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Smile This was the best diet I ever tried!

Hello everyone!

I am almost afraid of mentioning the name of this diet to anyone in here, due to some of the bad press it's gotten.

However, I just want to say that I've lost eighty-five pounds on this diet -- and I've kept it off for almost a year!

The Atkins diet is the one that changed my life, but before anyone even thinks of starting this diet, they should totally understand it first. Buying the book is a good idea -- especially the new revised edition.

I have never eaten so much on any other diet I've tried, and I've tried them all! The trick is, knowing exactly when you should begin introducing carbohydrates into your diet again.......many people stay on meat, cheese and eggs for too long (because the the results are almost instantaneous, and they want to continue seeing all that weight come off quickly); then they begin to get ill. This is where the book comes in, and you should follow it religiously.

I am eating normally now, and can have anything I want, within reason.......I love it! I can wear jeans and tank tops, sharp-lined business suits, summer dresses, shorts, etc. Also, for the first time in years, I actually wore a bikini this summer, and wasn't embarassed in the least!
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I envy you. I did atkins for 3 weeks and didnt lose a pound! It was great getting to eat all that fat! It's a shame it didnt work out for me.
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Angry Hi Skipper88, my name is Dani


I have never heard of anyone being on this diet, and not even losing a pound before. A friend of mine started this diet last month, and lost eight pounds in the first five days (this is too much weight to safely lose that quickly, and she had to readjust her eating habits for a while.) No other diet she'd tried seemed to work for very long, and she was thrilled with the instant results! Everyones metabolism is different, and maybe you didn't stick with it long enough for it to take effect? I'm not sure what happened. Did you drink a lot of water while you were on this diet plan? Sixty-four ounces every day was the norm for me -- and the weight just kept coming off! Did you stay away from all fat-free or light products (I.E. salad dressings, sour cream, margarines, etc?)

If you want to try this diet again, I'd be happy to give you any help or tips you may need -- I'll even "buddy diet' with you if you like. I'd have no problem with losing a few more pounds (once you start losing all that weight, it becomes addictive, I guess!)

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Default Hi

I would just like to ask a question? I have been on the Atkins Diet for 1 1/2 weeks and have stuck to the Induction part - but the past few days I have been feeling nausous(sp) just after I eat breakfast and it kind of hangs around all day. Otherwise, I feel great. I have FM as well and the pain levels are WAY, WAY, down, so I don't want to stop it. I just wonder if this happened to you as well?
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