Fiber Counting?

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  • Today's foodplan


    3 strawberries 0
    1 turkey pattie 0
    whipped butter 2 T0
    2 slices double fiber bread toasted 10 g
    Polaner SF Apricot preserves 1 T 3 g
    2 eggs


    gumbo veggies 2/3 c 2 g
    2 slices double fiber bread 10 g
    extra lean boneless pork CS ribs 0
    1 c broccoli 2 g
    onion 1 g


    1 Boca burger patty 4 g
    lettuce 1 g
    onion 1 g
    2 slices double fiber bread 10 g
    tomato, light mayo, mustard, kosher dill sandwich stuffers 0
    1 small bag Lay's classic potato chips 1

    Snack (if needed)

    1/2 Thomas high fiber English muffin toasted 3 g
    1 T Polaner SF Apricot Preserves 3 g

    Total fiber 51 g Calories 1,441

    I reach the 50 grams fiber recommended by diabetic diet and stay within the 1400 to 1500 calories they recommend. On MFP recommends 1670 and I'm way below that.

    Hope everyone is having a great fiber day.
  • Trish....Great work!! Doing awesome!!

    Total Fiber...69
  • Quote:
    Pattience, Welcome! Your menus sound good and have given me some good ideas.
    Thanks Aleka and the others who responded. I think i achieved what i wanted to by posting here. I have just found this recipe to be so good, so easy and so filling, that i can't be the only one who eats it. The fibre is through the roof. Because of my antidepressant medication i take i get a slow bowel and beans etc are one of the best things i've found to keep everything working optimally :-)

    I wish you all continued success. Me too of course.
  • Hiya all... I weighed in this morning and down 4 Lbs!!! Yahooo!! My total loss so far is 31!! Thank you all for your support!! I am so very much grateful!! I am now under 400....and I know I will make it this time!!

    Have a high fiber day all!!
  • Wednesday's menu-


    leftover spaghetti pie- 12.2
    Greek yogurt/Polaner HF Strawberry, half a packet of HF Instant Oatmeal Maple Flavored- 17
    Snyder's healthy tortilla chips- 3

    total for breakfast/lunch- 32.2


    One HF English muffin with 1 slice bacon, 1 slice cheese, 1/2 of a roma tomato, lettuce, light mayo- 6 grams
    One HF English muffin with light peanut butter and Polaner HF Strawberry- 16 grams
    2 servings Kashi SW BBQ Crisps- 6

    total for dinner- 28 grams

    total for the day- 60.2 grams
  • SteelsLady...Totally awesome!! Great job!! Keep on,keeping on!!
  • aleka- great to see you posting! You are doing wonderful, keep up the good work. Sounds like you have a nice menu there.

    Pattience- thanks for the idea- I will try and make it sometime soon with carrots, beans, broccoli, and olives- these are my youngest daughter's favorite veggies, and she'll use Ranch dressing while I'll use the Fat Free Catalina- sounds delish! I change our salads around often, some days adding dried fruits or fresh fruits, others different cheeses and proteins- gives it a different taste so you don't get bored with it. Your version sounds delish! Keep up the great work, and don't forget to stop in and tell us how you're doing.

    Liliann- WOOHOO, girlfriend!!!!! Congratulations on you getting below 400 pounds- when I recently got under 300, I felt on top of the world for days afterwards. You have to be so proud of yourself- you are doing fantastic! Just remember, some weeks will be slower than others, and as you know, sometimes we'll have a few nasty gain days, too. Just don't ever get discouraged- you are on your way to going down, down, down in the 300's- I am so happy for you, sending you a and doing a happy dance with you, my friend. I can't wait to watch your progress in the future. I wonder where we'll be six months from now? I'm looking forward to seeing our progress!

    Trish- you are doing awesome, too! All of us are, so proud of everyone! You inspired me today to make some veggie burgers. I got some black beans cooking in the crock pot, going to have one tonight. I can't wait, I am craving one now. thanks a lot, Trish!

    That's awesome that you have figured out a way to combine low carb with fiber- that's probably what I do in a nut shell, only I do eat more carbs than you perhaps. Still, if it is working and helping your sugars come down eventually, it will be so worth it. I know the scale can jump up and down on this plan, but honestly, it does on all diets. As I mentioned in another post, there are several reasons why, and it could be a combination of two or three things at once, so don't get discouraged.

    This past week, I lost only one pound, clothes are getting loser. At first, I thought I just stretched out my pants from exercising in them. My tops, which were very snug, are all not only loosening up, some are actually starting to hang on me- wow!

    However, my biggest non- scale victory came a couple of nights ago- I was preparing dinner for the rest of my family (the pot roast dinner), and of course, my youngest daughter came home early from her heavy duty work out with her coach, starving and just couldn't wait for dinner to be ready, so I was preparing her a salad, irritated that I kept having to pull my pants up. All of the sudden, she comes in the kitchen and says loudly "WOAH, MOM!!!!" I turned around, thinking something was wrong and asked her "what's wrong?" She had this shocked look on her face, and she says "Mom, whatever you are doing, keep it up! You have lost a ton of weight!" with such enthusiasm, I ran over to her and hugged and thanked her. It made my day, my week, my MONTH!!!!! She was so happy for me, telling me how proud she was of me, when I told her how much I had lost since October. She would love to do what I am doing, but unfortunately, she has a gluten allergy, so I help her with her high protein/gluten free diet. Seeing that I am eating high protein, too, her and I eat the same proteins together- meat and peas/beans/legumes.

