Intermittent Fasting Support Thread

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  • Yogini - I thought you were doing Fast 5??? Maybe my husband is right and I am crazy. LOL

    ShaMac - Don't let yourself get discouraged. There will be ups and downs on this journey, as long as you keep moving in the right direction in the long term that's what really matters.
  • WVU- I switch it up. I try to do 500 cal fast on Mon Th and then eating window the other days. As I am able.....hahaha
  • Thank you ladies for the encouraging words, I really needed that!
  • Back from our weekend away. There was plenty of rain, but plenty of sun too Did a bit over 10 miles of hiking over the whole weekend, but ate and drank my fair share :P Actually, ate a lot less than I expected. My boyfriend and I both were like, what is going on? Why are we full? We usually gorge a good bit on these trips, but I think I ate reasonably.

    I'm going to attempt a back-to-back 500 cal. fast this week, today and tomorrow. My schedule is so wacky this week. But if that fails, I can try again Friday. Hoping to see Onederland this week

    How was everyone else's weekends?
  • noname - Glad you had a good trip. I'm leaving today on mine after work. I hope I do as well as you did. Good luck on getting to Onederland!

    My weekend was ok. Took my mom to dinner on Saturday then spent the bulk of yesterday packing for our trip. Was able to fast the full 19 hours both days. Had a small gain, more than likely water, since I didn't drink as much water as I should have. Is it sad that I actually thought about packing up my scale? I think I might go through withdrawals!

    Have a great Monday everyone!
  • Noname, sounds like you had a really fun, active weekend. Great job on not gorging and good luck for those back to back fast days!

    Wvuchick, that's great that you do 19 hour fast on the weekends also, I can't remember the last time I was so discipline on the weekends. About your scale, hopefully you will be having so much fun you won't even miss it.

    My weekend was ok, I really needed the time to readjust and reset my mind frame. I did somewhat adhere to my window on Saturday and just focused on not binging on Sunday and today I am ready for my 500 cal day. Good luck to us this week!
  • wvuchick Have a great trip! Hope you left the scale behind :P

    ShaMac How is that going, the combo of 5:2 and eating window? That sounds way too tough to me. I look forward to having breakfast a few times a week

    Today is day 2 of my back-to-back 500 cal fast. Monday was a breeze, as usual. Today should be interesting...
  • I mainly do IE because I really need to work on 1)eating when I'm actually hungry and 2) not stuffing myself. But sometimes I will have a very satisfying late lunch, maybe around 2 PM and I really don't feel like eating the rest of the day. So in a way, I'm doing IF on that particular day. I find that when I do that, my fasting blood glucose is really good the next morning!
  • That's awesome Wannabehealthy! Are you diabetic? I've read a lot of people who are pre-diabetic have gotten rid of all of their symptoms with different forms of IF. It's quite amazing. It would be wonderful if there was medical research to support it so it could be recommended more often by doctors instead of medication.
  • Wannabehealthy, I tried IE, but it didn't work well for me. I now take what seems to me to be almost the opposite approach of a daily eating window, in large part because I want to keep it as simple as possible for me. I don't want to have to think about how hungry I am and the trade-offs in the calories/satisfaction of the different food options available to me all day.

    My eating window has been working well for me. I am glad the IE/IF hybrid is working for you!
  • Noname, I'm actually trying to find my way back on track. I'm getting there, work stress has got me beat this week. How is day 2 going for you? Are you just eating low cal food though out the day or one 500 cal meal?
  • Day two went great! Defnitely looking forward to breakfast though lol. I'm sure it helped I was busy. I just had coffee both mornings and nothing else until dinner. I actually had the same meal for dinner both Monday and today to keep it easy (and it was something yummy I looked forward to).

    I'm sure you'll get back on track. Just gotta plow through it.
  • Hi all..May I join you? I started the Fast Diet yesterday, had the book for a while but didn't start reading it until recently. Today and Saturday are my Fast days for this week. Is it okay to change which days you do it from week to week?
  • Welcome ZumbaChica.

    I'm back from my mini vacay. DC was great, the food was great but I'm seriously excited to get back to fasting. I only had breakfast 2 days but both days I got a little upset stomach. I can definitely see now this is not a diet for me but a lifestyle change.

    I gained a little over a lb. which isn't bad considering how much I ate. Lol

    Hope everyone has a great Friday!
  • Zumbachica Welcome! How is 5:2 going for you so far? It's definitely okay to change your days around to fit your schedule.

    wvuchick Welcome back I'm sure you'll lose that one pound and then some in no time!

    This week is going well. I'm enjoying my break from the gym, but looking forward to getting back int it. It's also nice to have my two fasts over with so early, but I am throwing in another partial fast today (just had an iced coffee for "breakfast" then will hold off til dinner) as I seriously over-indulged on Wednesday and yesterday. Hopefully next week I will be back to my normal M/W fasts plus "half-fast Friday" is what I'm going to call it lol

    And someone just buzzed the office that there's doughnuts downstairs...glad I already made the decision to fast :P