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TummyMummy 06-13-2014 11:54 AM

Smoothie recipes......
Hi All

I have dug out my juicer and was hoping Ill be able to use it to make some nice breakfast smoothies as a way to calm my sweet tooth in the morning and also a good way to get a much needed vitamin boost.

Does anyone have any nice recipes please?

Im allergic to cherries and nuts so preferably none containing these.

alexhanney08 06-16-2014 01:27 AM

Have you tried the banana and strawberry smoothies? It is very easy to do you just need yogurt/milk, 1 banana and some strawberries. I love drinking it and it's my favorite smoothies. I hope you’re not allergic to strawberries because it is so healthy and delicious.

lucindaarrowspark 07-04-2014 08:26 AM

I make a spirutein shake every morning, either coffee flavored or vanilla flavored. So I guess those are not real smoothies except I make them with ice so they are a cold frosting mouthy combo.
Now I do make smoothies too. First I juice using my Jack La Lane... I juice a small peeled beet, a few medium peeled carrots, half an apple and an inch of ginger and 3 red/yellow peppers( they are unexpectable sweet)and a peeled green zucchini ( which creates a creamyness!)
then pour this liquid into my Ninja, add frozen blueberries/mangos/pine apples (smallish handful of each) and pulse/blend away! I drink this combo while running errands or at work cause it is alot to drink but so healthy and tasty and filling. Not hungry until 6 pm!
I never ever ever eat /drink /BANANAS! Bananas are a RED LIGHT food for me. For me, bananas create a sugar in my system way to rapidly so I avoid them at all costs. No bananas for me.

mam1958 07-04-2014 08:55 AM

Mock orange Julius

1/2 ff greek yogurt
1/2 skim milk
1 orange
squirt Orange Cream Dream Milk Splash zero calories(found by chocolate syrup)
6 ice cubes
If too thick add 1/2 water

I make this for everyone 8 yr old niece husband sister everyone loves it..

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