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  • Shrinkingstudent-that's great that you still lost even with adding more calories. Even if the losses have slowed down that means that your body is trying to stabilize and find it's healthy weight!!

    Back to IFing for me after the 5 day holiday. Yesterday went really well. I thought it might be tough to get back into it after the fun of Thanksgiving, but it was quite easy and enjoyable. Weigh in on Friday and we'll see how I did!
  • This was a really interesting series of articles about the different IF protocols, especially as the writer had tested them all and had some impressive results (as well as things going horribly wrong):
  • sparklybunny-thanks for the interesting links. I read most of it and came away with IF is just a form of calorie restriction and the different methods are just simply for whatever fits your lifestyle best.
    And that isxactly what I am doing!! I am not, however, counting cals. Just eating what I would normally eat during that timeframe of the day (not overeating to compensate for fasting timeframe).

    Yesterday went well. There was a big breakfast served atwork (my eating window is 3:30-8:30) and I wasn't sure how I would manage to not eat in front of everyone. So I took a plate and said I was saving it for later, it was too early for me to eat (which was the truth!) I ate it later and it was super yummy. The only thing I regret was a pastry that I had no intention of eating, I was going to save it for DD but I ended up eating it. Oh well

    How's everyone doing? Anyone still around from the old thread?
  • Well, weigh in today...I held tight at 154 so no loss but no gain after the 5 day holiday of no IFing! I'm happy with that!
  • I'm ALMOST IFing right now (small amount of milk or cream in my coffee and tea, about 150 calories for the day of this).

    I eat a meal between 4 and 6 and a small snack at 8 or 9 so I guess I have about a 5 hour window at night.

    Since Dec. 1 (5 days) I have lost 7.4 pounds (some of it water weight from starting a new plan I'm sure)
  • Kayin-Wow! 7.4 lbs. is great!! That sounds very similar to what I am doing. My window is 3:30-8:30 (or so!) I also have about 100 cals. worth of 1/2 & 1/2 in my morning coffee. I only do this on work days also. It works slowly but it works for me!!

    Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.
  • SparklyBunny. Interesting site. It changed the way I see IF. It is just a lifestyle that could help with weight loss. Thanks for the link.

    Jaob I am in the same boat as you. With Thanksgiving I am glad for no gain.

    Fasted Monday okay but Thursday fast I went over calories. So I only lost 1 lb this week. Just want to hold on during the holiday season.

    Hope you have a great day.
  • I found an old fitbit the other day and I finally was motivated to stick to my IF more than I had been the last few weeks. It's amazing how one small little device can give me such motivation!
  • Losetoall-yea, if I can get through the holidays without a gain that will be truly amazing!! I have nearly 2 1/2 weeks off for the Christmas holiday and I don't plan to IF during that time. We'll see how that works for me! I noticed that I'm not really going overboard at all with eating on nonIF days, though.

    Daimere-whatever it takes to motivate is great. Glad to see you here with us!! What type of IF do you do?
  • My husband uses IF quite successfully. He was never heavy, but had just a little extra around the middle. Using IF alone (with regular exercise, we both work out regularly), he went from 212 to 195. He is 6' 4" He is really slim and trim now at age 55. I tried it, but found that it wasn't hunger so much that bothered me, as it was an increase in stomach acid. I can amend the diet and do a 600 calorie day, but I need a little food in the gut just to keep digestion problems at bay. (I have a mild hiatal hernia, which is probably the source of the problem). As a result of this experiment, I stick with an Adkins-type diet all week long, with a once-a-week treat of a couple of good chocolates during the week. And, one of the week days will be very low cal but not a full fast.
  • Quote:
    Daimere-whatever it takes to motivate is great. Glad to see you here with us!! What type of IF do you do?
    I have been doing a combination of 12-16 hour fasts and 5:2. So usually I will have a 9 hour eating window give or take. Sometimes I go longer because I am busy working and don't eat till later. It helps me not stress about food so much and I get more sleep sorta! I haven't incorporated the 5:2 yet this time around. At this moment, I am just tracking what I eat during my eating windows (I still track because I have a history of binging and emotional eating) and sticking to 8p-5a. As long as I am motivated, the IF is so easy. I used to stress on my 12 hour days about having enough healthy food, etc. Now I don't. Although I make sure I have something good to eat to break the fast. And this time around, easing my body into IF was easier. It took two weeks for my body to stop overproducing stomach acid
  • Daimere-have you lost all of your 62 lbs. doing IF? I might try to incorporate 5:2 with my eating window after the holidays to get things moving a little faster. We'll see
  • Quote: Daimere-have you lost all of your 62 lbs. doing IF? I might try to incorporate 5:2 with my eating window after the holidays to get things moving a little faster. We'll see
    No. I switched to IF when I was broke. But the thing is I think I should have been incorporating IF this entire time. I work 12s. And when I was on ww or any other version of healthy eating, I couldn't stay on track on 12s. I would always have SUCH a wide eating window that I would feel upset because it was SO hard to stay on track. I think I had lost 15-20 pounds on IF. I mean lose weight and be broke? Yeah boy!
  • Hey everyone, i moved out of my student accommodation and have just moved into a share with two friends. This first week of having free reign over what i do and being in a new town definitely isn't being nice to my weightloss, it's being fluctuating and seems to be favoring going up.

    Going to have to start getting myself motivated to do stuff so i keep on track, there's a pool a few minutes walk away and nice scenery around the place so i may have to start walking everyday and go for some swims just to help finish of my weightloss. I am happy that even though i'm being lax on my calorie count i am keeping to my eating window. Here's to getting back on track, hope everyone is having a good week.
  • Question about 5:2

    On your feast days, do you count calories? I personally feel like things will spiral out of control if I don't but I'm not sure where to keep my calories at on those days. BMR is 1736 and TDEE is 2083, and that just seems way to high. Is it a bad thing to keep them between 1200-1600? Or do I need to at least eat close to the TDEE number?

    Second fast day today, so far better than Tuesday and I have a solid plan to stick too. Does this get easier too? I read the book, or well, skimmed most of it on my kindle, but still a bit confused.

    Thanks for any help you guys have. I was doing 18:6 IF as that is just a natural way for me to eat, but I wanted to shake things up. My friend wanted to do 5:2 so I thought I'd give it a try.