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Default College student - Help me choose my meals?

I'm currently a college student, and as a college student, I'm limited to what I have available to eat. I don't have any money to go and buy groceries, however I have meal cards at my university to purchase meals on campus. We have a variety of places such as a chick-fil-a, johnny rocket's, etc., however they are not working for me since I'm trying to eat better, not to mention the wait for that food is crazy long! We have a mini convenience store that has some foods such as cereal and stuff, but only the typical brands such as rice krispies, etc. We do have a "healthy dining" section, but it consists of salads, sandwiches, types of tea, and fruits. I'm a picky eater, and I don't like sandwiches, nor tea. The fruit they have isn't exactly the pick of the litter, so most of the time the fruits have a sour, off taste. The salads come in varieties like plain (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and a tiny bit of cheese), chicken, etc etc. I particularly like plain, but I still don't know what to use for the dressing, They have a caesar dressing that is light and free, so I tend to lean for that.

Would two salads - for lunch and dinner (one salad for each time not two each mealtime!!) and some cereal be a good diet? I can't afford expensive meals, and this seems to fit around my budget. I just want a second opinion on this.
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I've never had to have a meal plan, but I know the first years at my school are obligated to. They don't make it easy to eat well, do they? Salads are a good idea, since college students are notorious for not eating enough vegetables and always gravitating to the fast food type of places. (I can say this, because I'm one too )

Getting enough protein would probably be the biggest issue you'd have to face, I'd say- but the chicken can be good for that. Maybe you could look into saving a tiny bit of money each week to buy some fresh produce/fruits you like at a local market? They're often cheaper than the big supermarkets, and you could keep some healthy snacks in your room that way? Nuts or greek yogurt (if you have a mini-fridge/to go with your cereal!) would be good, quick ways to get more protein, too.
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Salad is always a good choice, as long as you don't drench it in dressing and cheese. Make sure you are getting enough protein though.
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Originally Posted by Ketchup View Post
We have a variety of places such as a chick-fil-a, johnny rocket's, etc., however they are not working for me since I'm trying to eat better, not to mention the wait for that food is crazy long.
Well isn't that what's wrong with our world today? Here we are supposedly the greatest nation on earth, and what do we feed our students? Fried stuff and burgers. Let's get more in depth with what is available to you, if this is all there is then I'd say you HAVE to look for alternatives off campus. There are staples even a college student should have access to like canned tuna, yogurt, fruit, grilled chicken, soups, hummus and raw veggies. Carry a bag of mixed nuts and raisins, and try to cook some things at home.

If none of your choices are any better than what you've described then it might be worth your while to opt out of a dining card option and use that money to go grocery shopping instead.
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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post

If none of your choices are any better than what you've described then it might be worth your while to opt out of a dining card option and use that money to go grocery shopping instead.
I agree! And if you choose to do that, there are quite a few options which are available which can be stored without refrigeration and which require very little preparation. You have to keep your eyes open for them but they are there.

Unbelievable... but not surprising... that this is what this country is offering our college students to eat!! What you describe is an almost total lack of nutrition.

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Hey, I'm in a simillar boat to you (though thankfully just for my lunch times of campus but still - the options are even slimmer pickings). I'd suggest the plain salad and the chicken salad, not just two plain ones - as you'll be able to at least get one serve of protein that way.

I know a lot of people are going to can me for this - but peanut butter will turn up being a friend if you make sure to just play nicely with it. Not gorging, but it will help give a bit of variety and if you are able to mix it with some greek yoghurt (if you can get some) it will actually probably end up tasting nicer and being less cals per serve than your ceasar dressing actually will. (Also, the protein part as well will at least help a bit in that regards.)

Another idea might be, if you'd be interested - see if you can't get some friends together to maybe save up each week and do a weekly run to the supermarket to get some nice fresh food? I'm sure they will all be sick of feeling tired and run down from the Chick'a'fils and such that getting some way to have fresh fruits or berries or just something not fried will be a blessing in disguise.
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You have to think about food supplements !
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I noticed that all students are constantly looking for some good recommendations or third-party services. I also registered on the forum in order to search for literature review service And very successfully. I am glad that there are so many sympathetic people here who are always ready to help with advice and recommendations.

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