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Default Alcoholic drinks on weekends + Diet = not a good idea?

Hi guys

I was wondering if anyone has had success losing weight and keeping a constant (weekend-only) alcohol intake. I am talking about mixed drinks (Rum-coke as an example).

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Definitely not. My friend who would out daily also tried her wine on the weekends and until she quit she never lost a pound.

I love wine- I've got 2 bottles sitting at home- but I've cut WAY back on my alcohol consumption so that I can lose weight.
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A 12-oz rum and coke can have 360 calories. Mixed drinks tend to be bad news if you are trying to drop weight.

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I have a beer most days and it fits in my plan. If you are having a few drinks on the weekends, munching on bar food, sleeping in the next day and missing your work out, eating bad breakfast due to a hangover - those things can make getting healthy and losing weight difficult.

But a drink (maybe with diet coke) on the weekend shouldn't hurt.
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Yes. When I was 5'5 and 109lbs, I was drinking 6-10 diet coke and rums a night on the weekends. Weight loss? Yes. Healthy? Erm, no 10 shots of rum and 109lbs leaves you too drunk to even eat a meal. Wasn't the best time of my life.

As long as the alcohol doesn't impair your judgment when there's bar food around (ie. wings are a lot harder to say no to after 5 drinks), then I think you could budget in a drink or two. Factor in your calories. Diet coke and rum is lower calorie.

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For me, i didn't lose any weight while I was drinking wine or anything else. I avoid it now.

I used to have a problem with people trying to get me to drink or feeling bad that they were drinking and I wasn't, but I didn't make it a big deal and everyone around me has gotten used to it.

I'll have a glass of wine once in a while but it's rare when it happens. When I hit my goal weight, I'll probably drink more than I am right now, but I will continue to factor it into my calories.
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It depends on how much you drink and the person, really. I have maybe one weekend every 1-2 months where I have a higher alcoholic intake, and that's been fine for me. I also have the occasional glass of wine that I work into my daily caloric intake. If you find you're able to drink on the weekends and still lose weight, that's awesome. If you're not losing, try easing up on the alcohol and see how it goes for you.
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I drink rum and diet coke on the weekend. I count the calories though and fit it into my plan. And under no circumstances do I have a fatty meal after drinking. I eat before I go out and just promise myself that I wont give in to a late-night pizza.
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