Doin' it the Old Fashioned Way #14!!!!

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  • Boy-that last thread was getting long!
    Hi everyone! WE have been here a while, but I always like to start off a new thread with a welcome to newbies, and to let them all know what we are about!
    Doin' it the Old Fashioned Way is what I named this thread it seems like eons is actually about a year and a half ago, after the birth of my son. I have had to watch my weight since high school, and with all of the pills, juice fasts, and gimmicks out there-have found that what works for me is not a diet, but a way of life. Eat a balanced diet of healthy foods-(most of keep track here by counting WW points or calories-but exchange diets like Richard Simmons food mover and diabetic exchange diets, etc. are also welcomed here)-and exercise.
    The weight loss is slow and steady-but it is really the only way for me. I found that doing the simple things-drinking water, exercising regularly,eating a large portion of my daily calories (or points/exchanges) in fruits and veggies, and using simple common sense allows me to live life normally, eat out in restuarants occasionally, and every once in a while have that small indulgence in moderation-(2 Hersheys kisses rather than a whole candy bar).
    We have a wonderful support team here-all ages, all weights, all walks of life-all working towards the same goal-working towards a healthier way of life-not a "diet."
    I hope you will all join in and succeed with us!
  • Hey gals... just checkin in...
    Thought I'd get on notification for this new thread.

    So, I have been reading your posts but not posting much, as there isn't too much to say when I'm gaining these pregnancy pounds as y'all are losing pounds

    I'm up 30 pounds now.. and I'm 29 weeks along. Still more than I'd have liked but I know I can get rid of it when all is said and done so I'm not TOO worried about it

    About 2 1/2 more months before I can join in on the losing again!!

  • Hi Christine-hope things are going well with the baby. Have you begun picking up baby supplies for that little bundle yet? When I was pregnant-to save money, I signed up for all of the baby formula clubs and all of the diaper websites and all. If you ahven't-I really encourage you to do so. I got free formula samples-I nursed-but it was great to have it for outings and sitters-and I STILL get Pampers, Huggies, and Gerber coupons and samples all of the time. It is great because when you give them your due date/birthdate info-they send you samples and coupons that match the babie's age. I still get diaper and wipe coupons, but Gerber has went from baby food coupons to the Graduates toddler stuff now. My grocery doubles coupons, so it saves A LOT. Check out and sign up from sites by Gerber, Huggies, Enfamil, Similac, Carnation GoodStart, Pampers, and Baby Talk magazine-they give you a free year subscription.
    I am feeling a bit better today-I felt awful the past couple days. I also had a small "sports injury" occur on Monday, and I have been pretty limited in my exercise since then-but I should be fine in a couple days. I have weak lower back muscles, and do cat stretches, etc. each morning, and Monday I was weight training and my mom knocked at the door, and I got up with my weights and somehow got into the wrong position or lifted them wrong and hurt my lower back. I haven't been able to lift my son up in three days...let this be a reminder to everyone to watch proper form when lifting and putting down your weights-even if they are just a set of 2 pounders.
    Trust don't want the pain or the time off of your workouts...I feel even worse because I KNEW BETTER.
    I have been really busy the past few days getting some Christmas stuff ready (I am an early shopper who likes to avoid all of the crowds in late December) I ordered my daughter a Barbie house-I am thrilled to have found teh perfect one! All of the ones in the stores are plastic with a zillion tiny pieces of silverware, dishes, mini Barbie size house plants, etc. and while that is fine for a 7 year old, I have a 4 year old with a 1 year old little brother-which means it would all be lost or Raiden would eat or possibly choke on the tiny pieces...I finally found a wooden framed Barbie house at ToysRUs' website-and it is perfect! It has a sturdy frame, it is large, and SIMPLE. No tiny pieces, no ringing doorbells to break, or doorknobs to snap off...just a big house.
    Vermont Mom-shame on you for mentioning the fresh bread...aacckkk...(one of Aphil's weaknesses)
    Simple carbs like pastries, cake, white bread and rolls are definitely trigger foods for me. It is better for me to turn down these things altogether than to try to eat a small piece. Another strategy I have is buying those frozen rolls and biscuits from Schwanns or Pillsbury-the refrigerated ones you pretty much have to make all 8 in the roll, and since we have 4 people eating is better for me to make only 4 of the frozen, so I cannot have seconds of them at dinner.
    Well, I have written a book...everyone have a good day!
  • Hello everybody,,,,
    So sorry I havent posted in a few days.. things have been pretty busy here.. My part time job has me working full time these past two weeks. So my computer time has been almost null.
    Things are going well. WW was another good one yesterday. Down 1.6 pounds WOO HOO... Now weigh 187 pounds..
    I am still as motivated as ever ! Never even touched any Halloween candy

