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  • We need to send out a search party...
    brighterdays and huntress are missing...
  • Dear Pals in Weightland:

    Had a great breakfast of 302 calories. Omelet with pepper, onions and fat-free cheese. Used one whole egg, 3/4 cup of egg whites, frozen chopped onions and peppers, and fat free cheese. It was delicious and very filling. Just thought I would give out the information case anyone's into omelets. Fat-free cheese melted is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!
  • by the way that was 4 slices of fat-free cheese in the omelet!
  • Um, Ms. Tiff, have I mentioned that your posts tend to make me hungry? Cut it out or I'm tellin'!!!!

    Actually, I certainly don't need to be getting food cravings today after last night. It's all a blur of pizza and chocolate. + = But it's only once a year, right?

    Yeah. Sure.

    I'd better stop with the smilies or I'll get booted again.

    Nurse, I agree about the fat free cheese. Ain't so good on a sandwich but melt it down for omeletts or tuna melts or grilled cheese with tomato sandwiches or ....

    ... oh geez, now I'm doing it to myself!

    BTW, DNW, have you tried the Kraft shredded fat free cheeses? Mozzarella for pizza. Cheddar for ... oh, anything. Good stuff!

    Survivor fans, I've never watched the show but every year we have a Survivor pool here at work. Coupla' bucks and you pull a name out of a hat. I got Tanya this year. The guy Rich picked got eliminated last night. Oh well.

    Cafe and Tiff, you guys get better NOW!!! That's an order! You must listen to me. It's my birthday and whatever I say goes and ...

    Oops. Can't use that excuse for another year, can I? Oh well, hope you both feel better soon. This is Sugar-Free Jello talkin'!

    My trainer showed me some new machines and some free weight stuff last night. This morning I am sooooooo sore!!!!!! But it's a good sore, right? (Trying to convince myself.)

    Gotta run .... well, walk slowly ... now. Talk to you later!
  • Tig, I think Huntress posted earlier and mentioned that she was going to be away from here for a little while. I think she is in lurk mode for a know how we all do that from time to time.

    Well, I am back at work today. I think my binge is over. Thank God it lasted only one day. They used to last for weeks or months. LOL....

    I woke up this morning, and I was SICK to my stomach. "In the bathroom with the vent on" sick. And I get that way EVERY time. Why don't I learn???

    I guess I AM learning in a way, I am able to put it behind me and continue on with my journey in a positive light, instead of being depressed because I binged and then binging for a second day. Small changes add up!

    DNW, I LOVE omelets. I use the egg beaters, 1 cup for 120 calories and it tastes so much like eggs. I use the lean ham, I think it MIGHT by Healthy I take that back, it is in a dark red box....anyway, it is 6 slices for 60 calories, I use that and mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomato....and sometimes I throw in a 1/4 cup of the shredded fat free cheese....and top it with salsa...YUM!

    Very, very filling.

    Jo..."sugar free Jello" are ya? Good for you. Sounds like you are enjoying your gym experience...good for you. I am trying to talk Mike into joining the gym with me, but the $1000 is hanging him up. I told him not to look at it that way. Look at it like $73 a month. We easily blow that much 3x over on eating out in a month. I think it would be worth it, but he is penny pinching.

    Plus, the temp job I am on is winding down and I hate to sign up for something until I am into another job, hopefully a permanent one.

    Tig, you will do fine in the concession stand. Eat something healthy and filling before you go. Pop a bag of Orville's 94% fat free buttery popcorn, put it in a large baggie and take it with you. Munch on that while you are there. Chew gum or suck on hard can do it!!!!!

    Well, hello to everyone else I guess I had better get to work for a while.

    Jo, I was laughing about your co-worker's reaction to the sweater comment. GO girl.

    Ahhh, it's raining. You know what that means? The sidewalks are slick, someone might fall this morning.

