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  • Trish- I am so sorry, I was calling you Trisha and just realized that wasn't correct! You are doing this perfectly- gradually adding more is best. I eat high fiber/high protein- it really helps keep me full and happy. The best thing about this way of life is nothing is off limits, so long as you keep up with the fiber. It's nice to be able to have say, an ice cream cone in the summer if you want it, and not drive yourself crazy over the calorie aspect. Besides, I like counting fiber instead of calories- less "long" math word problems, if you catch my drift. So much easier to just count fiber.

    I tried low carb- could never ever go below 40 grams- otherwise, I felt really sick and unwell. After the third or fourth day on it, I would feel so sick, that any form of protein made me want to literally throw up. My doctor forbid me from this diet (Atkins), after I went to her after my third attempt, wondering why so many people were having success with this diet but I was not. She told me that because my Mom died of kidney cancer, that I might have inherited kidney issues from her and that it could very well be a warning to my body to stop with the heavy protein intake. She also said my kidneys were being severely affected by the low carb dieting and that they may be slowly shutting down (hence why the sight of protein made me feel like I was going to hurl), so I had to stop. She thinks low carb is great for most people, but those with a history of kidney problems or have a family history of kidney problems needs to be careful with this kind of diet. I'm not to upset by this, though. To be honest, I really really hated that way of eating. So restrictive and just not enjoyable to me. Others love it and do great on it, and I think that is wonderful.

    How were your sugars this morning? How is your husband doing? Did he get the results from his blood test back?
  • Quote: Trish....You are doing such wonderful job on adding fiber!! Awesome!! Keep it up!

    I had a busy day, 1 hour walking plus house chores...Hardly did not eat much for today..somedays is low ,somedays is high. I am loving fiber counting. It keeps me full till 3 hours or so. and its helping me..To bad I had not done this sooner and always tackled with calories...but not anymore...Fiber foods is my friend!!!

    Total Fiber...48

    I will be busy this weekend at the home front...but will try to add saturday count on Sunday night..or Monday..for the weekend total fiber.

    Keep it going folks!! We are doing such remarkable progress... I am proud of you all... Have a nice weekend...later...

    Nice job on the walking! I need to do something tonight. Was busy on and off today, but it's no excuse not to get some exercise in. I did do some toning exercises, but not enough to really count.

    Liliann, if you're busy this weekend, please don't worry about posting! No pressure here- I just thought it would be nice to show any new folks what we're doing so they have an idea of how fiber counting is done. Aleka and Trish have been doing great as well, and it's nice to see what they're doing for food and menus, too. You ladies got me craving peanut butter and jelly, so I had some on my second English muffin today, it was yummy!

    I think, though, I added way, way, way too much Polaner spread to my yogurt tonight- it was way too sweet for me, but I finished it anyway because I didn't want to waste it. It was edible, just too sugary, lol.
    I still have about two more cups left in that big container, then I have the new vanilla Greek yogurt- I will probably use less preserves now that it has vanilla sweetener in it. I'll find out in a day or two.

    Today's menu-


    2 fried eggs
    2 slices low sodium bacon
    2 HF English muffins- 16 grams
    2 tablespoons half Walden Farms No cal/half regular peanut butter 4 grams
    2 tablespoons Polaner HF Grape jelly- 6 grams
    high fiber peanut butter bar, Hannaford version- 10 grams

    total for b/l- 36 grams


    2 pork chops, marinated in apple juice, onion powder, black pepper
    Bell's stuffing- 6 grams
    1/4 cup yellow rice
    1 cup Greek yogurt
    4 tablespoons of Polaner HF Strawberry- 12 grams

    total for dinner- 18 grams

    late night snack-

    two pieces Arnold's double fiber bread, toasted-12 grams
    Smart Balance low sodium butter spread

    total for day- 66 grams
  • Steelslady My sisters call me Trisha so that's okay. My name is Patricia and my Daddy reminds me often that it is because he doesn't like nicknames. Never figured out why as his grandfather who raised him and he adored had a nickname for everyone so I've heard. For years people called me Pat except for my sisters. When I married Tony and left TX with him, he liked the name Trish. So you didn't do anything wrong.

