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Question Best Diet for Carb Lover?


I've tried a few diets over the years - Atkins was successful for a short while but I couldn't live without carbs. I'd like to find a diet that will have fairly good results in 2 months or so but one that allows carbs.

I've done WW and for some reason my last go-round (2 months) didn't really allow for much weight loss. I have about 20 lbs to lose and am 46 years old - finding it hard to get rid of the pounds for the last few years. I do not eat fast food, fried foods and am pretty careful about too many sweets. I'm not a big veggie or fish eater which can make some diets difficult. I understand about complex carbs and try to eat things like oatmeal, whole grains, etc. but still the weight stays on.

Is there any good way to jump start my weight loss in the next two months that would still allow me at least some carbs and variety? Ideally (as if there is such a thing) I would like to lose 10-15 lbs in the next two months. At that point I move to Mexico for 3 months and I know I'll have to adjust my diet there. It's likely to contain lots of legumes, fruits and some meats (and the occasional tortilla). That is another reason I can't see doing an Atkins type diet again.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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How about just trying to count calories?

No particular rules to that plan of action except to stick within a certain allotment of calories. Can easily be modified to fit your life, and could still work even as you move to Mexico.
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I calorie count. At first I didn't pay attention to carbs, but the closer I get to goal the more I realize I need to keep them under a certain amount each day (150, nothing crazy low) in order to continue losing.

I'm an American expat living overseas and I know it's difficult to diet in a different country! Especially a developing one in which food and nutritional information is not readily available and the diet is mostly based on high carbs, because those are the cheapest. We started a thread for expat and ethnic food dieters. Feel free to come vent or seek support anytime:
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Default Tim's Diet works

if you love to eat a lot of carbs its extremely hard to lose the weight that you want i know i've been there. i used to weigh about 200lbs when i was a freshman in highschool but once i started the tim ferris diet i lost a lot of weight. since i loved to eat alot i mean alot of food this really helped me out. i recently had a baby and gained alot of weight so i have to start all over again. you don't have to exercise with this unless you want faster results.
you can literally lose 20lbs in 30 days. i'm starting this diet again and right now i'm at 185 and plan on going back to being 141- or 138. you have this cheat day that Tim Explains in this diet. i hope this helps you out
This is how you do it
rule 1. avoid "white" carbohydrates
like bread, rice, cereal,potatos, pasta, fried food with breading, avoiding these and you will be safe

2.Eat the same few meals over and over.
i know it seems boring eating the same meals. but you can add some spices to the meals
you get used to it and feel better about yourself

these are the foods
you can eat
I hope i'm not losing you please read
Egg whites with one whole egg for flavor
Chicken breast or thigh
Grass-fed organic beef

Black beans
Pinto beans

you can mix and match all these
eat as much of these foods just remember. to keep it simple, you should pick three or four meals and repeat them

Most people who go on “low” carbohydrate diets complain of low energy and quit, not because such diets can’t work, but because they consume insufficient calories. A 1/2 cup of rice is 300 calories, whereas a 1/2 cup of spinach is 15 calories! Vegetables are not calorically dense, so it is critical that you add legumes for caloric load.

Some athletes eat 6-8x per day to break up caloric load and avoid fat gain. I think this is ridiculously inconvenient. I eat 4x per day:

10am – breakfast
1pm – lunch
5pm – smaller second lunch
7:30-9pm – sports training
10pm – dinner
12am – glass of wine and Discovery Channel before bed

Here are some of my meals that recur again and again:

Scrambled Eggology pourable egg whites with one whole egg, black beans, and microwaved mixed vegetables

Grass-fed organic beef, pinto beans, mixed vegetables, and extra guacamole (Mexican restaurant)

Grass-fed organic beef (from Trader Joe’s), lentils, and mixed vegetables

Post-workout pizza with extra chicken, cilantro, pineapple, garlic, sundried tomotoes, bell peppers, and red onions

Rule #3: Don’t drink calories

Drink massive quantities of water and as much unsweetened iced tea, tea, diet sodas, coffee (without white cream), or other no-calorie/low-calorie beverages as you like. Do not drink milk, normal soft drinks, or fruit juice. I’m a wine fanatic and have at least one glass of wine each evening, which I believe actually aids sports recovery and fat-loss. Recent research into resveratrol supports this.

Rule #4: Take one day off per week

I recommend Saturdays as your “Dieters Gone Wild” day. I am allowed to eat whatever I want on Saturdays, and I go out of my way to eat ice cream, Snickers, Take 5, and all of my other vices in excess. I make myself a little sick and don’t want to look at any of it for the rest of the week. Paradoxically, dramatically spiking caloric intake in this way once per week increases fat loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate (thyroid function, etc.) doesn’t downregulate from extended caloric restriction. That’s right: eating pure crap can help you lose fat. Welcome to Utopia.


"Tim Feriss"
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Thanks for the advice. I have been successful on WW before in the past but am finding that it's not working as well for me in my late 40's. I do believe that the problem is that I love carbs - so my WW diet meals are all carb - I know that it should be whole grains, beans, etc. but that still seems to stop my from losing.

What I'm thinking is to have my carbs in the A.M - like a bowl of cereal and then try to avoid them the rest of the day more or less. I'm so appreciative of that link to the ex-pats forum, living in Mexico for a few months a year has its' challenges. I do find that I eat healhier when I am there but I tend towards lots of fruit. Again, the carb issue.

I'm hoping to drop 20 lbs or so and then be able to follow a WW type diet and watch the carb intake - I believe that will work!!

Thanks again!
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