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  • I think Monday is the perfect day to recommit. I think some of us, me included have let things slide a little. I know how gung-ho I was in the beginning. I very seldom ate fast food, or things that I couldn't write down the exact calories and fat. I like knowing EXACTLY how much I am eating. To guess how much a Burritos Deluxe is at the Mexican Restaurant is not acceptable on my plan! That was why I had 6 days of hard hitting diet and one free day. That worked well. I could go to China Buffet or La Mex on my free day and not worry about it. I had consistant losses and it worked well. I wrote down all my calories and fat and fiber and wrote it into a spreadsheet. I also did not eat anything with more than 30% fat in it.

    Then....I let the 30% go. I guess I wanted the occasional Twinkie, which I reasoned could be factored into my daily calorie range. Which technically, it could be, but it shouldn't be. At least not for me. I know my mind and body and to stuff a twinkie into my mouth is setting me up for failure. Only if I am ready to commit a crime for a Ding Dong, would I do that, Then...I stopped doing the spreadsheet. I even did a weekly average so I could tell how I was doing overall.

    Then...I slipped on writing all my stuff down. I would start the day, and then if I ate a piece of pizza, I would just not write anymore in my food journal for that day and just mark a big X on it.

    So...Monday is back to basics. Here are my promises to myself.

    1. I will go back to the 30% fat formula
    2. I will go back to the full-on journaling, whether good OR bad.
    3. I will go back to the spreadsheeting and the weekly averaging.
    4. I will go back to my one free day a week
    5. I will go back to my exercise program, which has sadly went by the wayside as well.

    Thanks for letting me ramble! I feel better just thinking about getting back on schedule. Granted, I have still done ok....but I have stayed the same for a couple of weeks and juggled the same couple of pounds around. So, although I am not gaining, I am sure not losing either. So...I have had my rest...time to get back on schedule. There is no way I can be at goal by summer, unless I get serious.

    I'm serious now.
    Thanks LJ for making me think about all of these things!
  • Even though I choose to recommit on Monday, I got up from here this morning and decided to do something to get started already. I went out and walked for 45 minutes and I have already drank all my water for today. My food intake is not going to be good because I have been stuck in the house the rest of the day because of bad weather, it started right after my walk.

    It is easy to be all gung-ho in the beginning, but sometimes life gets in the way and I have to take a step backwards, stop & think about what I'm doing to myself and refocus on what's really important.

    Let's get back in the groove............

    Halloween Goal - 185
  • I'm ready too.... I like the idea of 6 days on and 1 day off Tiff....I've never did that before.

    Glad to hear you're okay, Huntress, thought it looked a little better down that way but still sounds soggy.

    I am gonna have to write my goals in black and white, also, so I will take them seriously:

    1. journal all foods

    2. drink all water

    3. exercise daily (at least a 30 min walk) and weights at least 2x/wk

    4. weigh weekly (and stop jumping on the scale daily!)

    5. take lunch and snacks to work

    6. reward all losses weekly with a new non-food item

    7. keep busy in the evening (my most vulnerable time) with non-food activities

    8. and lastly, keep coming to this site for support daily

    That's all I can think of now. Talk to you all tomorrow.

  • Good Morning!

    OMG!..........I was browsing the boards this morning since there wasn't much to read here Check out this guys website!

    Well, crap...........being computer illiterate I don't know how to get it into here, but the address is This guys no-nonsense approach to losing weight really inspired me! The FAQ section really puts it out there, no whining and no BS.

    Have a good day ladies..........

    I'm back, I'm back in the saddle again. I'm back (come on, sing it with me!)

    Halloween Goal - 185
  • HAPPY MONDAY! (hey, i can pretend)
    I could NOT sleep last night. Just too much going on in my little squirrel brain. DS bday this weekend, when/where to have the party, *shudder* to think at my house. Then there is the downstairs, DIY ****....tile or carpet, drywall or panel...what can we afford, what would look best, what is practical, what would get done IN MY LIFETIME. And then, I have this whole chair thing going on...bought a huge chair w/ottoman. Quality was crap. They agree to take it back. Squirrel brain has to pick out something else. Trying to figure out if a sectional would work in my livingroom. No sleep. Coffe IV . Oh, and someone asked me to babysit their kindgartener. It would be great except she's in the afternoon class. DS in morning. I've agreed to give it a go. Already know it's not a good idea. Itty bitty squirrel brain.

    Huntress, I have seen the phatman website before, but checked it out again for some reality. "stop buying the **** food or stop *****ing about being fat". SMACK!

