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davina 02-27-2014 03:06 AM

Food addicts cutting/flour/wheat & sugar questions
Anyone following plans that cater to food addiction or OA and removing wheat/flour and sugar?

I am looking into this but wondering about sugar..Do you cut all of it, including natural like yogurts and sweeteners?

What about things like salad dressing if it has a gram of sugar?

It seems like any sauce is out except oil, vinegar, mustard & hot sauce...I don't think I can even use relish which I love in my tuna salads....The plan I am looking at also cuts out cheese and full fat milk,dairy and only allows skim milk....the idea is that high fat is also trigger and the casein in cheeses is literally an opioid once digested or something. I am just trying to prepare food plans and I am coming up short with things I can eat in this case

Any input by anyone doing something would be so appreciated.

diamondgeog 02-27-2014 02:18 PM

Cheese is actually better than any milk. Fat is necessary when cutting out sugars and carbs. SO necessary. Saturated fat is extremely healthy and it fills you up. Grass fed butter and coconut oils are two of the healthiest foods around. The longer cheese is aged the fewer and fewer carbs it has. Milk, any milk has way more carbs than most any cheese. So that is kind of bizzare they would suggest even skim milk over cheese.

When cutting sugars FAT IS YOUR FRIEND. I would argue fat is anyone's friend, it makes you healthy not overweight.

When Americans ate them no heart disease. I am sure I have some sugar. I've cut out grains and have the best health of my life, super energy, virtually effortless weight loss and NO hunger. But when you do this you have to eat fat.

Get organic virgin coconut oil to cook with and flaxseed or olive oil for salads. And grass fed butter. When Americans used butter, no heart disease. The vegetable oils have been a disaster. We've removed them completely and now check with restaurants and if they cook with a vegetable oil, then we either don't go there or have something that did not use oil.

There was a 2010 meta study. Look up 2010 saturated fat study Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It was buried by the press because it showed flat out no correlation with heart disease and saturated fat consumption and it used 348,000 people!

My diet is more awesome than before. Cheese is a huge part of it and as I said from everything I read much better than milk. If you do get milk only get whole milk and if possible from grass fed cows.

The funny thing about milk and I just learned this is guess how much fat whole milk has? 3%. I always use to think wow 2% has many time less fat. Nope. It was just a marketing scheme. Organic milk is good, grass fed organic whole milk is wonderful.

I personally drink almond milk but cheese is a must for me. I also eat some leagumes. But between vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, some fruits and nuts and leagumes...fantastic eating. I don't miss grains at all.

Tons of awesome blogs about going grain free. With the internet thousands of recipes. We use coconut flour for baking at home. People are getting super creative about going grain free and enjoying food as much or more than before.

Unless you are lactose intolerant I would not cut dairy out AT all. I personally don't drink milk, but if you love it if it is from grass fed cows it is going to be a health food. And cheese and eggs? Fantastic, healthy, good for you.

Also consider grain free not just wheat free. Google going grain free. Mark's Daily Apple, Wellness Mama, and Detoxinista have great articles. I am no longer on allergy medication and no more back pain. Those went away with corn which is a grain and not a vegetable. Grain free was the best thing I ever did. I find the arguments that we still can't process grains very compelling. We barely tolerate them. 10,000 years isn't enough times. What happens when livestock also not adapted to eating grains get fed grains? They get fat and sick. What happens to humans? I would argue the same.

They are VERY much a cause of inflammation. And inflammation is the underlying condition for cancer and heart disease...and allergies. I take my allergies going away as an awesome sign it is working wonders for me.

davina 02-27-2014 11:11 PM

Thank you so much for the reply.
The thing is I don't want to give up cheese. However, I do notice that when things are cheesy and goey, I almost can't help myself from eating them which is what is ringing a bell for me thinking there may be something to try removing it entirely.

diamondgeog 02-28-2014 07:28 AM

Try hard cheeses, the harder the cheese the fewer the carbs. And always get full fat cheese. I should have mentioned fat is not only filling but helps absorb nutrients. So a nice plate of asparagus sauteed in grass fed butter is super.

Experiment and by all means if cheeses are triggers then listen to your body. They work great for me but may not for you.

diamondgeog 02-28-2014 01:33 PM

My response should have been a bit more nuanced. I found I had to go through a cold turkey, withdrawal, transition period away from carbs. I quit junk food cold turkey and a lot of processed food and snacks of virtually all kinds.

Not only do you have to get your brain past cravings, years of high carbs can lead to your body holding on like nobody's business to fat. And also producing insulin around the clock.

This is HUGELY important. Many people have metabolisms that HOLD ONTO FAT. No diet, no amount of self control, no amount of calorie counting will EVER work. Not until you get your body back to being good at burning fat. THAT is why low carb works for so many people when all other attempts have failed.