    Keeping my eyes peeled,
  • Remember me saying I was watching a little girl last week? Well, her mom didn't pay me on Friday. Ok....I'm thinking I just wont watch her anymore. Well, DH, the one with balls, goes to their house, says she needs to pay me. ek. I could have died. But, he was right. I fed her breakfast, snack and lunch PLUS take her to afternoon kindergarten. So, she shows up Monday morning. Ok, we'll try again. Today, she gives me a check and asks me to hold it until next Tuesday. What is up with this chick? She wants me to feed her kid, and put gas in my car to run her to school. ARHG!

    Tiff, good attitude on the binge. It's what we do consistantly that matters.
  • I can understand your frustration.....I would just tell her...holding this check until Tuesday doesn't pay for the food and gas I am using NOW. And in the future, I would appreciate being paid with cash AT the time of service. You can't go to the store and give them a check and ask them to hold it until Tuesday. Grrrr....

    I would be embarrased to even ask someone that. Unless it was close family.

    Of course, this is what I TELL you to say, but I probably wouldn't actually say anything either. LOL....just complain about it to everyone I know. HAHAHA

  • LOL...complain is all i can do. don't have the nerve for anything else. seriously could have died when DH went to their house to get the money. he told them i was too nice to ask for it. mortified.
  • Big weekend in town this weekend. The Bears play here on Sunday and the Illini has a home game on Saturday, so the town will be CRAZY. The girls need homecoming dresses and I refuse to come into town this weekend and do it. I HATE traffic jams. So, I guess I will be taking them tonight to do that. Whoopee doodle. This should be fun. Whirlwind tour of 400 stores in 3 hours. And NO dress that is good enough. They want something casual, and not too fancy. I suggested just a simple black cocktail type dress, and I got the eye roll. So, I asked them..what do YOU want? What are you LOOKING for? And they just shrug. So, I have no idea where to even start. I guess I will just take them to the mall and see what they can find. SURELY, they can find something in the mall. I actually like Sears, I have bought some beautiful holiday dresses there for Christmas parties and such...but they hear Sears and think "tools".

    I imagine I will be wishing I had a tool from there to beat them senseless with by the end of the evening.

    Speaking of...did you hear about that woman in Indiana that beat her young child in the parking lot of a mall? Here is the article:

    Women sought in videotaped beating
    The Associated Press

    MISHAWAKA, Ind. - A woman who was angry after leaving a department store was caught on a surveillance tape looking around as she helped her young daughter into a vehicle and then brutally beating the child for about half a minute, authorities said.

    Police were searching for the woman and 4-year-old child Friday. The woman's sister, who had been with her in the store, was arrested, said community prosecutor Maggie Jones.

    "As far as we know, she tried to exchange some merchandise, was denied that, became angry in the store at the service clerk and left. But I don't know how that could provoke an attack like this on a child," Mishawaka Police Chief Anthony Hazen said Friday on NBC's "Today" show.

    The woman could be seen on the tape punching the child and shaking her, and authorities believe the little girl might have serious injuries. A doctor who saw the tape said she could have suffered head, neck and brain injuries, said Mike Samp, a police investigator.

    Authorities identified the 25-year-old woman as Madelyne Gorman or Madelyne Toogood and the child as her daughter Martha Toogood.

    Hazen said the woman is believed to be from the Dallas area and has a history of misdemeanor charges. He did not elaborate.

    "We've spoke with several members of the family; they are not being cooperative right now. They said they disagree with the actions but they don't know where she's at," he said.

    Hazen said the sister faces charges of failing to report child abuse, and the child's mother could face felony battery charges in the Sept. 13 beating.

    "You can see the woman grab one of the girl's pony tails and forcefully shake her. That right there, not even counting all the blows that we saw the woman make, that right there constitutes battery," Jones told CNN.

    The videotape shows the woman and girl walking to a sport utility vehicle along with a boy and the woman's sister.

    The two women had tried to return merchandise at a Kohl's department store in Mishawaka, just east of South Bend near the Michigan border, but were refused, police said.

    The tape shows the woman placing the girl in the vehicle's back seat and then striking her about the head. The woman also appears to shake, slap and punch the child before getting in the front seat and driving off.

