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  • Munchy, less stomach discomfort is certainly a good thing.

    Thought I would report a little non-scale victory I had today. I had to go out in the middle of the day to cash a check at one bank, then go to a second bank and get a cashier's check, then go by the tax guy to have the checks photocopied and faxed. I forgot that today was the 1st of the month and found myself in a huge line at the first bank and waited in line for over 40 minutes. This put me behind schedule and I started feeling tense.

    On my way to the tax guy I realized I was now into the lunch hour and their office would be locked until 1:00. This meant I needed to eat lunch while I was out as there would not be time to eat when I got home before my afternoon assignment started.

    There aren't many places in my little town where you can find healthy food, but on impulse I stopped at Panda Express. I was very pleased to find they had the calorie counts of all their dishes clearly displayed. It made it easy to choose a bowl of vegetables (70 calories) and a beef dish -- don't remember the name but it was 220 calories, so I had a good satisfying lunch with a decent amt. of vegetables for under 300 calories. Since I didn't need rice, I didn't order any and didn't have to pay for it either, which was nice.

    Don't know if Panda Express is out where any of you live, but if you pass by one, keep in mind that it's possible to eat there and still make good choices.
  • ladynredd Woohoo! Congrats on making a good choice when you didn't have many options

    Chinese takeout is my "go-to" when I don't feel like cooking or I'm running around. I usually get plain steamed chicken and broccoli (no sauce, sugar, salt, etc). I either eat 1/2 cup of white rice or just save it for another day. It comes with sauce on the side which I can use to drizzle, not soak. You can get basically any protein plus veggies steamed plain.

    Today I woke up at 4:30 to go to the new gym. It wasn't bad - probably about 15 people there, but the weight machines were daunting since I didn't know the location of them and had to wander a bit.

    The dark chocolate square dipped in peanut butter was sooooo amazing last night, so I built it into my day today too I realized that I've been miscalculating my omelette muffins, lol. Corrected as 111 and NOT 180!

    April 2, 2014
    B: Hot tea w/lemon and agave (30), 2 egg white omelette muffins (111) = 141 (2.5)
    S: Tangerine (47) = 47 (1)
    L: Mesclun/arugula/cucumber salad (20), 20g craisins (65), 13g blue cheese (50), 1T sunflower seeds (47), 2T light champagne vin (60) = 242 (4)
    S: Baby carrots/cherry tomato (50) w/ light ranch (80) = 130 (2)
    D: 2 chicken pot pie cups (230), 1 cup green beans (35), 7g Kerrygold butter (50) = 270 (6)
    S: 18g peanut butter (100), 1 square dark chocolate (20) = 120 (2.5)
    TOTAL: 950 (18)

    I'm feeling really good. Hopefully I'll see some kind of progress in the next two months!
  • Another morning in the gym. Today was moderately more successful than yesterday because I got a feel for where my machines were. Tomorrow should be even better. Yesterday and the day before I was able to walk and pick up my daughter from school. I'm trying to get her a little more active as well, after a long winter inside.

    We have double dance classes tonight, from 4:30-6:30, so my boyfriend is on Thursday dinner night...I'm getting a little bit anxious about it because it's almost impossible to plan and count without me watching how he does it.

    Yesterday I expressed how overwhelmed I feel. I've been counting and journaling for close to 6 years, with charts on my weight dating back to 2004 and I'm still not at goal. About 3 years ago I saw a nutritionist/RD and GAINED 15lbs. I just see a lot of other people make progress. Not to really change at all is so frustrating for me.

    I'm giving myself 2 months of 5 day/week gym and tracking my WW points (ends up being about 950 cals/day, no more 600 calorie days) to lose at least 2 lbs. If that doesn't work, I'm going to see a doctor armed with my daily workouts and daily journals to see if there is anything I'm missing. My last two complete bloodwork results all came out fine, even though I expressed the same frustration with my weight. Today is day 31 of cutting out champagne, and I thought it may at least help just a teeny bit. I lost the 2lbs right away, but other than that, not really.

    I'm feeling obsessive and really anxious about it all. Sometimes I think I'll never make it.
  • I had a one day binge yesterday, the first in a very long time but I am back on plan today. I have been doing a lot of food fundraising events for the Shriners, I am the cook so I have to be there. Tomorrow is Italian Dinner night for the Shriners. I will have to be careful around all the pasta.

    I was craving beans for some reason today so I added Red Kidney ,Great Northern and Sriracha hot sauce to Progresso Light Beef Pot Roast Soup.
    Tasted great.

    I ended the day at 1,562 calories
  • Larry awesome job getting back on track!

    I've really been mentally/emotionally struggling this week. I planned out every last detail of what I'm doing this weekend including fitting in a few plans with my boyfriend and my friends and the meals I'm making this weekend for the week.

