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vmelo 03-17-2004 02:53 PM

Hi, all. Congrats on your weight loss, Christine. Two pounds is awesome.

Holly, good for you, girl, staying on program. Like you, I find that it really helps me to stay on program when I have a specific goal. By the way, could you let us know how those workout videos are? I have several workout tapes and a couple of DVDS, but Iím always on the lookout for another good home workout. If you want a recommendation for a good workout video that doesnít require much equipment (just dumbbells), space, or time, try Crunch Boot Camp. Itís a 30-minute intense workout that includes cardio, weights, and even abs. I use it for days when I donít have much time to work out. You can get it for less than $10 (w/ free shipping) from deepdiscountdvd.com

I have really slacked off the past couple of weeks. Thereís only so much I can blame on PMS, especially when I ate during AND after my TOTM. However, for the past two days, Iíve been back on track, even a little below my 1500 calories. Although itís only lunchtime now, Iím feeling in control and satisfied.

Hey, ladies, I need some suggestions for a digital bathroom scale. Since I no longer have a gym membership, I have no way to weigh myself. Can any of you suggest an accurate digital scale? I donít care about body fat measurement or any other bells and whistles; accuracy is what matters most to me.

Have a great day!

aphil 03-17-2004 05:38 PM

Hey everyone!
vmelo-my scale that I use is a digital scale...that also does body fat measurement. What I would recommend, is that you get a nice digital scale that measures at least in half pound increments. Mine measures in 10ths...so it will measure 154.2 pounds...etc. But I would go for one that does at least half pound increments...140, 140.5, etc.
As far as at home workouts...here are some of my favorites that don't take much space/equipment:

Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds tapes and dvds-
these are pretty simple cardio workouts...no frills or fancy steps...just getting your heart rate up. The good thing about them..is that she sells 1, 2, 3, and 4 mile tapes...so that you can start with a shorter one and then work your way up as you get more fit. They take no equipment but athletic shoes...and moving the coffee table out of the way. :lol:

Denise Austin Pilates Matwork-
This is a nice beginner's Pilates video...that requires no dyna-bands or any other Pilates equipment. It is short-20 minutes-and goes through the basics of Pilates...concentrating on the abdominals, back, hips, and legs. This is a great introduction to someone who hasn't done Pilates before.

Getting In Shape With Weights For Dummies-
This is a great tape. It is the perfect tape for someone getting into weight training. All you need is a kitchen chair and a set of dumbells. You can make it a beginner workout byusing 1 pounders...and continue to use it as an advanced exerciser by increasing your weights periodically.


vmelo 03-17-2004 08:29 PM

Thanks for those suggestions, Aphil. Now that I no longer have a gym membership, I'm trying to get back into home workouts. I figure I can use videos and walking/running to get/keep in shape for the summer.

Thanks, too, for the advice on digital scales. I didn't think about the increments, but now that you mentioned it, that would be important to me; I would probably want something like you have that measures in 10ths.

Thanks, again.

VermontMom 03-17-2004 08:49 PM

Hello ladies! Happy St. Patrick's Day, look at all these cute holiday-themed avatars :D :) :p Thank you, admins!

Another good day for me. YAY!! I had forgotten how good it is for me to get the 64 oz. of water in a day...is it a combo of knowing I'm doing something good, along with the physical benefits? don't know, but sure am glad I'm keeping it up.

vmelo, I sure will let you know how the tapes go. By the way, a little hint I have for those who get new tapes...on that day, do a familiar exercise routine for your daily exercise, then just sit and watch! the new tape, to get at least an introduction to it. Too many times I've popped in a new one, all anticipation...then gotten totally disgusted with myself for not being able to keep up/follow. Then felt that the day was a loss, for exercise.

Thanks for the video reviews, aphil! Here are mine:

Gilad Step and Tone Workout - My first serious one! :D Very basic, great for beginners. A long one, 60 minutes. Good warm-up; then the step routine (done slowly and deliberately, with hand-held weights) is about 30 minutes. Then there are standing leg/butt exercises; then floor ab-work. I did this tape 5X a week for about five months before I got another tape :D I liked it because it WAS basic; and it gave me cardio plus muscle toning. I now put on ankle weights to make it a little more challenging. BUT DO NOT use weights higher than 5 pounds!!! or you'll hurt yourself like I did, duh. Good cool-down stretching.