    The vehicle shown in the video had Texas license plates, and police eventually found it at a Mishawaka apartment complex. Police said it was not registered to either of the women shown on the tape.
  • i've been living with the story since yesterday morning. mishawaka is where i shop. been to that kohls many times.
  • they arrested her sister for not turning her in
  • Dear Tig and Everyone Else:

    I haven't seen TV but this woman should be put away for a really long time....because if that's what she does in public, can you imagine what her children suffer in private.

    I have always been amazed that people like that get to have kids and people like me don't...also i was physcially abused by my dad for the first 10 years of my life, and saw my older sister get beatings that you can only imagine....this is a real point of contention for me....this woman she have her kids taken aware forever!!!!...sorry i'm so mad...
  • My sister called me yesterday and was telling me about it. She saw the video on CNN or C-SPAN or something. She called to warn me NOT to watch it. Reading it just now and when my sister told me about, I am in tears. I have never been abused, but the fact that my DD is about that age, really makes a huge conection for me. I've never been able to stomach watching kids/people get beat to a pulp.

    Well, I just jumped on to say "Good Morning" and that I'm going home. I am having terrible stomach problems and will probably end up going to the hospital. Plus my baby girl had a fever last night, along w/ gas and she's been sick....runny nose, cough. So needless to say, I only 3 hours of sleep. Between baby and my tummy.

    Have a great weekend.
  • Good Morning...

    Okay I have to confess, my youngest son was home from college the other night so I asked him where his weights were. Naturally he wanted to know why I asked! He cheerfully demonstrated a number of exercises (wimpy stuff for him) that I should start with. OMG I am so sore this morning, I can hardly move. Yes, that's me you hear saying ouch...ouch with every step. How can a person do weight traing for hours at a time. I only did them say 10-15 minutes and think that I covered every muscle in my body. or at least most of them are screaming like I did. I used 8.8 pound hand weights which didn't take long to give out my arms.

    It's here again today, we go all summer without rain and now that it won't help the crops, we get down pours. I think I'm going to try and start my wall papering over the weekend, or should I say un-wallpapering the walls then start the putting up.

    DH and watched Survivor last night, I get hooked on it everytime. Didn't really care for the bartender, so far he's the only one that I have a dislike for.

    Tiff I saw that news clip on tv yesterday. Whatever they do to that woman won't be bad enough. I did not see the sister or guy on our news. Hate stuff like that.
  • Semo, good for you! I like the Body for Life exercise plan, you basically do your upper body on one day, then do 20 minutes of cardio exercise the next day, and then lower body weights the next day and then cardio the next...alternating, and then you take Sunday off. There are pictures in the book of women doing the exercises, so you easily know what you are doing....I don't think I could do a whole body workout in one sitting...I need to break it up like that.

    Tig, I have not seen the video yet, but from what I hear, I don't want to either. Yuck. Makes me sick to my stomach...

    Speaking of sick to their stomach...sorry you and your daughter are sick Dyan...hope you get better fast. I hate all this sickness...I need to keep up on my vitamins and maybe I will notice a difference in how often I get sick.

    Well...I hear them ordering Fried Chicken for food day. *sobbing like a baby*

    We have my fruit pizza, a cake, a pot of rice with some fabulous looking meat and sauce stuff over it, fried chicken, spinach dip in a bread bowl, chips and that hot cheese dip, beef and noodles, mini cheesecakes, several pasta salads, etc.

    NONE of it healthy. No fruit salad, no plain veggies...I think I woke up this morning in ****.

    What to do, what to do. Well, I guess I will take a piece of the chicken, and pick off the fabulous crispy skin...and have some rice with a little sauce over it...and basically have a little of whatever looks good and not worry about it. I can have a salad for dinner and then exercise. I just HATE not being able to accurately write down my calories for the day.

    Oh well, these days will happen.

    Everyone enjoy their is REALLY raining here. And for a brief moment, I am looking forward to the beginning of winter, with a light sleety-rain coming down, and seeing my breath in the cold air...not so cold that my fingers turn blue, but cold enough that I need my scarf....

    Now mark my words. The first cold day with sleet...I will be b$%^$ up a storm about how I am ready for Spring. LOL

    Oh well, can't please me.