• Just started a new diet today. Breakfast was 1/2 oatmeal and two scrambled egg whites. Looked like a reasonable amount of food, but an hour later I'm starving. My old MO would be to just go get a bowl of cereal or something.... any suggestions on something to do instead?

    I hate diets....
  • I've been trying to either eat or take more fiber because it helps me stay full alot longer. You just have to make sure you drink a decent amount of water so you don't get all plugged up. I've also found that if I up my protein I'm not so hungry for quite awhile.

    Hope this helps & good luck!!!!
  • If that's all I ate for breakfast I would be hungry too!

    Fortunately diet doesn't mean you have to starve yourself or eat somthing you won't enjoy.

    This would be my suggestion for your breakfast to make it a little more filling and satisfying, that will hold you for a couple of hours until a morning snack.

    1/2 oatmeal and two scrambled egg whites - why not add some tomato or peppers to your scrambled egg whites?? + Individual tub of yoghurt + a piece of fruit.
  • I'd be starving too, that is not much food. Not sure which plan you're on but you may want to re-evaluate your breakfast so you have better success. I follow a Primal plan so I don't usually have hunger issues since I eat enough fat to satisfy me, I had 3 eggs and 3 pieces of bacon cooked in coconut oil this morning and my usual espresso and cream and I won't eat again until 4 or 5pm. It is satisfying enough to hold me over all day. Maybe you need to have a little more fat in your breakfast, IMO that would help so you'll have more success and not be looking for more an hour after eating.

    Good luck!
  • ShelBel - what plan are you following?? Perhaps if we knew, we could make some better breakfast suggestions.
  • mmm.... I love fatty things, which is part of my problem. I think that a lot of it is that I'm just so used to eating way, WAY more than I need to and eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm diabetic, so I need to make sure I'm eating on a regular basis, just not as much as I'm used to.
  • What kind of plan are you following? If you're calorie counting, what is your limit?

    I actually do mini meals/consistent snacking throughout the day rather than 3 large meals and it works really well for me. Any time I eat breakfast, I'm hungrier than I would be if I hadn' gets my metabolism really running! There is no way I could make it from breakfast to lunch without a snack (usually two). Have you considered trying this?

    I also echo the protein and fiber (which looks like you had some of both, but maybe you need more of each!). Fiber always makes me feel really full, but not in a gross icky way.

    Good luck and welcome!
  • You shouldn't be hungry and hating your diet or else you are already planning to fail what you are eating and eat what you love [in moderation with modification ]. I have seen that we can make lots of our favourite food with modifications so that it fits our budget [calorie / carb budget that is ]

    Please let us know what kind of diet plan you are following?
  • I'm doing the Joy Bauer plan that's in the latest Woman's Day....though I'm wondering if something like volumetrics might be better for me....

    If I'm being honest with myself, I'm probably not as starving as I think I am (I feel satiated, instead of overstuffed like I usually do after eating) but it's the idea of not being able to just to grab whatever I want that's making me crazy right now.
  • By my calculation you only ate about 140 calories, OF COURSE you're starving an hour later. I'm surprised you weren't starving 15 minutes later. At the very least, I would have suggested adding 1 full egg to your 2 eggwhites, and some chopped veggies in the scrambled eggs. The fiber in the veggies and the fat from the one egg (only about 45 calories from fat) will help keep you full longer. Even at this, your calorie level would only be around 220 calories, still pretty skimpy for breakfast.

    Even your "old" breakfast wasn't too bad (except perhaps a bit high in carb to satisfy hunger for long), but a bowl of cereal and milk would usually fall around 250 to 300 calories. So it sounds like you have always eaten most of your calories later in the day. For most people, the fewer calories they eat, the more important it is to spread them out more evenly throughout the day (this may not be as important for people without insulin resistance, but insulin resistance of some degree is extremely common in overweight folks, and these days even in people at healthy weights).

    Now, I'm trying to follow a primal plan, because I can lose better on less hunger (and more calories) than I did on high carb plans. 1800 calories of high carb food left me feeling starved most of the day, and I lost less weight and had a lot more hunger than on those same 1800 calories, when the foods were low-carb or primal. I still count my exchanges out of habit (because I've followed exchange plans so long, I just adapt whatever I'm doing to an exchange plan).

    I'm not telling you that you have to follow a primal or low-carb diet (though it can help if you happen to be insulin resistant), but you do have to pay attention to the foods that make you hungrier. Water and fiber can fill you up. Fat helps too, so don't be afraid of healthy fats (I'm not saying you shouldn't limit them, but spread them out throughout the day or use more during times of the day you're especially prone to hunger).

    There are a lot of books that can help you reduce and manage hunger. Volumetrics is a good one. So are the reduced-carb and ancestor-diet plans (Primal Blueprint, Neanderthin, The Paleo Diet, The Paleolithic Prescription...). South Beach is a moderate approach (includes high-fiber and low-glycemic carbs). Oh, and the book Refuse to Regain is AWESOME (it focuses on maintenance rather than loss, but I think it's a great book to start a weight loss plan with, because after all from the very start, the goal is to keep off every pound we lose, so maintenance needs to be a consideration from the start).

    You don't have to follow any of these plans, but I'd recommend reading them anyway, because they really helped me understant WHY some foods make me hungrier than eating nothing at all.
  • I agree about adding veggies. Bulk it up!!! I love to add 1 cut up piece of canadian bacon to my eggs too. Protein is great!!
    I agree also about you shouldn't be hungry. I am STILL having to teach myself this, because you get it in your mind that you have to be starving in order to lose weight, or even it will boost your weight loss, but its all a lie!
    Honestly the more veggies you can use the better, and protein snacks like nuts really help me stay fuller longer.
    You will figure it out, just give yourself time.
  • Quote: I'm doing the Joy Bauer plan that's in the latest Woman's Day....though I'm wondering if something like volumetrics might be better for me....

    If I'm being honest with myself, I'm probably not as starving as I think I am (I feel satiated, instead of overstuffed like I usually do after eating) but it's the idea of not being able to just to grab whatever I want that's making me crazy right now.
    I saw that in my magazine last month. I have been rereading it and following the blog on the WD website. I really enjoy Joy and I follow her on Facebook and she gives out a lot of wonderful, quick, cheap recipes and information.

    According to the meal plan, you can eat a bit more.

    Scrambled eggs: Beat 1 whole large egg with 3 egg whites and any approved seasonings. Cook with nonstick cooking spray.
    3 slices turkey bacon (preferably nitrate-free).

    Top 2 slices pre-toasted, reduced-calorie whole wheat bread (45 calories or less per slice) or any 100-calorie sandwich thin with sliced tomato and 2 slices reduced-fat cheese. Place in toaster oven or under broiler to melt cheese.

    Top 6 oz nonfat plain, flavored or Greek yogurt (any brand 100 calories or less) with any WHOLE fruit serving. Sprinkle with 2 Tbsp wheat germ or 1 Tbsp chopped nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, soy nuts).

    Strawberry-banana smoothie: In a blender, combine 1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries, half a banana, 3/4 cup skim milk, and 3 to 5 ice cubes until smooth and frothy.
    One hard-boiled whole egg (or 3 hard-boiled egg whites)