Gilad Split Routine Workout, Volume 2, Toning - Doing this tape is what FINALLY gave me some thigh definition!!!! Tough moves, definitely by the third set of reps of some things you are gasping and saying NO MORE!!! This tape ALSO is what is giving my rear end some definition!!! It's difficult for me to see the changes, but my husband can feel the difference :devil: Not quite as long, about 45 minutes. Good warm-up, good cool-down stretching.

Karen Voight, Cardio/Strength Circuit Training - this is one I bought last year, tried once, said "no way" and hid it for a year :D . I've done it now about 7 times, and it does become easier to understand. Gets me breathing hard, both during the cardio work and the strength (weights) in-between. Also long, an hour. I know she's a pro, but doesn't seem like the stretch/cool-down is quite adequate. I go a little longer.

aphil - can you quickly describe how one "walks" in a small space, like a living room, in the WATP tapes?

I hear others in the country got a bit of snow...bleh! I know that WE can expect it for another month, but I know others get spring before us. But it sure helps that it is totally light here before 6:00 am now. Yay!

I am really looking forward to measuring myself on April 1st!!! am very hopeful to see maybe a half-inch loss somewhere...hopefully in the region of butt/legs, just no more off my chest puh-LEASE! :devil:

How is everybody else??? Nancy, I'm calling you! :D

aphil 03-18-2004 10:53 AM

Hi everyone!

Holly-the WATP tapes she has you do different things-all pretty easy as far as "getting the steps." Basically...you walk in place...then switch t side steps...then walking in place...then walk 4 steps forward, 4 steps back...stuff like that. :p So basically-it is easy steps...but effective in burning calories and getting your heart rate up. This is great for someone who wants cardio...but hates all of the dancy tapes where you have a hard time keeping up...or if you have 2 left feet. :lol:

Some of my other suggestions:

Any strength training video by Margaret Richard...if you don't know who she is, she is the host of Body Electric-which is usually on PBS in the early mornings. (The Mr. Rogers/Sesame Street channel... :lol: ) She is sort of.."fruity" in personality...but she teaches a great strength training workout. Anything by her is really good and will get those muscles fatigued if you are a more advanced strength trainer. Now if you do her show...and some of her videos...you will find that she often "splits" her strength training, so you can do it every day. If you follow the show...you will work lets say-abs buns, and shoulders today...then tomorrow's show will be legs, chest, and arms. She does it this way so that you leave the 48 hour recovery time between muscles. I prefer to strength train my entire body-with 48 hours between...so when I do her tapes that are split-I do both parts in one day...and then do my cardio the next day. It is all a personal preference. You can get her vids at www.bodyelectric.com .

Lotte Berk Basic Essentials-
This is a strength training workout-so rest 48 hours in between it and any other strength workout-but it does not use weights. You will need a towel and a kitchen chair or a barre. It is a strength training method that combines dance exercises with yoga/Pilates type.


vmelo 03-18-2004 11:35 AM

Hi, Ladies. Thanks for those video suggestions. I did one this morning called Intense Moves. Itís with Gin Miller of Reebok fame. Boy, does that tape really kick my butt! Using the step, she intersperses 2 minutes of regular cardio with 1 minute of intense cardio. This kind of interval training is supposed to really build cardio endurance. I got it a few weeks ago, and itís so challenging that I can really grow with it (figuratively speaking, of course . . . ).