    My fbs was back up to 159 this morning, but I think that was because I ate pizza at Pizza Hut yesterday. Didn't know how to count the fiber or calories because I built a Personal pan pizza and of course it was very thick crust and as close as I could figure only 4 grams of fiber plus it probably was more salt than I'm used to. Also my calories have been really high yesterday and today.

    I'm not discouraged though as I suddenly realize that I can change what I can eat that I couldn't eat lowcarbing. Such as Thomas 100% whole wheat bagel thins and have my fiber and lower my calories for breakfast. I actually changed my daily goals on MFP and will officially make tomorrow my new fiber diet start day. Now that I know that this will work for lowering my blood sugar and I'm sure it will work for the weight loss. My diabetic book says to keep calories between 1500 and 1600.

    I found your info about lowcarb and the kidneys. I had heard that it was bad for the kidneys but also heard it wasn't. It makes sense that it might not be good for everyone. We sure have learned over the years that "One size fits all" diets do not work.

    When we moved to SC and I met my doctor, I got fbs under control by strict lowcarbing. But there came a day that I told him, I just didn't think I could even look at much less eat another piece of meat without getting sick. Until I found y'all, I decided that I had no choice but to eat lowcarb, but I decided that that I wouldn't do it strictly... I decided that I would do it but not strictly as Atkins. I would eat only 12 to 20 grams of carbs at any one time. And I decided that I would only eat a helping of protein and not overdo because I knew that I would get sick of it. Now that I've learned the truth about how fiber works and know that it does work, I can make it work for me and maybe even get my weight to come down at the same time. I am so grateful to have found y'all. There have been times when I felt that my backaches might be my kidneys although there is no history of kidney problems in my family that I know of. Of course, my doctor keeps an eye on that and so far nothing shows up. It is my hope that now that I'm watching the fiber not eating strict lowcarb perhaps that will correct itself if that was my kidneys being agitated. Of course, it could be just a plain old backache and it won't be corrected until the weight comes down some.

    DH PT test was a little hi, but he is eating more green foods and healthier foods. I had asked the doctor about it because he had never given us a list of foods he couldn't eat such as those with vitamin k. He told me to let him go ahead and eat a little of them that he wants because he uses the PT tests to make the corrections with the Warfarin. Our doctor is so thorough and works with us so beautifully. I just love him and so thankful for him. There are times I would love to move back to TX and be close to my family, but this doctor has been through so much with DH and me especially DH. I'm just not sure I could find another one as good as he is.

    I didn't realize how late it is. No wonder I'm sleepy. Goodnight.
  • Although weight still went up, fbs is coming back down from. It was 159 yesterday and is 150 this morning. I know the weight is because of going from lowcarb to eating carbs and I think I need to spread them over the day more. I never understood eating every few hours or how to eat smaller meals throughout the day, but I think that counting fiber is going to make that easier. I know it is a whole lot more palatable.

    BBL to post my totals for today.

    Have a nice day.
  • 30 grams of fiber and less than 1600 calories for today. Turned out to be a good day.
  • Total fiber...36

    Keep it going!!
  • Doing good and staying strong!!! My morning fiber is 27...

    Have a great day all!!!
  • 44 grams of fiber and under 1500 calories.

    I think my fiber has to come from natural foods and not from processed foods because of the blood sugar. Weight and fasting blood sugar was up today. Weight was 234.4 and fbs was 165 mg. I refuse to allow my weight or fbs go up any more. I worked to hard to get weight down below 230s and fbs below 150s.
  • Total fiber ...55

    Trish...hang in doing good!!

    Have a great ,high fiber Monday!!!
  • Quote: 44 grams of fiber and under 1500 calories.

    I think my fiber has to come from natural foods and not from processed foods because of the blood sugar. Weight and fasting blood sugar was up today. Weight was 234.4 and fbs was 165 mg. I refuse to allow my weight or fbs go up any more. I worked to hard to get weight down below 230s and fbs below 150s.
    Trish- I can somewhat relate to you in terms of sugar problems. I've had hypoglycemia since I was a kid. I was the kid that threw up after a cake and ice cream birthday party- I learned very very young not to eat those two items together, especially if I didn't have a source of protein paired with them. I cannot eat too much sugar, and never ever can I have a muffin, donut, french toast, anything sweet in the morning, unless I pair it with bacon, ham, eggs, etc. I usually don't eat anything sweet in the mornings, because it makes me very tired as well as hungry the rest of the day.