    Back in the saddle again ( i dont remember the words)
  • I almost forgot to weigh-in this morning. Can't keep myself off the scale all week long, then forget on Monday mornings. Anyhoo, it's good news...187! I had saw 187 during my scale hop'n last week, but only count Monday's weigh-in as official.
    Oh, and Tiff, I'm not as strong as you. While we were out and about yesterday, I let DH pull into the Outback Steak House. I was good and ordered a salad..but snag'd a few fries of DS's plate.
    I'm off to change my sig line...187!
  • Tig, congrats on the loss! AWESOME! That's what we need to see to get ourselves back in the saddle. My sig line has sais 230 for this last week, but that was one of my scale hopping moments, and not an official weigh in day. On my OFFICIAL weigh in day, I was still hovering around 234. 233/234, so I haven't changed it back, cause I like seeing the lower number, but tomorrow is official weigh in day, so maybe I can legitimately keep that number! (I have scaled hopped all week and saw 234, 232, 233, who the heck knows what will show up tomorrow, but today is my renewed plan, and by God I will make today count!!!

    I think I am coming down with something. My throat is sore and I feel achy and tired. I am also anemic, but heard that Iron pills make you constipated, so I don't take them because I don't want to get on the scale and have 5 pounds of added crap. Literally!

    How sad is that?

    By the way, there is free WW membership in my area right now, I am thinking about going back for a while. Just for that added kick. I like the meetings and the food ideas that come from it. Plus, I could come back here and give a run down of the meeting, and the tips I picked up, and it would be like we were all there together!

    I'll check into that!
  • Good Morning Girls, well sounds as if everyone needs a new start this Monday Morning. I'm no exception, made that big pot of soup and could not stay out of it. OMG it's very good. (don't need to eat anymore of it until after my class on Wed tho.....don't want to gas the whole class!) Oh, I can't believe I said that.....

    I had a totally non productive weekend. I think I'm getting down right lazy. Didn't leave the house all weekend and didn't do anything except laundry. I NEED A LIFE!!!

    Huntress, glad that your safe, I watched the weather while slumming in the recliner.

    Hi BrighterDays, my fellow Missourian.

    Tig, AKA SquirrelBrain, I need a neighbor like you to brighten my day!

    And a good Moring and Happy Monday to DeadNurseWife and Dyan and BabyGirl!

    Gotta do payroll and then will be checking back.....later.
  • Ok, here is my petty happiness for the weekend.

    I went to see my daughter's paternal grandparents. We hadn't seen them for 2 years. This woman, when I first met her was heavy and then she lost weight on WW. You would have thought that she was next to God then. She went ON and ON and ON about losing weight and how great it was to be thin. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Well, you know me, I was fat then. And I had a hard time listening to her. But I joined WW shortly after that and lost a bunch of weight. Then I gained it back, and she "cluck-clucked" at me and told me how unhealthy I was and made me feel even more like a failure than I already did.

    Anywho...I walked into her house yesterday and she was bigger than she ever was. I have to say, I was secretly thrilled. If I would have been a smaller person, I would have given her a lecture about how unhealthy her lifestyle is.

    So, anyway, that made my day. How pathetic am I? LOL
  • Good Morning all,

    Got that ho hum feeling again today. I hate when I get like this. And the worst thing, I'm pretty sure, I know why. I gained .5 or 2 sticks of butter! . I know it's not a lot, and I know that I deserve it, seeing as how I have been doing so bad w/ food lately. I don't know if I'm trying to rationalize it or what. But I looked at the calendar and Aunt Flo should be coming for a visit any day now. I'd say by Wednesday. I've always had a problem w/ that TOM. Usually the week before, I will eat any and everything I can get my grubby little hands on. I have not done that in the past 2 months, so why now? Is my body trying to get back to "norm", so to speak. I don't know, but it's made me very ho humish the past few days. I too am a scale hopper, but when official weigh in day (Saturday) came, it was up half a pound.
    I didn't even get dressed yesterday! I stayed in my jammies!! DH let me sleep until 11 and then I fell back to sleep again in the afternoon and then went to bed last night around 10. My 2 youngest are sick and I have been on the verge since last Thursday. DH went out Saturday night. I didn't feel like going. I had been up every hour since 4am with my baby girl. Then I got up early and got things ready for us to go to the Art & Wine festival. We were there for about 3 or 4 hours. My dogs were barking! Some of his friends met us there and they came over afterwards and then they went out. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep, so I guess that's why he let me sleep in. OH yeah, on a brighter note. One of my girl friends went with us and says "Is it me or have lost a ton of weight" . I was smiling from ear to ear......I must have looked like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. . That made the .5 gain, not so bad. But I guess it wasn't enough to stop the ho hums. I wonder what Jello is up to.