Okay, Iíve had it with myself. I was so on target a few weeks ago, but now I just canít get into the groove again. Iím on program a couple of days, and then the next day, Iím off program. I was doing so well when I posted yesterday afternoon. Then, on my way home, I started thinking about how I really wanted pancakes for supper rather than the broiled salmon, yam, & green beans I had planned to eat. However, since I didnít have any pancake mix (& didnít want to go to the trouble of making it from scratch), I had my planned dinner. The only problem is that even with dinner, I had only had about 1300 calories for the day. I was trying to cut back a bit because I overate on Sunday. You know how that goes. My stomach was actually growling by about 8:00. The rest is predictable. Off to the kitchen I go. The result was me eating a large, whole wheat sourdough pretzel, a piece of string cheese, about Ĺ tbsp. of peanut butter, and a container of pudding I ostensibly bought for my husband. That put me at about 1800 calories for the day, which is about maintenance for me, but certainly not losing. Arrgh!! Iím getting so frustrated. Iíve been through these periods before, of course (which is why it took me more than a year to lose 35 lbs.), but I was hoping since I was on a roll a few weeks ago, that Iíd have the momentum to continue at least until I got under 140! I donít know why I try to cut back on calories when I know that this usually doesnít work well for me. Also, Iíve learned that when I donít eat what I really want, Iíll end up eating a lot of what I donít want.

Iím going out today to buy a scale (if I can find a decent one) and plan to try a new tactic by forcing myself to get on it once a week. Although I normally do not like weighing myself that often, Iím trying to make myself accountable more so that I donít overeat.

Anyway, enough of my rant! Hope all is well with you ladies.

VermontMom 03-20-2004 11:40 AM

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Good morning!

vmelo, sorry to hear of your frustration with yourself. 1800 calories is not alot! but I understand that it is not what you are trying for. Everyone goes through periods of "I know what I want, why can't I stick to it??" and then, eventually, that "click" comes back and we're inspired again. I will send you positive thoughts of gettting your resolve back!

And hope you find a scale that you like. DO be prepared for seeing the upward swings that can be due to fluid retention!! I don't' remember, do you take measurements? Once a month is great for recording that info, and is, I believe, more accurate and true representation of how we're doing. Of course, the scale has that instant gratification that we love :dizzy: :lol:

Last night I asked my husband to please take some digital pics of me, posing in "exercise mode" for me to submit to collage.com, for one of their success stories. If they use it, one gets $100.00 in free videos! I went to their website, and emailed them for a "submission kit". I will try to post a pic here at the end of this post; if you don't see it, that means it's too big, so then I'll have dh put it somewhere and post a link to it.

We also took lots of lingerie pics :D and I dug out the "fun" stuff that dh has bought for me, a vinyl set, some leather bits :devil . I actually find these pics good for me to view, because whatever distorted self-image I have of myself, I can see what the camera sees :lol

I think I'm down a bit - was at 147 for months (down from my alarming 149) and believe I'm now at a little over 145. But the truth will come when I measure on April 1st :p :lol:

At work, I see that the days when it is NOT crazy-busy, is when I do FINE on program. Because I then have time to eat breakfast (two cups of light yogurt, cut-up apple; 1/2 cup of Kashi) and able to drink at least 60 oz. of water. BUT when it's busy, I don't have the time to eat even that, and that's when it is just too easy to have a cookie or two :( . Thankfully, that has only happened once this past week.

I will be very happy when I am done with the full-time at this place, at the end of April, however - I just learned that ownership has changed, and maybe things will be different with a new owner. I do go back to my beloved seasonal job at the private club in May, but the money at this place is good for retail, so I might offer one day a week.

How is everyone elso doing?

aphil 03-20-2004 01:26 PM

****still in awe over Holly's picture*****

Holly-I do not EVER want to hear you talk about your legs in a bad way EVER again. :lol: I want to tell you right now...that when you first lost all of your weight, and you put up some pictures of yourself here in the skimpy outfits...I thought you just looked fabulous....but now, even being about the same weight-you just look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! (Ladies...this is why I stress exercise SO darn much!!! Holly has maintained her weight pretty well over the past year...but she just keeps getting better and better looking with the exercise over time...less body fat, more muscle mass, more definition...)

I want you to know that if I can ever get my legs to look HALF as good as yours...I will be thrilled. Your legs ROCK!!!! I would kill to have that muscle definition in my upper thighs like you now have!!!

I know that when you first came her to 3FC...you told me once that I was inspiring to you...well honey now it is the other way around!!! I am going to bookmark this page and take a look at it whenever I need some inspiration to kick my workouts up a notch!!!!!! :D

On my front...I went to the movies last night...avoided the buttery popcorn...and had a diet soda instead. We went out to dinner, but we went to Applebee's so I could choose from their low calorie/low fat items...and had a low fat Roma chicken veggie roll up with a side of fresh fruit. (You can get the nutritional info for Applebee's low fat items here at 3FC!)

