How To Like Plain Water

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  • So I'm trying to make some changes. The first thing I want to do is to be able to drink plain water. Because I'm tired of always having to buy and carry around the flavorings. And I'm kind of getting tired of them. On Monday I did manage to get a whole bottle down, and yesterday only half. I'm so used to chugging the flavored water. That I'm afraid I'm not going to get enough water. Will it eventually get easier? Has anyone else done the same? How did you do it?
  • It might be easier to taper down than to just go for it. A slice of lemon or even cucumber can help freshen water. Are you drinking filtered water? That can also help.

    I personally like making unsweetened iced tea and drinking that.
  • It depends on the person. My wife is just like you. She hates to drink plain water. So, she carries around those Mio flavorings. I, on the other hand, went cold turkey and started drinking only water about 5 months ago. I drink about 4 to 6 of the 16.9 oz bottles per day. I try to drink one on my way to work, one on my way home, and two or three throughout the day. I found it very easy to give up diet sodas. And even though I could have iced tea, I don't even usually drink that.
  • I like water with a little citrus boost to make it more tasty. How do you feel about seltzer water? Usually it is very cheap for a bottle and they come with different flavors so it isn't boring. Lemon lime is very good.
    I drink filtered water with ice and it has to be really cold or else I don't want it. Try it that way maybe?
  • I can't remember when I made the shift from disliking plain water to finally enjoying it.

    I think I started researching a lot of my food and realized how much junk I was putting in my body, and all the junk is usually in the flavorings. I also realized here in Alaska I'm lucky to have super clean water right out of the tap and water is really one of the best things you can do for your body.

    So I just started setting a goal for how much to drink every day and now I do it automatically.
  • I moved a couple hours from I used to live and the summer here was at least 10 degrees hotter so I had to drink about a gallon of water per day to feel hydrated, I have just gotten used to that now. Although I wish I would stop peeing so much. I just got used to water, I feel it tastes delicious now. Juice and soda or any other flavoring is just too sweet
  • I drink a lot of water. When I need to change things up I'll add a splash of fresh lemon, lime or orange juice. I've even added a little 100% cranberry juice or cucumbers to my water (slice them up and let them soak for a little while).

    chubbiegurl - That's a great thing you are going to the restroom so often. You're flushing a lot of crap out along with a lot of other perks.
  • I drink a lot of water at work and when I'm driving. Basically, if I'm just forced to sit somewhere it's easier to drink water than when I'm doing other stuff, if that makes sense.

    I also invested in some nice metal water bottles. I found one that holds 64 ounces, and I drink through that in a workday. I have others that hold 24 ounces, and I like to drink one of those before and one after work.

    Growing up I never was much of a water drinker. I think it's something that you start craving once you get used to having it.
  • Plain water from the tap has to be ice cold to be enjoyable for me.
    Bottled/filtered water can be room temp.
  • Back when i was trying to incorporate more water consumption in my own life i drank a lot of tea. But VERY lightly steeped- just enough to change the water and flavor. Tea is great for you as well and needs no sugar
  • I like to feel like I'm making progress, so I drink out of the smaller (16oz bottlers) rather than a large 64oz one like my husband (plus then it stays cooler longer).
    If it's a day that I just can't stand the taste of water, then I'll slowly suck on a hard mint candy while sipping water and it makes it much less BLEH tasting
  • I drink a lot of unsweetened tea, which is just as good as plain water and has extra nutrition. If you absolutely cannot stand plain water, try adding a bit of lemon juice.

    They do sell pre-flavored, zero calorie water... But expect to pay a pretty penny for it. Try warehouse stores for the best prices if that's what you choose to do.
  • I don't mind water, but it gives me ravenous hunger!! If I put lemon juice in it that doesn't happen. Weird, but I'm going with it
  • Water shouldn't have any flavor, if it does you should try filtering or buying a different brand.
    I'm lucky enough to have well water that is wonderful, sometimes I crave it really cold, not sure why.
    If you're drinking bottled water you might try different brands, I've noticed that some really taste like the plastic bottle, some have minerals, etc. that give them a different taste.
    I used to drink alot of crystal light or store brand flavorings, you could try different ones of those to find a flavor you really like.
    WW used to say you could drink half of your water as diet, non-caffeinated beverage, I'm not big on carbonation, so I like the unsweetened tea, etc.

    best of luck
  • I use a Brita pitcher and keep it in the fridge at all times. I use the filtered water to make ice as well. Ice cold, clean filtered water is very refreshing. I only drink water and occasional cups of hot tea, unsweetened.