I'm off to a good start, did one hour on the orbitreck yesterday! (I'm feeling the effects too! )

    1000 - 60 = 940
  • 1000 minutes for me!
    30 minutes WATP this morning.
    1000 - 30 = 970 to go!
  • Semo, i'm so glad your back. For the past 3mths i've been trying to make my 1000min but haven't even come close.

    I have so much going on in my life right now, but i'm going to try not to neglect my workouts.

    9/2-40mins - 1000=960left

  • 30 min at Curves this morning

    1000 - 30 = 970 remaining
  • Happy Wednesday!


    940 - 30 = 910
  • 9/2 -
    12 min - Step Ups (I supposed it's better than nothing! )


  • Good Moning to all, for Wednesday, Sept 3rd, 30 minutes.

    910 - 30 = 880 I'm ing along!
  • 9/3 -
    65 min - Elliptical


  • Thursday 20 min walk
    Friday 30 WATP

    970-50=920 to go!