Doin' it the Old Fashioned Way #14!!!!

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  • Aphil, I think it's just you and me this week! Where is everyone?? I hope everyone is doing ok!
    Here's my yesterday:
    Bfast: cereal 200
    Lunch: Diet bread, FF cheese, apple, carrots 300
    Snack: 3 prunes 60
    Dinner: We had an executive board of education dinner and although I wasn't BAD, I had lots of tastes of appetizers, salad and a couple bites of my shrimp and pasta dinner. I also had 3 (gulp) glasses of wine, so let's just call dinner at 1000. This may be high, but I think it's close.
    Total: 1560
    I did my usual 2 mile walk yesterday morning and then ran 1 mile on my treadmill yesterday afternoon, knowing that I would eat more last night, so overall, not a bad day.
    Well, I hope people check in with us today! Make it a good one!
  • Good morning,
    tryin'hard-your calorie were a lot better yesterday-you can get them up there a bit and still maintain without a problem. Actually, I thought your estimate for your dinner was pretty close, because 3 glasses of wine in a wine glass would be about 300 calories...and if your dinner consisted mostly of tastes of fatening appetizers, then it is probably close. You did alright, the only thing you could have improved on was to only have two glasses of wine, and eat the other 100 calories in food.
    Try to consistently eat 1500-1600 calories each day like you did yesterday, and continue on with your exercise until you feel comfortable to move up.
    I hope everyone checks in soon as well...I imagine everyone is probably so busy with holiday shopping, and Nancy works in a mall, which must be a killer this time of year, and Kina's finals...I know I have been real busy as well around here...
    My husband has been asking me for a month what I want for Christmas, and I have really been undecided...I have everyone bought for, and I am the only one my husband has given me free reign to get myself whatever I want-he told me I could go shopping out or online, and to pick up whatever I wanted.
    (After he said this, I jokingly clicked on a $6,000 diamond ring at, and said that was what I wanted-and he said he didn't care as long as whatever was under the tree was of equal value...drats! foiled again! )
    So-I am looking through clothes catalogs, exercise video and fitness equipment, a body fat scale, stuff for the house...and I still cannot decide. AAAHHHH!!!!Looks like whatever I decide on will end up being purchased after Christmas when I can make up my mind.
    As I have told you all before a while back, the scale is a good visual measure for seeing something move when you are working towards a healthier body, but it is not the most important tool for doing so. I highly recommend using other methods along with the scale for a better idea of how fit you are getting, especially if you are exercising-and you should be!
    Some wonderful ways to track your progress along with a scale:
    Get a body fat scale-they sell from $40 up-and along with registering your weight in pounds, they calculate how much of your body is fat-so while your weight may stay the same, you can be losing body fat and gaining muscle-these scales show this!

    Take measurements-once a month-take measurements of your bust around the fullest point, your waist at the smallest point, your hips at the fullest point, the middle of your upper arm/bicep area, and the fullest part of your thigh. Take these same measurements once a month, and watch what the numbers are doing-you may only lose 2 or 3 pounds, but these numbers can really change if you are commited to your exercise.
    I will put up my measurement as an example.
    7/22/02 11/25/02 12/18/02
    arm 15" 15" 14-3/4"
    bust 42-1/2" 41-1/2" 41-1/4"
    waist 39" 37" 36"
    hips 47" 46-1/2" 46"
    thigh 28-1/2" 28" 27-1/2"
    So-over the past 5 months, I have lost an inch off of each thigh, an inch off my hips, over an inch on my chest, 1/4" inch off each arm, and 3 inches from my waist! It is really nice to see how your body is actually shrinking in something other than on a scale.

