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  • good morning all............. I came across this link by accident while looking for Ideal Protein....... what is this fasting program? how does it work? I am 50 yrs old...... so not a fast metabolism.... and seems like I am carb sensitive. I presently only take in 600 cal a day or less and my weight is not moving... so HELP me if you can pass some info.......... almost desperate enough to do lapband.
  • I''m not an expert but 600 calories a day is really way to low unless you are doing a 5:2 or similar fast where you eat 500 calories to days a week but much more on other days.

    I eat one meal a day but still get 1300 calories a day.

    Please reconsider your current path unless under the care of a physician!
  • I agree with wvuchick. If you are eating 600 calories a day, that is the type of low calorie diet that needs medical supervision. Good luck to you!

    However, if you're interested in making a change, there's lots of good information throughout this thread. We all do a different form of intermittent fasting, but the general idea is to eat within a specified eating window.
  • I have a slightly underactive thyroid, which I control with medication. Does anyone know what effect IF has on the thyroid?
  • I don't know from personal experience OR from any medical knowledge, but quite a few people on the 5:2 Facebook group I'm in have been able to decrease their medication because the diet has improved their thyroid. I don't think you're doing 5:2, but it leads me to believe other forms of IF should have a positive effect as well.

    I'll let you know if I come across anything slightly more scientific on the topic!
  • Schmoopy - I don't know about the thyroid thing. Seems like a good idea to check with your doctor about that one.
  • As this thread has reached the limit of 500 posts, the time has come for some kind soul to start the new thread so that this one can be closed.
  • I"ll start one and add the link here (hopefully)!