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jburress 08-20-2003 09:49 PM

Dr. Phil
Has anyone tried Dr. Phil's diet? Is it any good?:?:

gma22 08-21-2003 07:44 AM

Not only have I never heard of it, I went to his site and he has no tapes, cds or books on weight loss at all. Where did you hear about it?

aphil 08-21-2003 06:35 PM

I have Dr. Phil's books and watch his show quite a lot...I have never heard of any diet endorsed or discussed by Dr. Phil...I think when he has had people on his show discussing weight loss, he takes more of a psychological approach to why they are overeating...and what triggers that in them...I don't think he has an actual diet plan.

Meg 08-21-2003 07:07 PM

The book -- The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom -- will be released on September 9. Here's a link to its description at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...491330-0755831


aphil 08-22-2003 07:54 PM

yeah-it looks more like what he talks about on his show-not actually any sort of "food plan." I bet it is a good read though...

Uncut 08-23-2003 07:50 PM

Dr. Phil gets all the ladies...lol(wat is it all the ladies like about him)

umm i never heard of the plan if i did i would help you

Angel26519 08-23-2003 09:58 PM

Here is what I wrote down about Dr Pihl's Weight Lose philosphy... this is from an Oprah show that he was on back in June 2001..... (I have a motivational journal where I write all the things that is going to make me do this.... OK I am anal retentive... lol)


****You are overweight because you set yourself up to be...
****You may have a fear of NOT Failing... Of being thin and then having no excuses....
****Being overweight is unnatural.... You have to work at being overweight.....
****The key element in being overweightis your emotions.
****You have designed your life to be this way. (IE: Your emotions, your lifestyle, your eating choices, etc.)

#2 You cant change what you dont acknowledge.

****When do you use 7 abuse food???? Know this and you will be able to start to have control....
****Its not what you eat so much as why you eat.
****You have to get real about why you eat what you eat.
****What is your payoff for eating?
****You are eating for a reason.
****If you have a need you will find a way to fill it.

Until you get rid of the fear, until you get real with yourself, you will continue to feed the monster.


****You have to changeyour internal dialog. You have to acknowledge that what you say to yourself will effect you.
****Put the food down and go heal that disfigurement inside.
****If you are overweight that means that you are out of control. Being overweight is an unnatural state.
****The magic is you. There is something in you when you make a life decision.
****Visualize yourself as thin & Beautiful.
****Visualize yourself daily doing what needs to be done.

Dr Phils Five Step Strategy

#1 Set a Very Specific Goal.
****Remember that losing weight requires a change in thought and behavior so set goals for your emotions and weight.
****Dont set vague goals. How much do you want to weigh? How do you want to feel? Visualize all of this.
****Use this visualization to feel your commitment & inner strength.

#2 Work out a very specific strategy.
****Willpower doesnt work. To lose weight and keep it off you must have a plan of attack.
****Plan ahead. get rid of expandable clothes, stay away from fast food, keep healthy food in your pantry, etc.

#3 Identify small measuralbe steps.
****Implement steps that will fit your lifestyle, not somebody elses.
****Be sure to move toward a positive goal, not just away from being fat. Every step you take will bring you closer to being what you want to be.

#4 Create a healthy, realisitc timeline.
****Where do you see yourself in a month? 6 months? a year? Fit your goals to your calender & Stick to it.
****Dont expect to see huge results overnight - take time to change your lifestyle.

#5 Create a meaningful monitoring and accountability.
****If you know you have to report to someone you are more likely to stick to it.
****Go public with someone you trust.


Do you keep alot of junk food around?
Is there no alloted time for working out?
Is your clothing expandable so that you can grow into them?

Ok I probably just summed up his whole book and he is going to hate me.... I am sure there will be alot more than just this.... These notes of mine came from a series of Oprah shows that he did for a few weeks one a week.....

It is going to be a great book and I think if you read the book with an open mind and actually do the things he recommends to find the emotional aspects of it all (and not just right the notes like I have so far) I think this will work for so many.....

He is apparently also going to focus on this alot this season on his show.... Supposedly there is an 80% success rate for those who truly follow his program.....

I dont know if he is going to have specific eating or exercise programs... it should be interesting....

I just wanted to also say thank you for bringing this up and reminding me I had these notes.... I am going to go look at them again.... and start trying to figure this out....

Suzanne 3FC 08-26-2003 05:52 PM

Thanks for the great notes, Angel!

I will probably order the book. I'm very curious!

jburress 08-31-2003 05:12 PM

Dr. Phil Diet Plan
I was at the drug store on Friday and I saw a box of Dr. Phil powdered meal replacement and a box of Dr. Phil meal replacement bars. Looks to me like he has a diet.

Angel26519 09-01-2003 06:56 PM

I havent heard a thing about the meal stuff.... that is interesting!

Angel26519 09-01-2003 07:12 PM

here is a page off of Dr phils website that may give you some insight into his views on weight loss.....


nanj 09-02-2003 07:24 AM

I saw a TV ad this weekend that says Dr. Phil and Katie Couric were going to launch a new diet campaign in just TWO WEEKS!

They didn't give a specific date and I don't know how long that advertisement has been running. So ???

doIlookfat? 09-02-2003 11:43 PM

The show with Katie will be on a week from Friday. So I guess that puts it on Sept. 12?

It's to kick off his new Challenge. His show will change a bit next season, with more shows about weightloss. He will still have other topics too, though. Looks very interesting. Can't wait to see it and talk about it here afterwards! And get his new book too.


Suzanne 3FC 09-04-2003 09:41 AM

I'm really surprised he would have food bars, etc. I could be wrong, as I haven't paid close attention to Dr. Phil, but I always thought his focus was on the emotional aspects of eating, as well as motivation and sticking to a diet. I think pushing diet foods will make him more commercial and less personal. This would make me less likely to put much faith in him, because I would always be wondering if he was just trying to sell something.

mthrgoos68 09-04-2003 09:50 AM

I agree. I saw his food bars at Wal-Greens this last weekend and was really surprised. I usually like Dr. Phil, but I think the food bars will turn out to be a big mistake on his part. He seems to lose some credibility because of them.

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