    Sorry to be such a downer! I'm ready to get back on the saddle again, so move over and let me up!

    Huntress~ Glad to hear your well and that the TS just skirted by. Whew

    Tig ~ I am so NOT looking forward to March! Lucas will be 2 and Kaleigha will be 1. They are 12 days apart, so they'll both be 1 for 12 days. SO not only do I have to figure what to do for their birthdays, my SIL is due sometime in March. What if she goes into labor before the party and everyone goes to the hospital? Okay, I can't think about that now.....I still have so many other things coming up. Halloween for instance. What are they going be? UGH.....Last year Cheye was a princess and Lucas was a frog. Get it? The princess and the frog. We have the cutest picture of Cheye kissing the frog.

    Tiff ~ I would feel he same way you did. Who wants to be lectured? But oh, the sweetness of it all, in the end. You'll be thin and she, well she........ I think it's human nature (as evil as it may be sometimes).

    Brighter and Nurse ~ What's up w/ your internet peeps? Yikes, It may be time to give them the boot. We miss ya'll when you don't post. But we are thankful that it's because of the connection and not because ya'll don't want to talk to us anymore.
  • Ha-l-l-o-o Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tiffany your a scream...and I would feel the same way about this always have to be careful what you criticize in others cause sometimes it comes back to back you in the behind...and I guess this woman got hers and then I'm staying humble...pride always screws me royally. Also there is a vitaman called Stuartinic (these is the manufacturer that makes prenatal vitamins) Hematinic which will help you with the enemia, I usually just get a good B vitamin and that helps me. Thanks for your recommittment

    Semo..don't worry about the gas..........

    Tigerlily stop being so hard on's OK to be human...

    huntress you are an inspiration and thanks for the lead

    Brigherdays....thanks for a list I need to commit to also you gave me some good ideads.

    Bless and thank you all for being her and you all can write individually at [email protected]...gotta actually earn some money right now.

    Love Carol
  • Tif, didn't mean to leave you out on my earlier post, That's why I shouldn't do that...........
    Anyway Tif, you bad...bad...girl! Not saying anything probably was more effective anyway....
    Done with payroll and looks as if I'm going to have a slow day. (which is just find with me)

    Chat later.
  • There is not enough caffiene in the world today.
    I know I've said it before...and I usually forget, but I must take Tylenol PM tonight. MUST.
    Today, I'm going to make a paper cut-out with the dimensions of the sectional sofa thingy I want to get. I'm a "furniture re-arranger", constantly moving things around. And if I get this sectional thingy and it only fits in one spot....wouldn't be good. So, instead of paper dolls, I'll be playing with paper furniture.
    I ran a few errands while little one was in kindergarten. Parked as far away from the buildings as possible so I could walk. Not major exercise, but better than nothing.
    Tiff, it sounds like you have a "walkout basement". That's what ours is...patio door on one side. So, what kind of floor is in there? Subfloor? Clueless? That's my other job today, finding the pros/cons of subfloor/carpet/tile. This homemaker job is kicking my butt. I want a raise! Hey, semo does payroll, can I get a raise?
    Dyan, Princess and Frog sounds so cute. My oldest has been Harry Potter for 3 years! Youngest wants to be spiderman this year.
    Dog is ringing the bell to go outside. Gets annoying. My bright idea to teach her to ring it. doh!
  • I love the dog ringing the bell. Too dang cute!

    Hey Semo, I want a raise too!!!

    Yeah, the basement is a walkout. I want to burn the whole house down today. Don't ask me why, it's Monday and I just don't care. LOL...

    Mike's youngest wants to go as Cruella Deville this year, and I have no idea how to do that, or if I can find that costume in the store.

    Anyone seen one?

    My throat hurts today. I am grumpy. And mean. Watch out, I BITE today!

  • Some days I'd like to take that string of bells and ring her little neck She's rings when she has to potty, but she also rings when she wants to go outside to chase butterflies. She's a little spit-fire.
    Cruella...ek, can you sew? Then there is that hair paint that ya spray. Um, go to Goodwill, buy a white outfit, paint half black.
    Or better yet, let the ex do it.