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Default What am I doing wrong

Hey guys,

So late last fall I starting counting calories to lose some weight, I had gained up to 138 when my normal weight in college was always 129/130. I lost 9lbs pretty steadily, eating around 1200 cals, not really working out.

I took about two months off, just maintenance, no idea how much I was eating because I wasn't counting. After the new year I decided that I'd like to go from 129 to 118 or so, but also wanted to start working out again to get fit.

So, it has been over two months, I've been eating around 1200 cals everyday, with a couple 1700-1800ish cheat days every few weeks. But, I've only lost 2lbs!

EDIT: About my diet, I do a lot of lean protein, love veggies, cook for myself a LOT, have cut sodium to 1400mg/day and try to stay around 80-100 net carbs a day.

I'm working out about 6 days a week for a little under 1.5 hours, doing my version of HIIT (warm up, eight intervals at 9/4 on the treadmill, cool down) weight training, and crunches/core. I try to switch it up, doing stationary bike every once and a while, or running for distance - though I'm only up to 3 miles. I went hiking for 7 miles last week and now that it is getting warmer I want to make that one of my weekend workouts.

Anyways... what do you guys think is the problem? Have I slowed my metabolism, making 1200 basically maintenance (if so ... how to I reverse that)? Do I need to up my cals to like 1400? Should I accept that my body is stubborn and likes being 127?

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my first thought is if you were losing without workign out, mabe you should go back to thst? andNO, despite what other s will suggest,you hsvr not "built muscle" 6 days a week of HIIT is too much.... its designed to be once a week, twice if your anathlete. That could be part if the problem-- overtraining and underating = nno fat loss.
Im in the process of dropping body fat (about 10 pounds in 8 weeks.. YAY) and i WALK

as a competitive runner/serious lifter,when i want to lose fat i cut my cals really low and i WALK keeps my body from getting stressed wich also equals no fat loss
and are you sure about your calories? are you MEASURING your food with a digital scale and accounting for every bite livk and tast? even using measuting cups you could br off b a few hundred cals a dsy...and if your GUESTIMATING.....well, no wonder
remember that vanity pounds canbe the hardest to lose
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I recommend that you throw some protein shakes in to your program and eliminate some of your meals, you are probably taking in more calories than you rally think you are. You mentioned a few days of 1800 to + sometimes we have more of those than we think. I personally don't count, I am on the HMR through Hackley Health Management and have lost 20 of the 36 I want to loose. I am eating a lot more veggies and fruit even though I am a vegetarian. You know there is no meat in chocolate! I was finding that my snacks and the fact that I was consuming all my calories in the evening was killing my weight loss. I am now eating through out the day. Just had a double shake, gave me the energy and I will be having some fruit and yogurt this afternoon. Hope this helps you a little.
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Thanks for the input guys.

Mkroyer... I do measure my food. My ankles have been bothering me this week, so I think you're right about HIIT. I'm going to take a break from that for a while until my ankles heal. I don't really want to stop working out, I really like being strong and would like to run a half with my friends this fall. But for the time being I'll give speed walking a try.

Dorothy... I already incorporate protein shakes into my diet, I have them right before I work out most days. You're right that my "cheat" days could be more than I think, especially because often they involve alcohol + food. I'm trying to limit my alcohol intake, because it only hurts my progress.
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maybe you're already as low as you can go and still be healthy. i really don't put a lot of credit into the number on the scale. we have more muscle, so the number will be a bit higher. how do you FEEL? sounds like you feel great!
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