    Take pictures-have your spouse or a best friend take pictures of you in workout clothes or a bathing suit-something that shows your body well, and have them take a picture every month or two-keep them in a folder together and then you will really be able to see the small things you don't notice as much on a dialy basis, such as cellulite slowly disappearing, or your abs flattening.
    Well, I need to get busy-it is time for my strength training, and I need to eat some breakfast as well.
    Have a lean and strong day!
  • Good ideas Aphil! I do take the regular monthly pictures but I never did the measuring thing only becuase I wasn't sure how to do it until now.

    Well I am alive even after finals...thank goodness. Today was my last day of work but tomorrow I go in just for the office party. Of course I won't stay long becuase I have my kids. So anyhow. I am feeling so miserable. The winds picked up here and with it it brought my allergies. YUCK! So I am trying to get through the day a minute at a time. Now that school and work is done for now I plan to make a schedule of the elliptical machine.

    Last night we went and picked out our tree and we have it sitting in the living room undecorated. Hopefully I will be feeling better tonight in order to get it done.

    Well I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and kicking and I will be back in full swing as soon as I get rid of my allergies. Talk to you all later.

  • Hello Amy, Kina, Tryinhard, Holly, and all the rest.....

    Sorry I have been mia for the last few days, but I have been really busy. I am doing fine and was down another 2.4 pounds at WW today....wahooooooooo!!! I am feeling so good!!

    Hubby will be home on Saturday and gets to stay until the 29th and then back to Calgary for him..I miss him so much

    Its good to hear that everyone is doing really good with the holiday challenge... remember to stay strong during these next two weeks.

    I have some new WW dessert recipes (key lime pie) to try and will make them to take to my SIL's for christmas dinner. Also going to try the WW turkey waldorf salad and the WW eggnog recipe. If any one wants any of these recipes let me know and Ill post them

    ok here is what I have had so far to eat today....remember I am in the 22-27 point range on WW.

    1 cup ff yougurt =2
    1 banana = 2
    1/2 cup All bran Cereal = 1
    (mixed it all together, yum!)

    1 ounce turkey breast = 1
    1 slice ff free cheese = 1
    2 slices WW bread = 2
    12 light Pringles = 3
    1 dill pickle = 0
    mustard = 0
    diet coke =0

    dont know yet

    WW 2pts choclate fudge bar =2

    total pts so far = 14 out of 27.....geesh need to get eating

    have a great night everyone and keep smiling....

  • I really have to get some info on WW. I have never used it but I would like to know how do you know how many points you are entitled to? and How do you know how many points each item is worth? Because golly I have to make some changes obviously.

    Speaking of WW...I was at the checkout stand and there was an article of WW and Fergie and some others high socialites were commenting that WW doesn't work that you only gain. I didn't buy it but I thought was pretty interesting given the fact that Princess Fergie had commercialized WW and promoted beyond recognition and then now she degrading its validity. Hmmm? Interesting!

    Anyhow. I am definetly not going to post my eating menu today because it was totally off the wall. But today was my last day at work and I plan to take control. No school, no work, and no obstacles...I plan to focus on exercise and food intake. I know it is just a tad bit late in the game but I am going to focus on this day forward.

    Snowey~~~~Big Congrats to you on you awesome weight loss. You are doing so fantastic. I wish I was able to follow you but I seem to be in a rutt. I hope to catch some steam and start plugging away again. I had been doing so well and then finals started and that seemed to slow me down a bit. Keep up the great work you are so near your goal.