    Something just came up and I'm having a hard time being flexible. I have always had a loose plan and loose documentation, but now I'm back to weighing and measuring every single thing. I have been struggling for so long that the only feasible way to me right now is measuring everything and working out hardcore. I just want to see if it will work for me. I can't spin my wheels anymore - I've been in tears several times this week about it. I feel like I'm breaking down, slowly. I just have a hard time balancing the gym, work, child, boyfriend, and friends and having none of those include food or drinks.

    As a positive, I lost .8lb and I was at the gym even earlier than the past two days (I got up at 4:15!). I'm super sore, but pressing on. If I can keep going at this rate, I may even get to goal by August.
  • I am going through one of the most stressful and emotionally turbulent times in my life at the moment. I let myself eat what I wanted, but I kept it controlled so that I didn't go out of bounds by measuring everything and keeping track of my Weight Watchers points periodically. I also didn't choose unhealthy food and I didn't over-carb; instead I veg-loaded! I only lost 1lb last week, but I lost, not gained. This is a milestone for me because much of my weight gain was due to emotional eating, especially carbs, without any control over it. My husband says that he can see the loss in my face.

    Ladynredd: Wow! You really thought things through at a time when and at a place where it wouldn't be easy to do so! \O/

    Larry: Nice job! We're creating a lifestyle here, so we need to be able to have those moments and the ability to jump back on the wagon after.

    Munchy: Great that you lost! I hear you about mental/emotional struggle - it makes everything in life harder. Sending strength vibes to us all from the Universe ----------->
    p.s. Your carrot soup is sitting as #1 on my meal plan when I am actually able to go shopping again.
  • I've slacked off on weighing every morning but was able to post a nice loss today anyway. By Jove, this veggie-loading WOE is actually working! DH is losing well too and now weighs only 20 lbs. more than I do, which is definitely motivating me -- I do NOT want to weigh more than he does!

    My son and his little family came over Saturday for lunch so I was up bright and early starting a loaf of bread. It turned out super and the kids fell upon it like a small horde of locusts (and took home the remainder of the loaf so it would not be here to tempt us.) The remainder of the menu consisted of a big green salad with homemade Olive Garden knockoff dressing, pasta e fagioli soup (light on meat and pasta, heavy on veggies and beans) and the strawberry/jello dessert that Larry recommended. All dishes were enthusiastically received. All the recipes, except Larry's strawberry dessert, came from my Pinterest files.

    Barely had time to pile the dishes in the sink before it was time to go get my haircut and perm to prep for our trip. My new hairdresser did a super job and I am very happy with both the cut and the perm. A generous tip resulted.

    This is the last weekend before we leave so it's time to concentrate on consuming all the perishables so we don't face any science experiments in the fridge upon our return. Also fun stuff like laundry, etc. I will definitely be ready for this vacation when it finally arrives.
  • Most of yesterday went really well, but by evening my family drama got the best of me and I had a little binge. The good thing about it was that I was aware of it and made sure that there were veggies involved. Today there is more of the same drama, but I feel stronger and I am right back on track. Since I have been eating so healthfully, the binge left me feeling icky, like a food hangover, so I am not going to want to do that again anytime soon.

    You know, I am finding that since I started bulking up my meals with veggies, save last night, I crave more and more veggies and water before anything else! Has this happened to any of you?

    ladynredd: Reading your post was really uplifting. I was saying 'Yes!', 'Ha ha!', 'Yum!' and 'Right-on, good idea!'. Where are you vacationing? Have a fabulous time!
  • Archychick, sorry you're going through a stressful time. Sending soothing vibes your way.

    We are going to visit my brother-in-law and his family, then fly to Ft. Lauderdale and board a Royal Caribbean cruise for the Eastern Caribbean -- St. Kitts; St. Maarten; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Labadee, Haiti. This will be my 6th (?) cruise. I love the ocean and love cruising but I know the food is going to be quite a challenge. It's easy to let everything revolve around mealtimes and no one blinks an eye if you order two entrees, seems like the more you eat, the happier they are! On one of my trips we did a tour of the kitchens (where they literally have soup kettles as tall as I am) and we were told the average cruiser will gain between a pound and a pound and a half for every day of the cruise. By the time we factor in the time visiting family we will be away from home for two solid weeks so I will be happy if I only gain 3 or 4 lbs., and VERY happy if I stay the same.
  • Archychick you are so right. It get's much harder when the stress and emotions get to us! Hopefully things are looking up and you'll be right back on track today.

    Ladynredd I'm so jealous! Sometimes it's worth it to live a little A few lbs are nothing in the long run as long as you have a good time with your family.

    This past weekend I had my scheduled higher days. I've been eating 18pts (about 950 calories) M-F, then giving myself some leeway on the weekend. Despite the leeway, I ended up doing really well. Friday was about 1300, but Saturday and Sunday were still between 900-1000. I even took my daughter and a neighbor for a pretty lengthy walk to a local market (and bakery...where THEY picked out cake pops).

    Tonight I meet with a trainer at the gym. I was supposed to go to the gym this morning, but I was so tired after a long weekend that I figured an hour with my trainer tonight should be enough! I know she's going to check my body fat percentage and I'm a little nervous to have one more number bouncing around in my head.

