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  • Like very much your last post steels lady. I think we are two of a kind in different ways. We like to share a lot of stuff. lol
  • Lilliann, I'm sorry that you had a weight gain, but I agree with what the others said, it's only temporary and will come off. Steelslady had a good idea about eating one bagel instead of two and eating it with your juice.

    Glad that you've decided not to give up and will be sticking around. Counting fiber has really worked for you.

    I hope your sciatica goes away soon. and you're feeling better. DH had it a few years ago and had to go to PT. Thankfully it hasn't bothered him since.

    Pattience, yesterday I put 1/4 cup of red kidney beans on my salad. It was really good. I used canned beans and rinsed them off....I'm a lazy cook. When these are gone I'm going to try another bean. Thanks for the tip!

    Steelslady, Thank you for letting me know about the Comfort Inn. I didn't realize they let the public use their pool, that's good to know.

    Have you been to Natural Choice Mkt. on Rte. 28A in Hooksett? DH & I are going later today and I'm looking forward to see what they have.

    Pattygirl, That's great you've discovered what your body can handle in the way of food. I have GERD and I'm still learning.

    Hope everyone has a great day.
  • Aleka, if there's one bean i can't bear to eat its kidney beans. So saying you liked your salad even with kidney beans is quite something.

    Yes i use the canned beans and rinse them off too. Apparently there's something in the water that's not so good.

    I'm a quite a lazy cook most of the time too. But the pea soup is really really easy. Chop onions - even roughly, put everything in pot. Cook, blend, eat. Its really not much harder than making my salad, though of course its messier and one has to wait a bit for the cooking. And i can't eat salad night and day. I like a hot meal at night especially now that the weather is just starting to cool a tiny bit.

    That said, i realised today that 500g of peas makes a real lot of soup. I should probably have some tubs to put it in the freezer in separate servings but I'm not that organised yet. …. I've got about 4 litres of soup or is it three. So now there won't be much cooking this week which is a good thing actually since this evening, the gas bottle ran out and i haven't managed switch it over to the other one and my father who generally does these things is a way for a few more days. I will miss my fried egg tomorrow - that much i can say.
  • Made a copy of this article I got in my Healthy Living Newsletter this morning and thought I would share it. It gives some new ideas of foods with fiber to eat. It also had some recipes with some of these, but I didn't copy those. I figure we can go to Healthy Living. come and get them if we want.

    Eat These 9 Foods to Lose Weight

    When you think about losing weight, eating doesn't normally come to mind, but the right foods can actually help you shed pounds and reach your weight-loss goals. Here are nine foods to add to the menu that will keep you healthy, fill you up and help you slim down.

    Studies have shown that people find mushroom-based entrées just as satisfying as those made with lean beef. Mushrooms are far lower in calories than beef, and certain varieties such as shiitake and maitake mushrooms have been shown to reduce inflammation.

    Breakfast is a key meal when trying to shed pounds, and starting the day with protein-rich eggs will keep you feeling full longer, so you're less likely to give into temptations throughout the day.

    Apples have less than 100 calories each, and they're full of fiber, which fills you up.

    Starting a meal with soup prepares your body for digestion and curbs your appetite before you dig into more calorie-dense dishes.

    Hot Chili Peppers
    Studies have shown that people eat less when the dish they're eating is spicy.

    Beans are high in fiber, meaning it takes longer to digest them. Translation: you'll feel full longer than when you eat low-fiber foods.

    Green Tea
    Green tea contains antioxidants that speed up your metabolism, plus its a great natural, calorie-free way to whet your palate when you're tired of plain water. Try brewing a hot mug of your favorite variety, or make a delicious Iced Mint Green Tea, which is a great alternative to sugary juices and sodas that the whole family will love sipping on.

    Pears have even more fiber than apples. The next time you're throwing a grown-up gathering,

    Cinnamon can help curb post-meal insulin spikes. Try sprinkling it on your morning oatmeal or make cinnamon toast.
  • Lilliann Sure hope your sciatica is better this morning. I know how that feels and is the main reason that I do the recumbent bike even on the days when I really don't want to. I have one of those heated, vibrating things you put in a chair and I attached it to the seat of my bike and I use it when I ride. It is amazing how the combination of the heat,vibration and riding the bike keeps my back from hurting so bad. I really do empathize with you as a caretaker. I was a caregiver for my 1st hubby who was a paraplegic, my 2nd hubby and his mother and then helped my Daddy with my mama when she had cancer. After they all passed away, I was a caregiver professionally. I sit and think back to all those I've cared for and wonder how I did it, but you do what you have to do. Like Steelslady said, it has made me realize that I have to take care of myself. I saw them go through so many things that I DO NOT want to go through. Even the diabetes can be corrected and the complications from it avoided if I take care of me correctly. You deserve to live a happy and healthy life and you can. BTW My chiropractor who diagnosed me with sciatica told me that when I lost some of my stomach that my back would feel better. So let's keep working at this weight loss together. We can and will do it because we CHOOSE to do it.