    Okay I will post tomorrows intake tomorrow. Talk to you all later.
  • Good morning,
    Woohoo on hitting 180!!!!!!!! Great job!!! I knew you could hit 180 by Christmas! I just knew you could!!!!
    Now you take that time with your husband over the holidays and enjoy it!
    Kina-When you join Weight Watchers, they give you a formula that tells you how to calculate how many points foods have-you need the calories, fat, and fiber from the food label-and there is an available list of foods that normally do not have labels, such as an apple, etc. I can tell you from what I know about it that with exercise-WW DOES work, so just put that magazine away!!! Some of those socialites probably mean it won't get them from their already ethiopian 102 pounds to a Calista Flockhart 85... I mean, how thin do some of these women want to get??? It reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit where Ana Gasteyer was pretending to be a way too thin Cosmopolitan magazine worker-"I love to eat-I eat all of the time-why just yesterday I had a scallop-and it was decadent!"
    If you do not want to do all of that math, or go to meetings, etc. it may be easier for you to just count calories. You don't really need the fat or fiber count, just the calories, which is on most packaged foods, and you can get a nutrition guide that has the calories of fresh foods and meats, and get it from restaurants from their website. If you need help on where to start, please email me at [email protected]-I helped Holly out in the beginning, and she has really sailed into her current weight and looks great! I am willing to do whatever I can to get things moving for you!
  • Good morning! Way to go, Snowey with the loss! I'm telling you, Bruce isn't going to recognize you! Kina, congrats on another semester done! What an accomplishment, especially with all else that you do!!
    Here's yesterday, and I'm telling you right from the beginning Amy, that I'm saving calories for a party I'm having tomorrow!
    Bfast and lunch: same as every other Monday-Friday: 500
    Snack: 3 prunes and 2 breadsticks: 100
    Dinner: Wrap with 2 slices turkey, lettuce, tomato, cup of chicken noodle soup: 500
    Dessert: WW giant sundae: 130
    Total: 1230
    Amy, I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow!
    Well, back to work ladies! This is one week when a teacher definitely earns her salary! I'm trying to keep 26 8th graders quiet, occupied and doing something worthwhile!
    Have a great day!
  • That is funny Aphil! You are so right on the head of the nail. I think I need to start a journal like you guys have and start reporting in my food intake. I will email you Aphil. I am at a point that I will give anything a try.

    Thanks tryinhard. Going to school is alot harder than I had ever expected. But I have to say it helped me to gain so much confidence in myself. Without going to school I don't think I would have ever taken the first step to even try to manage my weight. I know that is sad to say but very true.

    At the same time I enjoyed joining in that 100 mile challenge. So I look forward to joining next semester and perhaps I will win a shirt in my actual size. LOL

    Hey did everyone get to see Aphil's name up in lights on the websites front page. Woohoo! We have a celebrity in the house. She is a "SUPERSTAR"!

    Okay I have to get out of here. I have a Christmas part to attend this afternoon. I am bringing the punch everyone else is bringing the fattening stuff. I am going to jump on my machine and try to balance this all out. Talk to you all again.

    bye. corina
  • Questions...
    Originally posted by Snowey
    1 cup ff yougurt =2
    1 banana = 2
    1/2 cup All bran Cereal = 1
    (mixed it all together, yum!) [B]
    I am just trying to envision this and it doesn't look right. Also I am interested in knowing what kind of yogurt is this that you eat. I am not crazy for the plain no flavored one but I guess that wouldn't be the one you are eating. and the banana how do you know what size is a serving? Questions questions questions...sorry I am trying to learn from you all.

    Another good question that just came to mind...if I were to commit to having certain foods in my pantry or refridgerator what should they be?

