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Angry Happy New Year!!!!

Hello ladies!!

We stayed up to watch "the ball" drop; we usually don't go out on New Year's Eve, but that's fine.

Hello to Aphil, Kina, tryin'hard, DNW, Christine, and Nancy!!!! And to others who are here but not "here" lately. Congrats on the pounds that were LOST for the challenge!!!

We don't need a New Year to tell ourselves to get in shape, but I guess it's a good reminder that we are all on the road to better lives, by taking good care of ourselves, as we are SO worth it!!

Finally I'm over both the icky eye thing, and the cold. Hooray!

I just got my latest issue/catalogue from ...drat!!! the name flew out of my mind really great exercise video catalogue; I know Aphil knows which one I mean. It's downstairs, and I'm too lazy to get it now but I'll look it up tomorrow. Anyway, I'm tempted to get a few new videos, to keep the 5:30 am exercising something to look forward to!

I think back at what point I was at last year at this time; I joined 3FC in early February, so it's almost been a year. What a transformation this bod has endured! Never ever ever (can't say that enough! ) thought I could ever be a size 6. But it has happened, and I am loving it, and the change in my personality is that I am so much more happy, at everyday things.

I love so much not worrying about what clothes to struggle into, and how yucky I felt in them. I don't have the anger/exasperation that was always simmering below the surface, because I was so unhappy with myself. NOT to say that I don't get angry or exasperated, 'cause being a married mom, of course I do occasionally! But it's not the CONSTANT bad emotions that I used to suffer through all the time. I enjoy being physically close with my husband (and he is eternally grateful! )

So there are my "positive affirmations" for counting calories, exercising ( at least 3 times a week, 5 is better, and taking a walk everyday is massively stellar!) and drinking water, and accepting that this is GOOD for us, we shouldn't feel sorry for ourselves 'cause we're not eating a big gooey bun thing for breakfast; we're REWARDING ourselves with healthy cereal/fruit/oatmeal/yogurt/whatever 'cause it's the only way to get on the road to better bods and minds!

Sis-Boom-Bah, I guess my cheerleader act is over! I've never felt so "pumped" at 1:30 a.m.!

Talk to you soon!!

Your friend, Holly
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I wish all of my friends here a wonderful 2003 that is full of good health and happiness!!

my evening was a nice and quiet one. I spent several hours at my FIL 's house talking with him and my SIL and then I came home and talked with Bruce for the longest time on the phone. It reminded me of when we were dating (long distance for 4 years ) and we would talk every New Years Eve for hours to be sure to wish each other a happy new year in each of our time zones (2 hours apart)

I have no plans for the day except to have a " ME" day. I am going to give myself a manicure/pedicure, facial, color my hair, read my latest WW magazine, drink hot tea, listen to music and just be good to myself. What better way to start the new year?

I hope you all have a wonderful day !!!!!!!!!!!


Your friend,
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Happy New Year everyone!!!!
I have been SO busy the last two days...but here I am! I did so well at the party-I had the 2 glasses of wine that I "planned" to splurge with, and ate nothing else. I had dinner right before the guests arrived, and totally stayed out of the chips and snacks.
My reward???? I hopped on the scale this morning, and I have lost 2 more pounds this past week-for a total of 21 pounds lost now! I am at 190, and I am so psyched, because I am now only a pound away from being in the 180's!!!! That feels better than Doritos ANYDAY...Holly, you were right about thinking of the positive side of your body transformation, and not feeling sorry for ourselves because of the things we cannot eat with our new lifestyle. You said it best-being a size 6, being close eith your husband, and having more energy and confidence in your daily life are totally worth it.
Okay....drumroll please!!! Here are the winners for the Christmas Challenge!!!!
It was a tie between myself and Nancy-we both lost 7 pounds during the challenge!
tryinhard gets this one...for the simple fact that she has been maintaining her FABULOUS 103 pound weight loss for a good while now, and she has shown everyone she knows that with a commitment to exercise and healthy eating-that she will be fit and strong for the rest of her life.

Everyone has done so great, let me tell you...Nancy, tryinghard-email me at [email protected] with your email and mailing addy if you want to, and I will figure out a little surprise for you both. Just a little token for doing so great in the challenge.
It is time for the New Years Challenge to begin...It is going to run from yesterday-January 1, to the end of the month-January31. I would like everyone during this challenge to not only strive for their scale/measurement/body fat losses, but also to strive to drink that water everyday, and to really commit to their exercise program. We can all look great here in the winter when we lose weight alone, but spring is around the corner, and pretty soon the stores will be filled with bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops...and I for one, would much like to have my arms and shoulders more defined, and to have regained something resembling a stomach by then...
My friend Jenny was at our New Years Party, and she is 5'8", 110 pounds, and beautiful-BUT-she is a naturally thin person and does not work out at all. She is thin, but if you really look at her, her buttocks are on the flat side, and her arms are like little sticks in a tank top or sleeveless dress. There is no muscle development-or as my husband would say..."she has no behind"...but of course, he uses the shorter, more vulgar word... Think about it...who has better legs, Calista with her little underdeleloped sticks, or somone who works out, like Denise Austin? I know who's body I would rather have walking around in shorts!
Let's get this challenge started!!!!
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Happy New Years all

Just a suggestion.. but, especially since the new challenge is just now starting, I thought perhaps its a good time to start a new thread! (Seeing as how we're on page 14 here!!)