    I have had to go back and read this morning. Such a busy day I haven't time to respond to things I want to. I promise when I get back home this evening that I will make a real attempt to do so.

    I will report that the fbs (fasting blood sugar) is back in the 160s this morning... barely but there. And I seem to be going down .2 lbs at a time right now which I don't mind because I went so long with out any weight loss at all. So any movement down is a blessing. It means something is working.

    Have to get everyone moving to get DGS to work and do some running while he's at work.

    I will return later to do indies.

  • Aleka....Good on seeing you posting! and doing well.

    Trish...Thanks for the article on the top ten foods. Have a few of the food items listed... good for ya that your scale is moving on the right way..slowly but surely, you will get there to your goal...Keep it up!

    Another reason why I am keeping this going, to reduce the body pain... I feel alittle better, still pain. Taking Bayer ,extra strength tonight to sleep well.

    I am good on the fiber count...will state my total tonight.
  • I did a caring job for a little while - with home visits. It sure does open your eyes to things. On top of all the physical pain and suffering that those people have to go through, there's the depression and then sometimes the difficulties of the relationship with the long suffering home carer. Its Definiltey worth avoiding ending up in a similar situation.

    Resolving pain like sciatica and joint pain is an excellent reason to lose weight.

    I can certainly confirm that hot spicy foods makes you eat less. But i am not sure if it could really work as a diet food. I mean if the sensation of chilli pain is so unpleasant you will stop going towards those spicy curries. And if its not so painfully spicy, you will be able to eat everything on your plate quite easily.

    I've done a few trips to india and the chilli nearly killed me - not really. But it actually depress me because i couldn't find anything else to eat that was nutritious sometimes in some of the places where i was. The only alternative was cake - which wasn't very good, and ice-cream which was. And i didn't lose weight because i was avoiding real food and eating the horrible stuff. But its true that spicy food does seem to make you feel like you can't eat anymore. But i think you've got to experience the pain to feel like that.
  • Totals today 1738 calorie 32 g fiber

    Aleka I'm learning what foods my glucose likes/dislikes, but now I really need to get the sodium down. I do use some processed foods which probably are the problem. My problem these days is that if I can't prepare and cook it in about 30 minutes, I want to get processed. I know that I'm probably going to have to change that. I used to cook almost everything from scratch, but DH is so picky and doesn't like a lot of foods I like so I'm bad about cooking quick foods. My 1st 2 hubbies (both deceased) would eat just about anything and the 2nd husband always told people that I was a great cook and he loved to eat. Said if he could keep me in the kitchen that he would eat all the time. So it was a big change for me when I married dear Tony who doesn't like much of anything except fast food.

    Pattience I absolutely love goats milk and drank it years ago. No comparison to any other milk, but I can't afford it. There was a lady back home in TX raised goats and sold fresh milk and I got hooked on it. It was $6 a gallon then. No telling what it costs now if I could even find a goat farm. I've not tried the goats milk from grocery mainly because when my Grandmother had to drink it back when I was a teen, it stunk. I would hate to spend the kind of money in the store for it and then not be able to drink it especially with it being so expensive. It is also an excellent drink/help for people with stomach/digestive problems. Your split pea soup sounds so good and I need to make some of it myself. I read today that it is good to eat soup before a meal and I do get tired of salads all the time. I always loved salads and I don't want to get burned out on them.

    SteelsLady I don't think we would ever ask you to stop posting. I like the others always learn so much from you. I too love our little group because we do share things and I hope what I share helps others as much as what y'all share helps me. Thanks for the list of diuretic foods. That is very helpful I already use some of them and I will be using some others from the list.

    I used to juice and I used to wonder about some of the pulp that we threw away since a lot of the nutrition is in the skin like carrots. I not only got tired of cleaning all that off the blades of the juicer, but decided that I really needed the vitamins etc that was going down my garbage disposal. I have a Magic Bullet and probably will do some smoothies/shakes when spring fruits and veggies come on the scene. We have a local Farmers Market that opens in May and it will be nice to be able to purchase local fresh foods that hopefully will be healthier than the GMO foods or those sprayed with poison.