I also was thrift store shopping...and got the Abs and Arms of Steel video for .50....and a Lotte Berk dvd for $3....OH YEAH. :lol:

Everyone have a fantastic day!!!

silence 03-20-2004 02:10 PM

Hello all... somehow I stopped getting notices here again... that drives me crazy!

I'm still doing okay. We finally dragged the treadmill inside but I haven't gotten on it just yet... soon!

My weight is still down and I'm hoping to keep it that way.
I bought 2 pair of pants from Kohl's now... neither fits though :lol: One is size medium and the other is an 11. I can get both ON my body but they are very snug. So, they are my new motivation. I will try them on every week or two until they fit!! I think about a 10 pound loss should at least have one of them fitting comfortably!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


VermontMom 03-20-2004 02:32 PM

*and I am floating with happiness on your compliments, aphil! thank you!! :cb: :dancer: :thanks:

vmelo 03-20-2004 03:43 PM

Holly, all I can say is "ditto" to Aphil's comments. Your picture has inspired me to do well the rest of the day. If I could get abs like yours, I might even wear a shirt tucked in. How? How did you do it? I'm relatively new here, so I don't know your full story, but you look in perfect shape to me. I have what they call an "apple" shape (lovely :( ) where my middle is my problem area, but my legs are thin. I've NEVER been able to get abs like yours. Does that just come naturally (i.e., is it your natural shape) or do you do a lot of ab work?

By the way, Holly, thanks for the encouraging words. I don't measure myself. Recently, I think it was Aphil who posted some directions on how to measure, but I think I'm just too lazy (or too afraid to see what my measurements really are!!). That's a shame since I know I'd get inspiration seeing my measurements go down.

Silence, congrats on keeping the weight down!

I did well yesterday. I was so busy after work that I ate a quick sandwich & nothing else, which helped me stay on program.

I did a kickboxing workout this morning (Kathy Smith). It was good, but I'm having a hard time doing the moves correctly at the speed that they're doing them. However, it's only the 2nd time I've done this DVD, so I must be patient.

Everyone have a great weekend!

vmelo 03-20-2004 10:43 PM

Hi, all. Holly, thanks for the PM, but I couldn't read it. I clicked it, but nothing came up. I didn't even know how to PM you. I used to be so great with technology, but I've lost touch over the years and now I feel like one step from my father who hen pecks his computer keys! Anyway, I would be interested in reading what you sent.

vmelo 03-20-2004 11:00 PM

Eureka! I finally figured it out!

VermontMom 03-21-2004 08:55 AM


Originally Posted by vmelo
Eureka! I finally figured it out!

:D Glad you got it figured out, vmelo! To everyone else - I sent vmelo a synopsis of my life's story :devil: didn't need to bore everyone else with it again :p

Happy Spring?!? We got another inch or so of snow yesterday, it covered up any bare spots that were emerging. am getting VERY tired of this! During the beautiful summer/fall, I WILL let everyone know how fantastic Vermont is, to make up for the h*llish winters! :devil:

My new tapes still haven't arrived yet. I guess the delivery time will fall into the "allow from two to

fourteen days"

Today I work from noon to 8:00 pm, and I sure hope it isn't crazy busy, 'cause that's when I lose control. HOWEVER, I have found a huge deterrent to eating those cookies - ( they give me terrible gas ) My family bans me from the room. It is funny in an infantile way, but awful. Isn't that a good reason to stay away from them??!! :lol: :devil:

About to do a step tape, so Have a Great Day Everyone!!!

VermontMom 03-21-2004 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by vmelo

I did a kickboxing workout this morning (Kathy Smith). It was good, but I'm having a hard time doing the moves correctly at the speed that they're doing them. However, it's only the 2nd time I've done this DVD, so I must be patient.

Kickboxing, cool! And give yourself credit for at least being able to do the moves! I'm sure once you do the video a few more times, you'll keep up with them!

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