Wish I could join in on the challenge.. but perhaps the next one!! I am 37 weeks today.. 3 weeks to go until due date. I am really hoping this baby wants to come out on time, or near. With my daughter, labor had to be induced at 2 weeks past due and eventually (after 2 days of labor) I had a c-section... blah!

I have two doctor's appointments... one this afternoon at the health dept clinic I've been going to and one tomorrow morning with the actual doctors who will be delivering my baby (I've yet to meet them.. wacky ways they work things around here). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a decent weight gain or lack thereof!! According to MY scale I've gained nothing since last appointment (15 days ago) so hopefully that's accurate.

I wish everyone well on this challenge. Keep on inspiring me! (please!)


PS Anyone have any good suggestions for boy names? If this poor child is born a boy, it shall be nameless!
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Unhappy Hi Everybody!

Not feeling myself today...actually the past few days I have been feeling awful with this miserable throat infection and I am actually feeling better today but not. If that makes any sense. Yesterday I woke up with the pain on both sides of my throat this morning luckily it is only on one side but it is keeping me from talking without having so much pain. I am hoping that it will pass before next week comes because work will start back up. Aaaargh! Crossing my fingers that I will get better in time.


Christine~~~is there a letter in the alphabet you particularly like? For example, perhaps your first childs name starts with an "R" maybe you want to start a trend and have children with all "R" names. Or maybe change a popular name around; for instance, our daughter's name came from the original Bianca but we changed it around and created Vianca. My brother in law named his child from the original Fabian to Zabian, which I thought was pretty cool. But I guess you wouldn't want to do that with some like Robert changed into Gobert...there is just some you don't want to mess with . Wow your weight gain is something for my imagination...with my son I gained 100 lbs and lost all of it after having him! With my last one I gained 65-70 lbs and lost all of it and then some because I nursed her for so long.

Aphil~~~You are so right! Everybody did so well. I am dissappointed in myself but then looking on the bright side I am glad I didn't gain. My family is going to start a new weight challenge here and the bank should be worth 500...very interesting and motivating. But I have yet to win one of them.

Nancy~~~How sweet you and DH stayed on the phone like teenagers wishing eachother happy new years. The difference is you don't have mom and dad to scutinize the phone bill.

Holly~~~Wow that is so cool to see the "Ball" drop right before your eyes must be amazing. I got to see it on the t.v. That was enough excitement for me. I am also glad to hear your eye is better.

Will we be starting a new thread Amy? If you do try and post a link on the last page here...this place is getting so big that I get lost. Talk to you all later. Thanks for all the inspiration that I get from you ALL!
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Hello everyone!
Yes...I will be starting a new thread after I finish this message...but I want to write a bit before I forget what I wanted to say.
Silence-when I named my children, the names both have special meanings tome and my husband. Here are the stories:
My daughters name is Jasmine Natane (pronounced Na-TAWN-ee)
She got her name, because my husband and I are really into aromatherapy, burning incense and candles, and the like. My husband's favorite scents are Jasmine and Patchouli...and Jasmine seemed a much better name for a girl! When we first were together he used to run me baths with candles lit and put jasmine oils into the tub...(those were the days!)
My husband is 1/2 Native American (Sioux) and his father passed away, and as a child his stepfather adopted him when his mother remarried, and he gave him his name. Since his Native American name "Whiteface" was gone, we decided to give our children Native American names. In baby name books, they usually say whether a name is French, German, etc. and we looked through all of the names and found Natane-which is a Native American word meaning "daughter." Perfect.
My son's name is Raiden Acheta. (pronouced A-KAY-ta) We had a girl's name picked out, like you do-but we remained nameless for a boy until just a couple weeks before he was born. I, of course, was preparing for either one, but my husband was INSISTING that it was going to be a boy all through the pregnancy. He was a smart mouth, and called my tummy "Thor!" (I guess thinking of the manliest name he could think of.) Well, Thor is the Norse/Viking god of Thunder in mythology-and in a last attempt at trying to find a name-I thumbed through another name book-and something just jumped out at me:
Raiden-in Japanese mythology-"god of thunder"
AHA!!!! There it is!!! husband's little joke ended up naming our son...I just added a Native American middle name to that-Acheta means "warrior" and there it was.
Think about your heritage, are you or your family of a certain descent? Do you enjoy certain types of novels or movies? Certain scents or a favorite color? Lots of things can be turned into a name. Scarlet, for instance could be a good name for someone who is passionate about the color red, or there are lost of unique nice names in books and movies. Is there a movie that you saw when you first met your husband? Mayeb a character from that for something that means something to you in some way.
A friend of mine named her daughter Quincy Auguste...she was born on August 5th-they named her after her birthday.
Good luck in your finding a name for your child...whatever you choose, I am sure it will be lovely, and suit him or her just fine.
ps-starting that new thread now...
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