    I'm hoping to get some of the list of foods that have been shared and the suggested foods others are eating will help me cut down on some of the sodium. I'm over on my calories today, but usually keep them within my allowed calories and I've got the fiber in a good place now, but I need to get the sodium in check.

    Y'all have a good evening.

  • Total Fiber...42
  • Patty unfortunately, i can only get the pasteurised homogenised goats milk from the supermarket. I haven't noticed any bad smell. I hate paying that much money for it but the thing is, cows are so badly treated these days and if the goats are getting a better deal, i think i can afford just that little bit extra. I am not saying i think others should do that too because i know how long its taken me to decided to make this semi-sacrifice.

    Here's hoping that at some point your hubby might get inspired by the changes you are making and decide to try changing his eating habits too.

    I can understand why he doesn't like healthy foods if he's eating a lot of fast food. I think they taste quite different and don't really go together. When i am eating badly, I can't enjoy the sorts of foods i'm eating now. It has a lot to do with the strength of the flavours i think. Healthy food has more subtle flavours while fast-food is just rich strong flavours. So its also why i think refined sugar foods are such a problem for me. However, i also feel physically less well because of all the nutrition i'm lacking.

    Yep, i hope you find some other good foods because i don't think eating only salads is sustainable. Although i have my bean salad, i don't try to do it 7 days a week. Somedays i have a sandwich. When i go to the city, i have korean food or Japanese - something nutrition and subtlety even though its still got lots of salt. I don't know, i find i can eat some of it and stop but with sushi from the sushi train i can't stop until i've had about 4 plates so I'm not going there anymore. I will try to choose a better restaurant if i'im going for italian or french or other but there's no way i am bothering to eat from those food courts anymore. Almost all the food is poor quality. either poor quality cooking or just super bad nutrition. Oh well except for the salad sandwiches but those salad bars don't look enticing to me in the foods courts. I find the whole atmosphere cheap and nasty and unhealthy so i have given up on them.

    I also won't be eating bean pea or lentil soup every night. I will still have fried rice, or spaghetti meals a few times a week. I think its important to keep hold of the variety.

    Oh i forgot. I wanted to ask about the bullet gizmo. I just saw it advertised on tele. When you have a smoothie made with one of those do you keep all the fibre in. I probably won't get one because i've got a bar mix which does all the work i need. But i agree with you juicing is not the way to go. The insulin article i posted talks about the problem with juices i think - you now too much glucose causing sugar spikes etc. A whole food smoothie might be a lot better. That said, i love some juices and would have one from time to time but not as a means to losing weight.
  • I am fiber counting. Had some bowel trouble after the birth of my daughter in January.
  • Oh, ladies, do I have a funny story to tell you! My sister and I went out today- we were going to the Co Op for lunch and then swimming right after. I stopped on my way there at a pharmacy to get a few vitamins and stuff, and was looking for the vitamin E oil, when I met my soulmate. I told my husband this, and he laughed and said "only you, Audrey, only you!"

    Here's how the conversation went- now, before anyone gets upset or offended for me, please don't. I truly think this man meant it as a compliment, and no, there was nothing creepy about him. I honestly didn't know how to respond to all that he said, so of course, I laughed my butt off through most of it. Anyhow, this is what he said:

    walking by me, he did a double take, turns around and comes over to me and says: "hello, lovely lady, and how are you today?"

    Me: "I am great, thank you, how about you?"

    Him- "Well, I was having a rough day until I met you- you are one lovely and beautiful looking women!"

    Me: *laughing and smiling* "thank you!"

    Him- he gently grabs my arm, stares into my eyes and says- "no, I mean it. You know, I am Puerto Rican, full blooded. I am a "Puerto Rican man's man", do you know what that means?"

    Me: puzzled, I said, "No"

    Him- he says- "promise me you won't get mad, as this is meant as a true compliment, not an insult."

    Me: "okay, sure?"

    Him- "A "Puerto Rican mans man" all love their women just like their bank accounts, fat and stuffed."

    Me- (thank God I had just peed in the ladies room just before this conversation)- I burst out laughing. I didn't have any reply, I just laughed.

    Him- "No, I mean it, you are truly beautiful and you are a lovely lovely lady. If I was younger and you were single, I would ask you out right this second, but you're way too young for me."

    Me: "why, thank you. I am happily married and I am not much younger than you."