    This past weekend I made myself some egg white muffins with a bit of neufchatel cheese, plenty of veggies, and turkey bacon. They're my breakfast for the week. I also made Quinoa Chipotle "meatballs" that are frozen in single servings for lunches, and I made Coconut vegetable curry which is also frozen in individual servings for lazy dinners.

    Last night we had Raspberry chipotle bbq chicken and it came out fantastic. Super moist and the sauce was really different.

    Hope everyone has a great Monday!
  • How closely is Volumetrics related to the Negative Calorie or Zero Calorie Diets? Would it be a similar principle?

    I can't find any specific thread or discussion on these diets, but my question is, in case anyone has some insight, can someone live on Negative Calorie foods alone, at least temporarily as an efficient weight loss method?
  • Quote: How closely is Volumetrics related to the Negative Calorie or Zero Calorie Diets? Would it be a similar principle?

    I can't find any specific thread or discussion on these diets, but my question is, in case anyone has some insight, can someone live on Negative Calorie foods alone, at least temporarily as an efficient weight loss method?
    Annleslie, I don't know what the two diets you mentioned entail (and googled and couldn't find anything!).

    Basically volumetrics is just a method to comfortably eat a lower calorie range. Because your meals are the same size they've always been, but have fewer calories due to the vegetables, you can eat the same amount and lose.

    I'm not sure how much of the thread you've read through, but I've been eating this way for about six years - even my six year old eats this way. It's nutritious, we're not hungry, and it even saves us a lot of money. In the most basic sense, half or more of our plates are comprised of non-starchy vegetables. We do this in a few different ways:

    -shredding or finely chopping vegetables and adding them into dishes (like meatballs, chicken nuggets, burgers, meatloaf, etc)
    -doubling or tripling the amount of vegetables that go into a one pot meal (chili, soup, casseroles, stir fry, etc)
    -using vegetable purees to thicken dishes or as sauces

    I may speak for myself in saying that I know I'll eat this way for the rest of my life.

    Another day at the gym at 4:30am. I think I'm starting to really enjoy the morning workout. Once my other gym has the replacement roof done, I think I may utilize that one for more of the weights, etc. I'm a fan of their setup, so I think I can squeeze in another half hour workout after work, especially as it gets warmer out.
    Today's plan:

    B: Hot tea w/lemon and agave (30), 2 egg white omelette muffins (110) = 140 (2.5)
    S: 1 cup whole strawberries (50) = 50 (1)
    L: Soyrizo/cauliflower stuffed pepper (177) = 177 (4)
    S: Baby carrots/cherry tomato (50) w/ light ranch (80) = 130 (2)
    D: Mesclun/spinach/cucumber salad (20), 20g craisins (65), 13g blue cheese (50), 1T sunflower seeds (47), 2T light champagne vin (60), raspberry chipotle chicken thigh (130) = 372 (7)
    S: 9g peanut butter (50), 1 square dark chocolate (20) = 70 (1.5)
    TOTAL: 939 (18)
  • Hi all!

    My husband hurt his back, so on top of everything I have been 'on call' throughout the day for him as I work tax week and deal with that other issue. Well, all of your vibes must have worked because things started smoothing out or I'm just dealing better. lol Just in time too as there are only a few days till Tax Day! I am meal planning/shopping so I will have easy, healthy ready-to-go meals for the next few days to feed the fam and keep me on track.

    I fell off for a couple of days, but I have to say that when I did I was more conscious of it and I was able to manage some control over it. So, the damage probably wasn't too bad, but I'll see on WI day. At any rate, my mind is changing. I am more determined than ever too.

    Munchy: Going shopping today and making the carrot/peanut soup - finally! I am going to use PB2 to lower the fat content even more. Looking forward to it and so is the fam! I'm also making the Paleo Ravioli you posted a while back.

    Ladynredd: Oh nice! And you are going to St. Kitts - that happens to be my last name! Husband's family acquired the name when they moved from there to St. Croix generations ago. Wishing you the time of your life! With your knowledge of food, you will be able to assess and balance to both fully enjoy and keep around the track, I'm sure. Hey, those ships are huge, so a nice walk-around can help combat any extra calories.
  • Archychick I hope you like it! It tastes so rich, but it's super low cal. I calculated 159 calories per cup several years ago, so I just go with that.

    I lost a little more this week. I'm around half a pound a week - not too shabby since I haven't seen much movement for years. Still going strong at the gym and still off of the champagne

    Hope everyone is doing well!
  • Hi everyone - I'll intro myself here and hopefully this board will be one I can use as a tool for help/recipes/guidance.
    I'm a WW on line member very interested in Volumetrics as I've been told the program resembles the "old" ww. I've lost and kept off 110 lbs with another 60-70 to go and I"m stuck at a terrible plateau.
    I need a switch up and have been interested in the premise of volumetrics for some time and thought after reading so many of Larrys posts that it was time to bite the proverbial bullet. It'll be a learning curve for sure grasping a new program but it most def. sounds like the program is a good one.