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  • Good Morning Ladies ,

    Huntress, Cafe, Tiff, Tig, Jello, Semo, DNW ~~ Thank you, thank you, thank you....... for all stories and the giving me the courage to over come this "fear" I have about surgery. Thank you for the kind words and thoughts. I am still waiting to hear back from the curgery dept., and I will be sure to ask how much experience the Dr. has. I found out when I was pregnant w/ DS that Kaiser is a teaching hospital (almost forgot that, until experience was brought into the picture). I'm gonna do all I can to ensure that some snot nosed booger isn't going to be playing around w/ my body parts!!

    Tiff, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a good week, but I am loving your positive attitude. The scale has done the same thing to me. After I got back from Reno, the friggin thing said I gained 5 pounds. I was only gone over night! Okay, but I did eat horribly for more than a day. Lately my giddy and go had gotten up and went. I have to try and get it back. I am heading over to Wal Mart tonight. I need something to get me motivated again. Unfortunately I will not be joining the next 30 day challenge, which is starting....what? next Tuesday the 1st. Ohmygawd, It's almost October!! Mamma Mia...... I still need to get my baby a Halloween costume.

    Cheyenne is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I Lucas a lion costume, so naturally he's the cowardly lion. Now I just got to find a scarecrow costume for my Kaleigha. I am teying to have as much fun with this as I possibly can. Because before I know it, they're gonna what to be stupid pokemon characters or something!

    Boss is here....gotta run.....
  • Hi All!
    Tiff, DH and the weights. LOL. I knew where your story was going before I even read it all. My DH would have done the same! I can't even send him to the grocery store!

    I haven't even told my husband that I'm going to buy weights yet. He's always been thin, doesn't understand the "work out mentality", says he works too hard at work, bla, bla, bla. On the other hand, he supports what ever I want...."as long as it makes me happy".:hypno:

    Dyan, Pokemon if your lucky...try oozing skulls, vampires, monsters. Mine want the gross stuff, but I steer them away. Towards Harry Potter, Spiderman...

    Cafe, have you made the recipe yet?

    Jello, living well is the best revenge! Dont let the work *itch get to you!

    Does anyone watch Dr Phil? He says you wouldn't worry so much about what other people thought of you if you knew how little they did.

  • Dyanm do you sew? I was just thinking about the scarecrow outfit. Geez going without sleep could be a good thing, ya think!! Anyway, picture this, blue jeans with patches (take a black marker and make pretend stitch lines), over sized plaid flannel shirt with patches, raffia (sp) tied or sewn with a zigzag stitch to the sleeves and pants and of course a pointed hat with more raffia and a painted face. Shouldn't be any itch unless the raffia rubs on the skin. If you don't sew you could use wonder under.
  • Semo~ Do I what? Bbbllaaahhhaaahhh , I needed a good laugh in the morning! Nah.....seriously, no I do not sew. I am just too lazy to be crafty. The thought of having to run from store to store to get what I need......just plain lazy, I tell ya. I'm gonna look a few places. I've seen them on line, and if nothing else, I'll have to try this wonder down under, stuff your talking about. HHmmm ....wonder if I can sucker....I mean talk my mom into it? She's just that type of grandma. Loves to see her grand kids happy....
  • Tig - I haven't made it yet but I can't wait. It's got everything I love in it - yummy. Imagine chicken broth with garlic, rosemary and a few sundried tomatoes minced up in it simmering on the stove. add beans, greens and tortellini... ooo, it's like a cafe's favorites soup. Not only that but you get a tablespoon of freshly grated parmesan on top... All for 6 points! I think that's the recipe that sold me on the book.
  • OK. I had to share. I just got a call from the temp agency I work for. My second job is now over. (the computer tech support crap) and she has another job for me.

    This one is with the County Clerks office, I will be helping them for 4 weeks with absentee ballots and computer stuff, and then there will be 2 positions available for full time and hopefully, they will hire me on for one of those positions. WOO HOO, a state job!

