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Question inital weight gain

Just wondering if anyone goes through this weird initial weight gain while starting a new diet regime/program?...

I'm starting WW tomorrow, but in the beginning of this week (maybe even the end of last week, can't' remember), I started to incorporate exercise and calorie count.

Now, I went over my calories practically every day, but not by much. I was still eating way less than I normally do. And the fact that I was outside exercising for the first time in months, yet I still GAINED weight, just totally had me baffled.

Why does this happen? Has anyone else experinced this? I can't say it's due to sodium, because I was careful with that. I can't say it's due to building muscle because, well, I was only walking 2 miles a day-- and briskly at that. And I can't say it was to going over my calorie limit because I was still eating way less than I normally do (and better foods, to boot). And it's not "that time of the month" for me either, so I know it's not water retention....

When I start doing my WW points tomorrow, I'm going to see Sunday if that makes a difference or not. I plan to stick to my points religiously, so, maybe it will make a difference... maybe it won't. Or maybe the fact that my body will be getting used to exercising will help. I dunno.
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The number on the scale is simply that- just a number. You have made lots of healthy choices. Don't give up. If you have eaten less than you've burned then you have lost fat. Don't depend on the scale.

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You mentioned that you went outside and exercised for the first time in months. I did something similar (mucho snow shoveling) and I experienced a gain for several days after (no change in diet).

Over the years, I've learned that my body is NOT a machine and that it knows what it's doing. Trust yourself and your body. Maybe it's a muscle repair type of thing. I don't know. The extra pounds in my case did come off w/no effort on my part. So, just keep going and know that your body is doing what it needs to do. No worries.
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And the fact that I was outside exercising for the first time in months, yet I still GAINED weight
It is water retention. You changed your activity level and your retaining water from the new exercise, even if it's not "muscle building." You use your muscles when you walk, right? You only need to weigh yourself once a week. The scale flucuates day to day. Make sure you keep your water intake up, keep the exercise up and track what you eat. You'll get the hang of this.
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