    I am doing the bachlorette thingy this weekend. Hubby flys out tommorrow for a job interview in Calgary. He will be gone till Sunday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a good thing for him. So who knows we may be moving to Calgary.

    I have had two calls from a recruiter in Edmonton this week. They have several positions that fit my to a tee! But I explained to them that Ill know more after this weekend about even saying yes to anything after we find out what happens with Bruces interview.
    Ill keep you all posted. It would be nice to move the heck out of this little town!!

    Amy~~ I hope you are feeling better with your back. Do be careful. And I am so envious that you have started your Christmas shopping.. I hope to get some done next weekend when we go away with some friends to Prince George (and a brand new Wal mart) Yippee!

    To the rest of the gang... a big HELLO and Ill write more this weekend

    Gotta run son is on the phone long distance from Mississippi....
    see you all soon....

    Take care !
    Your friend
  • Quick Note!!
    Nancy.... I just had to reply really quick to your post!!

    Are you sitting down.... yes... this Aussie girl lived in Edmonton for 8 years!! I grew up about 1.5 hours east of there too!

    I am so excited for you! Calgary is a nice city....but Edmonton rocks!

    (we have the better hockey team too)

    If you need advice on what area of the city to live, and any background of companies, let me know.... I would love to help you out if you decide to go to Edmonton.... wow, what a small world.

    gotta run, killing the last hour of work before the WEEKEND!

  • Hi everyone!
    I am feeling a bit better today-my back is still pretty sore, but it didn't hurt as bad to get Raiden out of the crib...
    Had to tell you all a little trick I played on my husband yesterday...I bought his Christmas present right under his nose and he didn't even realize...we went to WalMart, and I took Raiden's largest diaper bag with me, and all it had inside was a diaper....Jason doesn't ever check stuff like that. I sent him over to the tools/house repair area to get some new feet for the kitchen chairs, and while he was there, I raced into electronics and paid for a Nintendo gamecube, and had it stuffed into the diaper bag with the receipt before he came back!
    It was SO easy...I had scouted out the location and price of it the week before, so I would have the money ready and wouldn't have to search for it...I just carried the bag in the house like normal while he brought in the groceries, and hid it!
    My eating has been going well, even if the exercise has had to take a halt for a few days. I am going to try to do some strength exercises that do not put any pressure on my back today-such as calve raises, etc. I feel terrible if I don't do something. Don't let what I did scare you all from weights though, I was carrying a set of 10 pounds each dumbells-which I use for my chest-and getting up off the bench from being on my back without putting them down-really dumb.

    My new serger came yesterday that I ordered for my I will have to learn this new machine when the kids go to bed tonight! I can't wait to use it!
    Well, better go-have a good day everyone! Be strong, eat well, and avoid stress-which leads to binge eating!
  • :)
    Hi girls!

    Well... it was another no gain/no loss week at WW... considering I had 4 days off work and did not go to the gym at all last week.... going to start new! I am in week 10 and lost 11 pounds.... need to kick start that loss again!! GRRR....

    I had a hair appointment this morning and had about 4 inches cut off!! I am sporting a very trendy, chic short layered style... hubby kept looking at me twice today!! Had a new lighter colour done too with heaps and heaps of highlights, I am feeling like a new person! I rode the motorbike to the salon and then again to a cousin's 30th b-day. It was definately the sporty beautiful crowd..... felt a bit out of place, but ended up chatting to the family from out of town and a couple of the cousin's friends from England. There were some very snooty girls there today! Shocking! Had to laugh when we left.... we had our tshirts and shorts on, then we change into the bike gear for the ride home.... talk about surprise on the faces of those people! Some people are so narrow minded.

