IF Q: Fasting and major bloat!!!

  • I'm really new to IF and am having crazy edema in my face with it. I'm playing with a straight 24 hour (nothing but water and the obligatory Giant Black Iced Coffee) and finding that my face gets really bloated and stays that way for about 24 hours after. Specifically, my maxillary sinuses go ape*$&^. Any experience or knowledge about this? I tried to google it but people tend to recommend fasting in general as ways to beat bloat, not cause it. Any advice or ideas??
  • Anybody?
  • I haven't tried this and don't know much about it. Seems like maybe you should ask your doctor if this isn't considered normal. I wish I had better advice Maybe someone else around here would know.
  • Did you try posting the question on the IF thread? You might get more immediate responses.
  • I have no idea.

    I have played around a little with IF, and have not had anything like this happen.

    Maybe a caffine sensitivity?? If that is the only thing you are taking in...maybe if you google that (with IF?) something will come up?
  • Thanks ladies. I am going in on Monday to have my thyroid checked out. Google is yielding all kinds of crazy, and hypothyroidism seems to be the most obvious and likely. Thanks for the ideas