    Off to call anyone who cares. LOL
  • Hey Tiff, that sounds great. I have a friend that got a county job and was thrilled. She's does dispatch I think.

    Cafe, I love soup simmering in the winter. I still have to dig out the sausage chowder recipe I was brag'n about. Hearty soup.

    Little DS is sick. I had to pick him up from school. Slight temp, and his shoulder hurts. ?? aches and pains from the flu maybe?

    DH goes for an MRI today. Did I tell you guys he messed up his knee? Second time around, so know what he's in for.

    Time to take little girl to kindergarten. I still haven't told her mom I don't want to watch her any more. Maybe after I cash the postdated check she gave me. LOL
  • Dyan...that sew wonder stuff is so easy. just iron and go!
  • Speaking of things that are wonderful. I tried the Downy Wrinkle Releaser.... OH MY GOD. I am in love. Mike's shirts wrinkle easily (usually from laying in the dryer all day ) and I hung one up and sprayed it and kind of "wiped the wrinkles" and it looked like I had ironed it. I was stunned. I went out and bought 4 more bottles, just in case they decide to take it off the market or something. LOL

    And the Shout Color Catcher sheets are awesome too. I wash my yellows and whites together now with one of those sheets and it picks up the loose dye from the water. Wow. Awesome. I still haven't and probably won't get brave enough to wash reds and whites together. LOL

    And I am loving the Clorox wipes too. Especially for the bathroom. I don't have to use a yucky sponge or paper towels, or washclothes that leave little fibers behind. I wipe everything down with a Clorox wipe and pitch them. Easy! And the Windex wipes are just as great. No bottle, no paper towels and the wipes are thick enough to do several windows.

    God, I love things that make my life easier!
  • Tiff, "I" care!!! Call me! My number is.....

    Congrats on the new job stuff. I wish I could change jobs too...

    Oh let's not go there again.

    I am currently wearing a blouse that was just this morning sprayed with that wonderful Wrinkle Release stuff. What a life-saver. Me? Iron? Bwahahahahaha!!!

    I like the Clorox cleanups too. Keep them in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, linen closet, etc. Haven't tried those color catcher sheets yet. But since you recommend them so highly, I'll just have to. Either that or buy all my clothes in one color. Hm, blue is nice....

    Tig, sorry your little one is sick. Sounds like the old flu bug and all its aches and pains. Plenty of rest and TLC and he'll be back up and at 'em.

    Cafe, that soup sounds like it would make the whole house smell heavenly. Love that simmering soup in the winter thing too.

    Dyan, I feel about sewing the way you do, I think. Ain't nothin' I can do with a needle and thread that a staple gun won't take care of.

    Got caught by a coworker with a ruler in my hair earlier. Trying to decide how many inches are going to end up on the salon floor. Ooh, I hope I don't regret this. My hair's been pretty long for quite some time.

    .... moments later....

    This just in! The travel agent just delivered my tickets to Las Vegas!!! Time for a happy dance!!!
  • Tiff, I think you missed your should be doing commercials. No wait, advertising!

    I'm starting to feel a little weezy. Scares me after seeing DS toss his cookies. I'm thinking about the left over pizza I had for lunch and how I do NOT want to see it again.
  • WE HAVE JOURNALS NOW!!! I can do my confessions in there and spare you all! HAHAHAHA...I have to get started. RIGHT NOW.

  • wow, jouranals.
    i'm lay'n low, trying not to shake anything up. what really sucks, DH is sick. poor thing got sick at work. ewww, work toilet. so, i have to be strong. take care of my boy creatures. maybe i'll get lucky and it'll blow over me.
  • Journals????did i miss somethin'...........
  • Morning all.........

    Tigerlily - sorry to hear you and your family are ill. I hope that you get well and start feeling better soon.

    Tiffany - congrats on the new job and thanks for the tips on the household cleaning items. Have you tried the pledge wipes for furniture? They are great, takes the dust up on the cloth and the citrus scented ones really smell nice. I am for anything that makes my life easier.

    Not much to report around here, talk to you all later.