    Thanks for your help. Corina
  • Corina--here's the list of food that sends me to the grocery store if I run out:
    Weight Watchers ice cream
    baby carrots
    diet coke
    diet bread
    rice cakes
    prunes (hey, a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do!)
    fat free cheese slices
    Kashi cereal (kashi to good friends)
    Hope this helps!! I find it especially important lately to have the carrots and the rice cakes. They're crunchy and great when you feel like munching!!
    Do any of you guys have the store Trader Joe's? Great low-fat stuff there.
    Keep being good!
  • Kina-I emailed you with some info..until you get your calorie book, here are a few counts that may not be on any package labels.
    banana-100 calories
    small apple-80 calories
    orange-60 calories
    2 tangerines-70 calories
    1c. skim milk-90 calories
    1c. 2% milk-130 calories
    1c. lettuce-10 calories
    1/4c. raisins-130 calories
    diet sodas are 0 calories
    Just about any kind of food that is packaged will have the info on the box/bag-you just have to pay attention to the serving size-if it says "serving size-12 crackers" then the calories listed is for 12, and not the whole will get used to keeping track really quickly-after the first week you will be a pro.
    If it makes it easier, you can just print out the stuff I emailed you, and highlight things, etc.
    BTW- about the superstar thing...yeah, a superstar in her sweatpants and with bad hair right at this moment...
  • Thank you Aphil
    I made the trip to the library...couldn't find a book that just focused on calories counting. Along with a few pages of their calorie counting they added you know their spill of their choice for dieting and all that. So I grabbed a journal and started jotting down some of the high points. Along with I may write down the calorie counts for some of the common foods that I eat and some of the books have recipes that I may consider. The only thing is I think I need to know is...should my 1500 calories a day consist of mostly this or that; in other words should it be more protein or more veggies or more what? And from the one book I am scanning through...Low-calorie diets are bad? I don't understand that. I guess there is something I am missing in there in order to understand it. Anyway I have my work cut out for me. I have already had a friend share with me her exercise routine and I am going to try and get that into a workable schedule along with the information that Aphil helped me with along with these books that I checked out from the library. I think tomorrow I will be going to the Half-Price bookstore to see if I can find some books there to purchase.

    Thanks again for the move in the right direction, Aphil. I think that with this bit of information I will be able to survive the Christmas parties and perhaps attain my mini-goal of 190 by the end of the month.

    I am off to bed to curl up with my books. Bye.
  • Thank you
    Originally posted by tryin'hard
    Corina--here's the list of food that sends me to the grocery store if I run out:
    Weight Watchers ice cream
    baby carrots
    diet coke
    diet bread
    rice cakes
    prunes (hey, a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do!)
    fat free cheese slices
    Kashi cereal (kashi to good friends)
    Hope this helps!! I find it especially important lately to have the carrots and the rice cakes. They're crunchy and great when you feel like munching!!
    Do any of you guys have the store Trader Joe's? Great low-fat stuff there.
    Keep being good!
    Trader Joe? never heard of it...sorry. I have no problem forgetting the diet soda for sure. Actually before a month ago I didn't care less for diet soda but learned its nutritian information and switched! Diet brea?...there is such a thing, I will have to look for that. Rice cakes is another favorite but I don't usually make it a habit for my grocery cart...only cause DH says it consists of too much breading along with my regular stuff. Ooow love the Kashi. I will certainly consider many of these items this weekend when we go shopping for groceries actually I have already jotted it down into my journal that Aphil suggested.

    You know I would love to know if anyone has a homemade healthy recipe for granola snacks? I love granola but the bars contain so much sugar but they are a yummy stress treat for me. Thanks.

    I better run now. Corina
  • Kina-
    Diets that are extremely low calorie are bad, because you need to eat less to lose weight, but if you are eating TOO little, your body can go into starvation mode and try to hang on to you rbody weight-a survival mode the body has to helpo us live through times of famine. You should not go under 1200 calories a day.
    (This is why I am against diets like the 48 hour Holywood juice plan-which is a mere 400 calories of juice-AND NO FOOD-for 2 days!)
    I have set you up for over that-so do not worry!
    The book I have is not caloris alone, it also has fat grams, etc. for the foods-so if it has others besides calories, that is alright.
    The only thing with the library, is you have to check how updated the book is-that could be a book 5 or 10 years old, and the writing in it about their diet info may be outdated.
    The book I have is called The Fat Book-it is a small paperback with a yellow cover-my mom's is called something like Fat And just need a basic guide that has the calories in foods that do not have labels.
    Why don't you email me again, and give me a list of foods you eat pretty often, and sof some fruits and veggies that you like, and I will look it all up for you-then you can just copy it off. Go ahead and put some restaurants on there you like as well, and I will look up the best choices for you.
    As far as what you should be eating-I want you to eat meat and starch-but your diet is usually mostly that, with not much dairy or fruit. I just would like to see it more balanced with those very important things. As far as granola bars-the crunchy ones like Nature Valley are better for you than the chewy ones-the only thing you need to watch is that they are two in a package out of the box, and the calories and serving size listed are for one. The peanut butter ones are really good-one of those and a glass of skim milk or a serving of fruit would be a fine breakfast.
    I know that this is all new to you-you just keep asking all of those questions-we are here to help.
    Another great switch is to switch from regular bread to Wonder Light-it has only 40 calories a slice, and is high in fiber.
  • Good morning !!!

