Any good blogs?

  • My daily routine starts with coffee at my computer. The baby is still sleeping, hubby is gone for work and I enjoy about an hour of emailing, forums and net surfing. I'd like to start off my day by visiting a nice blog about healthy living. Not calorie counting or anything severe, just something about healthy foods, exercise, yoga and meditation and somewhere to find daily inspiration. If anyone has any recommendations on healthy living blogs I'd love to check them out.
  • I listen to a podcast that also includes a fitness blog.

    It's called

    I like the podcasts, and I've even listened to several of them many times! They have a Facebook page that they're also very active on, as I have received feedback on my holiday success story.

    Another one that is in the works of getting back online is Fat2FitRadio. Their archives are really good - I play them when I'm on the treadmill and in the morning on the weekends. They also have a facebook page with lots of good info on it.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks I'll check it out in the morning!
  • I don't know how closely this fits with what you're looking for, but I find this blog really inspirational:

    She updates every day. She's lost 120 pounds through calorie counting/Weight Watchers and running, and is maintaining now. I just really relate to her struggles. I'm not a runner so I often skip over her running stuff but there's usually something else of interest in every blog.
  • is the website of the guy that created the primal blueprint, but you don't have to be primal to love the blog. There's great recipes, fitness advice, fridays they do weight loss stories, and he talks a lot about health things people tend to forget like getting enough sunlight or focusing on joy. I really love it.
  • I like mark's daily apple. I'm checking out those podcasts too. Runsforcookies is not for me though, I'm not interested in one person's journey but more of an informative site with various outlets.

    Keep em coming!