    Him-"no, seriously, you are far too young for me. But you are quite lovely, and your husband is a very lucky man."

    Me- laughing- "Not sure how old you think I am, but I just turned 50 back in January."

    Him- *shocked look on his face* (I get this a lot, had one person last year tell me they thought I was in my late 20's ) "No way. There is just no way you can be 50 years old, you look half that age."

    Me- "no, it's true, I am really 50. Oh, and by the way, I am trying to lose weight and am going swimming after I leave here."

    Him- "no, please, don't lose any weight, I mean it! You are beautiful and lovely just the way you are. You are perfect, don't change a thing!"

    Me- *laughing again* "thank you, but working out makes me feel better. Speaking of which, I must go now. Have a great day!"

    Him- "thank you, but please, you truly are perfect the way you are. Don't change a thing, and have a great day."

    About a minute later, I was in the allergy medication aisle when this lady clerk, who heard the entire conversation, said to me: "WOW!!!!! He is absolutely smitten with you!!!! Do you know how many women try to get his attention, they practically fall all over him, trying to get him to notice them, and while he is very nice to them, he's never shown any of them any interest! He is such a sweet and lovable guy, and you're the only women I have ever heard him talk to with such adoration in his eyes!"

    I told her, to pass on my advice to all those poor women who have been trying to get his attention and a date with him- "tell them all I said to gain a 150 pounds- he'll notice them then!" and I started to laugh.

    She says to me- "no, seriously, we have a lot of women that come in here when he does to fill his prescriptions, some heavy, some small, etc, but you are the first women to capture his attention, ever. There's something special about you to him- he really adores you!"

    I should say, they all knew him by name at the pharmacy and they all like him very much. I guess I got a compliment today, perhaps backhanded, but none the less, complimented.

    So ladies, if you know of any single heavy weights like myself looking for an adoring and loving soul mate, just tell them to head to Puerto Rico to find a man's man who will love and adore them whole heartedly- just don't lose any weight, as they want us stuffed and fat like their bank accounts.

    Edit- by the way, I put myself through such a heavy workout- I kicked butt today, literally at the pool. Also, at the Co Op, I had two plates full of veggies, very little dressing, a small chicken breast and about four pieces of beef with sparkling water as my beverage. If that conversation did anything for me, it made me all the more determined to lose this weight!
  • Quote: I am fiber counting. Had some bowel trouble after the birth of my daughter in January.

    Well hello there, carabelle! Welcome to our happy thread- I hope you will join us, we are a fun, caring, helpful, and supportive group. I enjoy this way of life much better than any other plan, and am having great success, losing weight weekly in decent amounts. Please feel free to post with us and join us on our weight loss journeys. The more the merrier!
  • Menu for today-


    2 dropped eggs on high fiber toast- 12 grams
    glass of orange juice (I knew I was going swimming- upped my potassium a little for this reason)

    total for breakfast- 12 grams


    Ate again at the Co Op- excellent salad bar, olive bar, and hot plate bar- they change everything daily so there's always new food items in all of the bars. I had one full plate of high fiber and low calories veggies with a little chipotle salad dressing. The other plate, which had my hot food items, had half broccoli, 1/4 asparagus, 1/4 snow peas with a small chicken breast and about four or five pieces of beef for my protein. So, I had at least 12 grams of fiber minimum.

    total for lunch- 12 grams, at least

    Dinner after a vigorous workout in the pool-

    four pieces of low sodium bacon
    3 pieces of high fiber French toast with no sodium butter and maple syrup- 18 grams

    total for dinner- 18 grams

    total for the day- 42 grams at least, possibly more

    I will catch up with you all tomorrow. I had a very busy day today- first, I cooked dinner for my family and prepared salad stuff for them to assemble with their dinner before my sister and I headed out to eat and go swimming. Came back at 9 PM, watched the rest of the Bruins game that I didn't know was on, gggggggggrrrrrrrrrr, while I put my feet up against the wall in my room again for 25 minutes.

    I made my dinner around 10 PM, as believe it or not, I will still full from lunch, even though I put myself through a workout that I have never done before in my entire life- I need to see that handsome Puerto Rican man every day, so I stay motivated to work out that hard until all this weight is gone. I think every time I hit the pool, I am going to think of him and that conversation and amp my workouts for good.

    Have a great day, everyone- I had a great one today, at that pharmacy I was telling you that story about- I saved over sixty dollars on my purchase- I hit the jackpot today with all the "buy one get one free items"- woohoo!
  • I'm just glad you already have a good hubby who loves you.