    I really haven't discussed my diet with my family, and because they all have different eating times (they all work and go to school- they don't see me eat my breakfast/lunch meal, and they all come in different times to eat the dinner I prepared them, so they can heat and eat when they get home), none of them really knew about my high fiber diet. I've always exercised, so they didn't think nothing of it, seeing me going to the pool and riding my recumbent bike. I do my other exercises when they aren't home, the toning/stretching/ some yoga poses that don't land me in the hospital in traction.

    Usually no one notices me lose weight for a long time, because I have so much to lose. I had a couple of other people say they noticed my face looked thinner- that was last week. That was nice to hear, too, but again, I didn't tell anyone what I've been doing. Not for privacy reasons or anything, but I just want to do it without any fuss right now.

    So, hang in there, all- your body is changing and improving every day you follow this way of eating (or any diet suitable for you that you enjoy)- remember those non-scale victories can be even better than the numbers on the scale. Have a great day, all, and keep going- we are ALL doing fantabulous!!!!!!
  • SteelsLady....Great NSV of your clothes is loosen for ya...That can be amazing feeling as well of your daughter notice of your efforts!! You doing such remarkable progress and glad you are seeing a true success away from the scale.. Keep it up!!
  • Lilliann, Congratulations on your 31 lb. weight loss and getting below 400. That is really fantastic. Keep it up!

    Pattience, I've never thought of putting beans on a salad. It sounds good and I definitely will try them. I add about 1/2 cup of blueberries to a salad when they're in season and sometimes I'll add strawberries.

    Steelslady, thank you for posting what you do it really helped me out seeing how you eat. That was a cute story about how your daughter noticed your weight loss. What a great NSV for you! Congratulations. Your family members see you every day so they really don't notice your weight loss. I think that has more to do with it than the amount you have to lose.

    Trish, yes, it is harder to lose weight after you reach menopause. Your menu sounds great....I love the SF/HF apricot jam. I love it on Triscuits.

    I see you eat high fiber bread. Which brand do you buy?
    Hope all of you have a great evening.
  • Total Fiber....66
  • Well done Lilian. Well done all of you and steels lady that is a lovely story about your daughter. And i must say i'm really impressed with your exercise and your doing this without making a big fuss. Of course i have to make a big fuss myself. Stupidly i need to tell everyone i'm on a diet. I'm not much good about going about anything quietly so i often end up on my face. however diet wise this time, i'm not giving up.

    Just lately i'm stressing a bit but just as when i gave up smoking many years ago now, I'm determined not to let get stress and upsets get in the way of my diet. I might take the foot off the pedal a bit but i'm not going to indulge myself in my usual downfall foods.

    LOL, i'm not sure i like the sound of broccoli carrot and olives in my bean salad myself but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your daughter.

    I would tell you once I made a awful version of this salad. I didn't use beans, i used rice because it was already cooked and sitting there waiting to be consumed. I was having an off day and thought to nurture myself i would put in my salad all these fancy things i had bought recently like artichokes in a jar, aubergine in a jar and stuffed olives along with a chopped tomato. Normally i really like these things but i discovered they don't go in the salad well. And of course neither did the rice, especially the rice. So, speaking for myself at least, i discovered that the vegies should be fresh, not pickled or jarred or canned.

    I always chop the vegies quite small too.

    If anyone tries this salad using your usual things and you find you are not really keen, i recommend trying it using the ingredients i mention to see the difference - Just saying…

    Have a good day all.

    ps. I just put my salad into fitness pal to see what it added up to. I put in beans, tomato, carrot, and 1 stick of celery and the walnuts. It came to 14 grams of fibre. I see Carrots have a lot of fibre. Celery not so much.
  • Lilliann Yey 31 lbs gone. Congratulations. You are really doing great.

    Steelslady How wonderful it is when someone close to you notices the weight you've lost. Good for daughter noticing and cheering you on. That feels so good. I love the veggie burgers. I went to the store today and got Morningstar's Spicy Black bean burgers and had it for dinner. Since DH and I have our main meal at lunch time, this has become my new favorite everyday dinner. One burger with my double fiber bread is 14 g fiber.

    aleka I use Natuer's Own double fiber bread.


    Well calories are high today over 1700 so adjusting things with 1 sl double fiber bread and a tbls of Polaner SF/HF preserves. So the fuel is 41.

    I'll post menu in another post.
  • Breakfast

    3 large strawberries & 1/2 banana 2
    1T whipped butter 0
    1 slice 2% reduced fat Am. cheese 0
    1 Jimmy Dean turkey sausage patty 0
    1 T Polaner SF/HF Apricot preserves 3
    1 HF low sodium English muffin 6


    @ Steak'n Shake

    1 double cheese burger 1
    1 order French fries 0


    1 Spicy black bean veggie burger 4
    mustard, onion, lettuce and tomato 0
    2 slices double fiber bread 10
    1 serving bag Lays potato chips 1


    1 double fiber bread 5
    Polaner SF/HF Apricot preserves 3

    I didn't have enough calorie room to add the whipped PB to the snack, but realized that I could mix 1 T of Polaner and the whipped pb together and put it on the bread from now on. The double fiber bread makes it so easy to get the fiber I need into my day.

    Total calories 1759 and fiber 41 g
  • Everyone is doing such remarkable on the fiber count!! Great job and I am so proud of you all... for sharing your daily fiber!!!

    Have a great high fiber Friday ladies!!! WE ARE MELTING AWEIGH!!!
  • 2 fruits that are high in fiber are raspberries and Asian pears.