Doing our own thing #4

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  • *Giggle* *Giggle* *Giggle*

    ARE YOU HOME????

    WHAT IS THAT? Is that YOUR hand? Is that a ring? What kind of ring is it?

    Where did you get it? How was Scotland? TELL ME EVERYTHING you evil wench.

    Better yet, email me your phone number so I can call you tonight and hear ALL about it!!!!!!

  • What a tease! What's up w/the ring? COME BACK! TELL US MORE!
  • Jo, when I get my hands on you, I will leave marks.
  • Okay JO ~ That was just WRONG , living us hanging like that!

    Tiff ~ you can always look at the disney store. I'm pretty sure they have a website.

  • Okay, I'm putting ya'll in for a raise, right after I get one. So far I've been here three years and the only increase that I've gotten has been a yearly cost of living raise of 2%. I don't know where these corp people live that come up with this figure, but my cost of living is greater than that.

    Jello, I couldn't see the ring well enough. Blow up the size, we want more info..... you can unpack tomorrow.

    One year my son and his little girl cousin were Little Miss Muffet and a spider. I made his costume black with spider legs attached with black thread and hairy fur down each leg. Painted his little nose black .... Little Miss Muffet had on a long dress with a white apron and bonnet, she had red circles for cheeks and big eye lashes drawn on and of course a wooden bowl with a big wooden spoon. Each year our little town has a kiddie parade and all the kids get to walk down main street in their costumes..So cute.
  • dyanm1

    Sorry didn't mean to leave you out..can't get rid of the DSL because it's so cheap only $40/month says my deadnurse husband...but it's $40 too much when i can't get on. Gr-r-r-r-r!!!!!

    About the .5 lb. rmember how much you have lost and remember just like there's never eoungh's seems we are never satisified with the weight loss either cause it never seems to be enough.....we do sabotage ourselves alot.
  • Paper furniture was a bust. The dog kept chewing it and DS thought it was a slip'n slid. Wish DH would help me figure out if the sectional thingy would work. His only input "whatever you want is fine as long as I don't have to hear you complain about it later". If his TV wasn't so big.... Do you ever get something in your head and CONVINCE yourself it is right? JUSTIFY it's the right choice. Yep, that's me. So basically, I want him to say its the right piece of furntiture for us so I can complain later if it isn't. Alright, enough on the furniture.

    My caffiene is starting to wear off. On the up side, I've ate ok far. Bratz for supper tonight. I will slice one in half long ways so it wont be too bad. Lots of grilled onions, green peppers and mustard. Yum. I'm hungry. Supper isn't until 7pm.
  • Hey there Nursey-Poo,

    Saw ya on the 100lb club! Halloween challenge here we come!!
    I want to lose 16 lbs or 2 pounds a week. Not sure what's gonna happen, but I'm gonna give it my all. If I can lose 16 pounds that will bring my total loss to 51 pounds. I can't wait to say it loud and say it proud!
  • Hey Huntress, I was looking at that OnePhatMan site. DANG. He looks kind of like Ben Stiller in his after photo. Do you think? or am I looney?

  • Tig ~ I have a sectional and *I* regret it . There really isn't much you can do with it. It can only go one way. Ours has to recliners at one end and in between them is a cup holder thingy. The cup holder thingy slides back and I put diapers and wipes inside. Also the arm lifts so we have junk in there to. It was supposed to be a place to put the remote and T.V. guide. ANyhoo, after having it for about 6 years, it loks terrible. The stuffing is coming out, the fabric is shredding, etc...... I would love to get couch covers but can't ~ Due to the cup holder and what not. UGH! I swaer, when we move, ALL my furniture is going in the trash. Except the beds. None of us have dressers! The dininh room sucks, our entertainment center has definitely seen better when the time comes, it's all new stuff! Who-Hoo. Hence the reason I can't move until we have some money in savings!

    Ohmygosh.....get this.....Providian (a credit card co.) up and decided to close DH's account!! Can you believe that? He's had this account for over a year and THEY just up and decide to close his account with no warning. We went to use it at the Art & wine Festival and it was declined. We couldn't figure it out, as we just paid it off, but $300. So today he calls and they tell him that they went back and looked at past records and if you have been past due or deliquient in the past 6 months they closed your account. Well, he hasn't been late or anything. I should know as I make the payments. Then the lady tells him, I don't know why they say the last 6 months, because if you've EVER been late, etc.... we closed your account!!! What the is that all about? I also have an account with them. We got our own accounts, so I called them and I'm fine. Does that make any sense? We would have the same things on our credit report, and pay of go figure.
  • Sorry for all the errors, trying to hurry, people keep coming by.....
  • OK so I wrote a big long post with all the juicy details...

    ... but too many smilies. Lost the whole thing. Ya know, 3FC should really do something about that! At least give ya a chance to go back and delete a few and not kill the entire post!!!

    Hm, guess I'll just have to fill you all in tomorrow.....

  • OH, is that ever evil

    I took the boys to a quick appointment place. ek, DH is gonna kill me. The boys usually go w/me to my friends salon. But, it's in another town, couldn't get them in between school and football. ekk. School pictures are tomorrow. Luckily the boys don't realize the haircuts suck. I'll have to warn DH not to say anything out loud. Wouldn't want to give the kidlens a complex. Oldest sons sideburn area is shaved up too high and at an angle. Youngest son looks like a baby chick-a-dee. Boy am I in trouble.

    3 more hours until supper. I've actually avoided snacking. I think there is a snack/stress meter. Slightly stressed leads to me snacking. Overly stressed leads to loss of appetite. Wow, something good about being overly stressed.
  • Ooooh...poor little kids, I can just picture them. LOL

    Jo, You are dead meat. I am gonna well, I don't know WHAT I am gonna do. But it will be something good.