    Kina~~~ You were asking about WW, Weight Watchers is a very easy program to follow. I love it!! This is not a diet it is my way of life. The program is so simple, Every food is assigned a point value, and how many points depends on the number of calories, fat and fiber grams in the food.
    Each day you start with a range of points. And how many of points depend on your current weight. Why? The more you weigh the more food you need to lose weight in a safe and healthy way. By simply choosing foods to keep you within your daily points range, you will lose weight.

    Here are the points ranges:

    less than 150 pds = 18-23 points daily
    150 to 174 = 20-25 points daily
    175 to 199 = 22-27 points daily
    200 to 224 = 24-29 points daily
    225 to 249 = 26-31 points daily
    250 to 274 = 28-33 points daily
    275 to 299 = 29-34 points daily
    300 to 324 = 30-35 points daily
    325 to 349 = 31-36 points daily
    350 + = 32-37 points daily

    You should always et at least your minimum points daily.
    You can vary the number of points in you range from day to day.
    For instance if you know you are going out for dinner on Saturday and you want have a big meal, you can bank points from each day to use on Saturday. using me for an example my point range is 22-27, so on Monday , Tuesday , Wed. ,Thurs and Fri I have eaten 25 pts each day. So I banked 10 pts to add onto my Saturday points, which gives me 37 points to use on Saturday. Pretty cool eh??????

    One thing to remember is banked points always have to be used the same week they are earned. You also earn activity points for exercising ( dont look at me... I never earn those ..... Amy cant hear that one )

    WW has all the points figured out for you, and once you have been on the this for a while you know it all in your head and the good part is that you can eat anything you want and never feel gulity and isnt that how you want to feel?

    I never feel bad about what I eat, because like I said if you stay within your point range you will lose weight.

    Today for lunch Ill be going to Subway, Ill have a 6 inch Turkey sub (no cheese, but if I wanted the cheese I would add an extra point) and I'll have lots of veggies,,, pickles, onions, olives, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, jalepeno(lots) lettuce and mustard and I will also have a bag of Baked lays and this meal will only be 8 points. For breakfast today I had a cup of FF yogurt mixed with 1/2 cup of All Bran ( I would normally have a banana,but am all out of them) my breakfast was 3 pts. So for breakfast and lunch my total pts so far will be 11.. I still have 16 left for the rest of the day...
    I could go on forever and tell you about WW,, but then I dont think there is enough bandwidth on this site....
    But if you have any questions just ask..
    If you want to know the point value of something let me know...I will give you the answer. you may decide that WW is something you would like to try.. And before I forget,, the FF yogurt I eat is Astro brand,, I love the banana flavored.. I use to eat the Yoplait , ,but we cant get that here,, the FF Boston Cream pie was my should try it!

    I cant wait to move , as soon as I get to Calgary I am hitting Taco Bell and getting some Chicken soft tacos.... woo hoo only 4 points each ......arrrrrrrrrribaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!

    Ok,, now that I have been so long winded,, I want to say hello to every one else and hope that you are having a great day and staying diligent on our challenge.... remember by this time next week... those christmas candies and cookies will be just a memory.....

    Bruce comes home to day,,,,,,,

    Talk to you later......