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Question Month long plateau! Nothin, Nada! OY!

I am 37, just under 5ft, and consistantly weigh 135 +/- a pound. I had several winters of weight gain, 7 to 9 lbs a year due to low energy from cronic insomnia. I got that beat last spring and over summer felt good enough to start working out. I slowly have built up to burning 400-600 calories a day. I had lost about 12lbs in Fall then decided to let my body get used to that weight. I gained 3lbs over the Holidays. I started counting Calories Christmas day (we cebrated a day early). I lost the the 3lbs right off, but not another real ounce (or any inches) in month since. I eat 14-1500 cals a day, usually on the lwoer side of goal. Only a few whole grain good carbs, and super healthy balanced unprocessed food diet with tons of water, fruit, veggies, and protien. I started about 1/2 way mixing up my excercise and added strength to my usual treadmill walk/run. I took two "break" days and ate what I wanted but still wasn't really bad. I am VERY frustrated to be stuck SOOOO long. I want to be a healthy weight again and feel good about myself. I am worried depression is kicking in. Has anyone else had this happen? In theory I am doing everything right, I think. Thanks if you can share any help/advice at all!
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