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taben07 05-08-2013 01:00 PM

30 Day Squat Challenge??? For me??
Hey all...see that (30 Day Squat Challenge) is the "rage" right now. I have a pear-shaped body with thick legs...sigh......and only 5'1". So, I am curious to know what you all think if by doing SO MANY squats for a month if my legs will lean out a bit or get bulkier or this is just supposed to help with a saggy booty and perk it up?

Keep in mind, I don't do any lower half exercises because of this exact reason. I have done Insanity, Firm, and other programs where there's jumping, lunges, squats, etc. that zero in on the lower half and quickly, my jeans are tight so I stop doing those type of exercises! I know....gaining muscle but not what I am going for. I want to FINALLY lean out my lower half and cannot seem to find the "right" way to do it. I walk/run on my tmill, do Zumba and started lifting 12lb weights for my arms and do a little tummy work which is not my major problem area (lower half and arms).

What are your suggestions? I have been working out for about 15 years so my endurance is pretty good for this 45 year old. : ) I want to start seeing results and putting my mind to it this year and in hopes to see definte change in the way my pants/jeans fit and go down a size not up. Want to start with a good program to start seeing changes once and for all. Getting tired of spinning my wheels as they say and not getting the results year after year. Maybe doing all the wrong things? I eat pretty darn healthy and rarely if ever eat fried or red meat. My weight is about 125-126.

So.......that's my story. : )

Palestrina 05-09-2013 08:06 AM

It's a common misconception to avoid vigorously working out a certain part of the body for fear that it will "bulk up." But it's absolutely positively not true, as women we do not have the capability to look like body builders, your bottom half is in no danger of getting bigger. Squats are the best way to build muscle and tone up your lower half. I also like lunges and dead lifts.

There is no way to spot reduce. If you are pear shaped you will always be pear shaped, you can do more cardio which will reduce your overall weight but you seem to be healthy and in a good weight range. You're leaving out an important component to your exercise regime, those large leg muscles down there can really bring up your heart rate during exercise. Learn to love those squats girl! I strongly recommend you check out Tonique Fitness!

LandonsBaby 05-10-2013 03:13 AM

Doing squats isn't going to give you Hee-Man legs. I mean, you've got to really work for that sort of thing. Strength training can do wonders for changing body composition and it's excellent for helping you perform better at life in general. As we age, we lose muscle and our ability to burn calories and function diminishes. I advise you try to get over your fear and try it.

I will tell you what, when I was lifting the heaviest...I lost the most inches. I really have a difficult time with squats but I can do lunches and deadlifts, neither of which have ever made my legs bigger. One day, if I lose a good amount of fat I might actually want my leg muscles to get bigger. That's going to take a **** of a lot of work! You won't accidentally do it.

That being said, I find the idea of doing like 250 squats in a day to be rather silly. I would rather do 30 squats and add some weights into the mix.

Ellen 05-13-2013 09:12 AM

I do squats with an Olympic bar on my back...and am up to 55# for five sets of five. In just 6 weeks I can not believe how toned and strong my legs and butt have gotten. I have def. gotten smaller, not larger, in that time. Squats work more than just your legs and gluts. They help with balance, core, etc. Do them! Like others have said, you are not going to bulk up from them.

crispin 05-16-2013 11:47 PM

Have you ever tried Brazil Butt Lift? Like you, I'm short and pear shaped. I did BBL for a few months last year and it tightened and slimmed my legs wonderfully. I didn't even think my legs were capable of looking that good! I'd also be a little scared to do straight squats because my leg muscles bulk up easily, but BBL works your legs from all different angles and shapes them so nicely. I just wanted to let you know that there is at least one routine out there that can help ladies with our body shape. :) Well, it worked for me, anyway.

I've been off the exercise wagon for almost a year now and put on about 10 pounds. I feel so unfit, so I'm starting another round of BBL. I swear I don't work for them haha. I just never thought I'd find a program so effective for me, so I like to give other women a heads up that great results are possible. I should say though that it's a pretty intense workout, but you can modify it (I did) and it still works.

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