    Since I found out at the age of 13 that I had hypoglycemia, I've been diligent to make sure I always eat a piece of protein with any carbs. Once in a blue moon, I can get away with it and have, say, popcorn for a snack at night, but in general, I always have a protein source. Especially with fruit- I MUST have cheese with it at least. I can't even eat a piece of fruit alone in the morning, or it will make me feel sickly and tired. I do eat fruit, but again, always always with a protein source. At parties with hors dourves, I will eat say cocktail meatballs (carb and protein paired together), cheese and crackers, low carb veggies with dips (sour cream has protein, thank goodness, lol), etc. When I eat a salad, I try to add some cheese and maybe meat roll ups or cottage cheese with it. It's just something I've had to do since I learned why I would literally throw up after eating like other kids and have a piece of cake and ice cream together- makes me shudder, just thinking of having it now............

    So funny how our bodies are all different. My sister, who's very small and always has been, has a terrible sweet tooth. She can eat donuts for breakfast, muffins for lunch, teeny tiny piece of meat with about 1 tablespoon of say three veggies, then have a huge bowl of ice cream or a huge piece of dessert, and then some candy later in the evening. I would be in a diabetic coma if I ate like that- ewwww!

    My sugars last year were on the high side. The doctor thinks the sleep apnea contributed to it, so I have been very careful this past year, making sure I don't over do it. I will have them re-tested in April during my physical, hopefully, they will have come down to a normal level. I was told that those with hypoglycemia have to be very careful, because at any time, they can go over to hyperglycemia because of my age and weight. So, I am making a conscious effort to watch my sugars as much as possible and exercise more, which helps burn sugar off- especially after you consume it. If I have a big meal with carbs/and or lots of sugar, I try to either ride my recumbent bike, do some in home walking or dancing, or go for a walk or swim (easier to do in the summer months, we live on a lake). That helps me keep the sugar levels down as well.

    So sorry you are having a hard time with this. I hope things get better for you! I really enjoy having you here, but if you decide this way of life isn't for you, I totally understand. What works for one person can be toxic for another- I hope things get better for you soon.
  • Steelslady - Thanks for the sharing and pep talk. It really helps. To top it off I got up and the weight was back down to 231.2 from yesterdays 235.5. And my fasting blood sugar was back down to 146 mg from 159 mg.

    I have my plan for today and calories will be 1630 which is less than calories allowed on MFP and my fiber will be 40 grams.
  • Hiya Fiber Buddies....

    Just checkin in and I weighed in this morning and lost 13 Lbs for this new week...Waiting week by week helps!! My total loss so far is 27 Lbs bye bye!! 2 Weeks down 27!! :scale Not bad,eh!

    I am working on week 3 and I shall continue....

    Eleka and SteelsLady....How are you doing??

    Have a high fiber day!!
  • Lilliann, Congratulations on your weight loss, 27 lbs. is fantastic! You should be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work.

    I haven't been posting because I'm not very good with counting or keeping track of my food. When I do, it just seems like I'm on a diet and think about food too much. I do read all of the posts and am getting a lot of good ideas. All of you are doing a great job.

    The other day I had some plain Greek yogurt and put some apricot jam with fiber in it. It was sooooo gooooood.

    Hope all of you are having a good day.
  • Eleka...Thanks for the kind words...and Good luck to you with your efforts,.

    Trish....Glad that your scale and sugar level went down for you..You are doing wonderful and keep it going!!

    I made and drinking a banana/green pepper smoothie that add into my fiber count ..Now that the weather is warming a tad bit..I will be making and having fruit/veggie smoothie on my Nutri-Bullet!!...Just one smoothie a day for my snack...

    Have a nice evening and have a high fiber Tuesday!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!
  • Total Fiber....68