    It was a warm one today.... it was 31 Celcius... not sure what that relates to in farenheit.... pretty warm for this Canadian!! hehehehe

    Aphil - you are sooooo sneaky!!! That is really funny about the christmas pressie! I hope you have fun with the serger! My mom has just replaced her old one... to bad I could not get her old one sent to Aus!

    Silence - Good to see you are still around! Sounds like everything is going well!

    Well... I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Talk to you soon!

  • Hi everyone!

    Aphil, way to go on acquiring Jason's gift! I snickered when you said that "he never checks the diaper bag" - we can have wonderful husbands, but some things they just don't ever think of checking - probably because they've gotten used to having an efficient wife!

    Sure hope your back heals up quickly. I know that feeling - aah! move the wrong way, when we know better.

    Hi Nancy! Congrats on the losing again!!! Enjoy your "bachelorette status" while Bruce is away. Hope things turn out the way you want!

    Hi Kanola! You're brave to have the new 'do! I bet you look awesome, especially zipping around on the bike! It's nice to think of you enjoying your summer now.

    Hello Christine! Just enjoy your position of not having to work off weight for now. We'll be here when you are ready!

    Aphil, I am so like you when you note that starchy carbs are a "trigger" for you - same here- it is easier for me to refuse them completely than to have a little taste, because that seems to stimulate my appetite even more. But refusing them is sometimes really hard too.

    I'm afraid I wasn't able to stay away completely from Halloween candy - we had to have some on hand to be ready for trick-or-treaters, but when it's in the house, it's hard for me to keep away. Just goes to show that if it's not in the house, I can't eat it...

    I've been staying at 143 for at least two months now (give or take about 3 lbs up, one pound down) so I think that's what my average is. I'm satisfied with that...never knew I could be satisfied with my weight! I will continue to work to improve muscle tone in my legs, particularly, but keep on trying to be fit all over.

    Hope you all have a great day - if you have off from work, enjoy; and we all should silently thank those veterans whom this day is honoring.

  • Hi all,
    Today was a mom came over with my stepbrothers little girl-she is about Raiden's age-and my mom and stepdad do not get to see a lot of her, so of course, my kids don't either...the three kids were excited to play together, and fed off of each others excitement all house was destroyed! And that wasn't the bad part!
    The real fun came when it was naptime for the two little ones! Raiden was SO jealous-he did not want to share his mom or "Mamaw" with this new little one point he went up pretending to hug her-but he had this look on his face like he wanted to squeeze her-and he was gritting his teeth-it was hilarious! So-he didn't get into nap mode until 2:30-it is normally 12:30-1:00!
    My back is still hurting pretty bad at times...I am going to take it easy, and if it isn't feeling better by Monday, I will go in to the doctor, to make sure it isn't something more than a pulled muscle...but-I am able to work my calves, and some leg exercises-so I am able to do something-but no upper body or ab work, and no bellydancing....
    Well-I better get going-my husband is going to want dinner sometime...
  • Knock Knock,,anyone there ?????

    Where is everyone at? Come out come out where every you are.

    Today was weigh in day at WW and for some reason I was up.8 of a pound... oh well. I was OP all week long so it does not upset me.. sometimes your body plays weird tricks on you.

    Bruce was offered the job in Calagry. I do believe he will accept it. But they want him to start at the end of the month. So much to get ready to do. So I guess our holidays will be sort of dull this year. He will probably move there and rent a small place while I stay behind in for awhile to see if we can sell this house any faster. At least Ill have my little part time/fulltime job to keep me busy. It will be hard being apart from him though.

    I have not done any christmas shopping yet. So I think with all that is happening, my kids will just get a few hundred dollars apiece from me and of course my little grandson will get toys and clothes and what ever else grandma wants to send.
    Heck i dont even know if Ill bring any of my christmas decorations out if Bruce wont be here... and I have been one to always love this time of year. But we will see...