I had a few days of feeling almost sick, then it got better fast. But cravings were still there at a moderate to high level for a month.

Once past that month period or for you maybe two months, it varies, you can then start experimenting adding foods back in. I can now, if I want, eat chocolate, potato chips, fries, and I get zero cravings. Nuts were harder to crack so to speak. Only recently can I have them in very small amounts. I can literally have a small handful and be fine. But that took me quite awhile. Everyone is different.

mam1958 02-28-2014 08:01 PM


I went carb and processed free on doctor's advice. She told me that after 2 wks you lose a lot of your sugar cravings.

She was right. I did and as diamondgeog said you feel so much better. Lighter and no cravings to eat the whole pkg like before.

I didn't go as far with eating the fats and cheeses though. And I did eat nuts. A lot of grapes also. Dr. didn't want me to give up natural sugars.

This worked for me. We all are different. Try different things see what works best for you.

I also did not eat salads. Dressing are loaded with HFS. I would have brown rice, legumes spiced stewed tomato mixed together and had that for lunch quite often. Filled me up and didn't feel deprived.

Caution though I had a slice of dessert (Christmas time). Dr said it was OK. Worst mistake I ever made. Now am having hard time not eating sugar again. Sugar started the binge eating cycle again for me.

Just have to put my mind to it and JUST DO IT!!

LoriSax 04-03-2014 04:08 PM

Hi There, I have a question about all of this. In Feb., I started a Whole 30, which is cutting out pasta/sugar/wheat. I eat healthy fats, a little fruit, veggies, and meat. For my fats, I try to concentrate on Ghee, and organic coconut oil, but in the afternoon, I usually do have a handful of cashews for a snack. I was perfect for 3 weeks. Never fell off the wagon. Then I went on a 3 days binge. Then after another week, I got a horrible sinus infection which put me down, and I ate horrible again for 3 days. I think I have had one horrible day since then where I had 3 slices of pizza, and some no sugar added ice cream, but then I was back on track the next day. I have lost about 1 1/2 lbs. Give it to me straight, right in the eye, I need to hear it!! Please!! I do have one packet of Stevia in my 4 cups of coffee every morning. I can't go w/o it. I tried. I went from 3 in each cup to one. I drink my coffee with unsweetened Almond milk from Silk.

Locke 04-03-2014 04:13 PM


Some people have trouble when it comes to restricting foods. For me, if I try an eating plan like Whole30 (which I have tried!) I can stay on it successfully for days, weeks, or months before I go down in a huge fireball and binge until I'm sick. Whole30 can be very difficult. You may want to try to slowly reduce the amount of processed / carbohydrate laden foods that you are eating instead of going cold turkey.

Radiojane 04-03-2014 04:15 PM

I've been primal since August of 2012. I use no added sugar or sugar alcohols, just what naturally occurs in fruit and vegetables.

Stevia is a better alternative if you need a sweetener, but have you tried coconut milk? I switched my BF to coconut milk coffee creamer and he's very happy.

LoriSax 04-03-2014 07:52 PM

I tried the coconut milk. I really did not care for it!! My main question is, my body does not seem to be turning to fat for my fuel because I am not dropping weight. Do you think these binges hurt me that much?? I mean, think of all the days I have been on plan, and the few I have blown it. The fat is still there.....I love this way of eating, although I do miss ice cream here and there.

Radiojane 04-04-2014 12:40 AM

If you're repeatedly cheating, you may be holding on to water. When I cheat, I can gain up to 10 pounds of water over night.

free529 04-04-2014 12:49 AM

Hi. I have been cutting my sugar too.. Take note that not all sugars are really bad. What we don't need is the fructose. This is the sugar found on refined/added sugar.

There are a lot of thing to explain about this. You may shoot me a personal message. I may suggest you take time viewing some of his TV guestings in Youtube. Just type in the keywords. He explains it there very well and have some tips about Food choices. Or search for this book. I Love Me More Than Sugar by Barry Friedman.

LoriSax 04-04-2014 10:06 AM

Free, I don't really know how to send you a personal message. I clicked on your name, and it says you have no profile. Do you want me to look up the Barry guy on YouTube??

LoriSax 04-04-2014 10:55 AM

I did listen to 2 different things he had on YouTube. I liked him. Thank you for referring him. When I get a sugar craving, he will be a good tool to knock it out!!!

Bflo 04-06-2014 03:21 AM

Brand new to this
Hi :) three days ago I weighed myself and was 220 pounds! I am only on day three of eating primal and LCHF. I really wanted to see if two days had made any difference and it had! Weighed myself this morning and had lost 3pounds!

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