    I hope every one is having a great night and a great week so far.
    Take care friends,,, good night , am going to bed


  • Okay, I must be out of my mind of something because I could have sworn to have been posting more often than this first time. I honestly think I am losing it; it's that time of the semester when everything is so chaotic that you become numb. LOL

    Well my family weight challenge came to an end this past Sunday and although DH did awesome with his 30 some pound weight loss he did not win the bank. My aunt had a -47 lb loss so she was the big loser/winner. I don't know how she managed to drop from a size 22 to a size 14 in just a matter of 2 months!

    Owell it's late and I am already sleep deprived as it is. I should get some sleep. I have to go to school early tomorrow and then to my part time job. Talk to you all again.
  • Just checking in...

    Life is crazy. Novel is going well, but it's completely obliterated my workout time. I'm okay with that, though, because I am eager enough to get started again that I know I'll have no problem falling into a routine once November is over and I put the writing aside.

    And that's that, for the little ol' alibee.

    PS: Kina, your new avatar is great!
  • Hi everyone,
    Sorry I haven't been posting as regularly as normal...I have been really sick with some sort of bug for the past 4 days...thankfully the kids and Jason are fine. He took them to his mothers for the weekend tonight, and is spending the night at a friend of his who lives near there who is a truck driver and is home for the weekend-so...I have a night completely alone to lounge around in sweatpants and have more 7-up and the occasional Jell-O.
    Kina-just had to say it...your pic is great! I have been wondering what everyone looks like-then Alibee put her avatar up, then Nancy, then Holly with that tiny bikini top, then Nola...and now you! Kina-you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! (and you have fabulous eyebrows) It looks like we have a bunch of good lookin' ladies here!!! Are we going to have to change the name of the thread to "The Good Lookin' Ladies Thread?"
    Aye...maybe I need to play around with the digital camera and get a picture up here...
    Here's to me feeling better soon! (Raises glass of 7-up) Cheers!
  • Hi to all my friends.

    Aphil~~~thanks. Yes, I think we would all like to get a sneak peek of you. You know I get compliments about my eyebrows alot. I don't do anything with them and actually I have been thinking of going to the salon and having them give them some shape. I don't have a sister so I kind of had to learn about cosmetics and fashion on my own...and to be quite honest I have no know how in neither. LOL But thank you for the wonderful compliments it means a whole lot to me. By the way I hope you get to feeling better. I shall cross my fingers that your family does not catch it. I can't risk getting sick (knock on wood) my family here would fall apart at the seams.

    Ali~~~give yourself some breathing time occassionally. I can't wait to read your novel. I didn't get a catch of your preview you offered only because then I would be biting my nails to know what is going to happen next. Almost as bad as the soap opera's that always leave you hanging on Friday until Monday morning. AAAAAaaargh I hate that. I have given up on soap operas completley. LOL I can't wait to read your finished product.

    Nancy~~~How is the packing going? I hate packing, moving, and unpacking. If I could just move without actually moving anything I think I would be okay. Luckily we are renting from my parents and that means we don't have to move unless we want to and if we do it will be to the ranch to take over payments on the trailer home which I would rather not do that. But it is something that has been offered; so it is something to consider. Anyway, I hope you are doing well and I hope that you will be able to sale your house as fast as you would like.

    I'll stop here this post will be quite long. But it was nice chatting with you all take care, have a wonderful weekend. bye.
  • Good morning everyone!
    Well-it seems that I am starting to feel a bit better this morning! The aches and such that went with the flu really did a number on my strained back, and it finally eased up enough last night where I was able to sleep-and this morning-the nausea seems to have disappeared!
    Kina-I wax my eyebrows about once a month, and touch them up here and there with the tweezers in between. I do it myself, because I used to do it in the salon-and have all of the stuff. I recommend you go to a good salon to have it done-or to even just tweeze all of the little stray hairs around the actual full eyebrow-mainly under the brow, where you would apply eye shadow. You know what I mean? They already have great shape-just keep them neat! For extra emphasis, use a taupe/light beige colored eyeshadow on your eyes, but then use an ivory colored shadow on your eyes, right under the brows-to highlight your browbone. (Consider me your new sister! )
    Well, my husband should be home in a few more hours from his I need to get a few things done around here. I may talk him into taking me out of the house for a couple hours since I am feeling a little better and since we haev no children!
    Ladies-everyone seems to be doing well-keep up the good work! Eat well, and EXERCISE!!!!