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Dyanm1 09-05-2002 02:36 PM

Hi there :wave: ,

I had to get Dd to preschool and DH to the airport. Keep your fingers crossed we need all the help we can get !!

Anyhoo, TIFF ~ I have to CoNgRaTuLaTe you on being :strong: . I've done the order the to go box in advance, and it does work, BUT, you know you. I too have turned down my most favorite of foods, and guess what? I didn't die :faint: , and not only that I was so very proud of myself. Just as I am so very proud of you right now. The steak house will be still be there. And when you feel like you need a "reward" (for lack of better term) then go. Stay strong girlie and feel good about you and your decision :smug: .

Last night I lost my mind! I ate about a dozen Oreo's w/ chocolate filling. A short while later, I literally got sick :ink: . I started tossing my cookies. I guess my body wasn't having it. Don't think I'll be doing that again. I was posessed :devil: , I tell ya. I just couldn't stop. I guess like a binge eater. Oh well. It's over with, I feel alot more in control today. Yesterday was not my best day, and today, I haven't even had a drop of the debil water. I better get to it. I need to prove to myself that I can do this, no matter what.

Tig ~ After last night, I realized that if I want something, I better have some, other wise I'll go crazy. The weird thing is that I do usually eat whatever I want. Go Figure. I love Pop Tarts. I could easily eat a whole box in a day. I guess that's why I don't buy them. We've got ALOT of snack foods in the house, but I try to buy stuff that I don't really care for or something that I like in moderation.

Have good day, Semo, Huntress, and Kayla. I almost asked where cafe was! Duh.....

Tiffany123 09-05-2002 03:15 PM



Tigerlily 09-05-2002 03:34 PM

What part are you "oh no'n"? Could it be the double exercise time?!

Tigerlily 09-05-2002 03:39 PM

"Bag the dieting myth to 'chew food slowly'...have you ever seen a skinny cow?"

Tiffany123 09-05-2002 03:49 PM

LOL, Um...YEAH, it was the double the exercise. HOLY Cow. What do they think I am, a MACHINE???


The freaking NERVE of some people.

Um, I am a total dumb*** where is Cafe again?


Tigerlily 09-05-2002 04:01 PM

I think she is helping her sister move...but I get confused sometimes, so could be wrong.

SEMO 09-05-2002 04:17 PM

Well, I wasn't too crazy about that article. And besides :moo: 's are totally vegetarians, so where does the fat in their milk come from???????

Going to get my hair cut after work today, my nails and hair grow like crazy. My hair is so straight and won't hold a curl so I have to keep it fairly short.

I called the YMCA (20 miles away in the next town) to see if they have Yoga classes and they do, the class just started this week so I'm thinking that I might try it. I called the instructor to make sure it wasn't all really young people and I'm waiting for her to return my call.

I'm cutting out in a little while, Bye for now.

Dyanm1 09-05-2002 04:28 PM

I'm w/ Tig, I think Cafe was helping her sis head to the west coast.

Oh yeah Tiff, I wanted to thank you for posting the numbers on the challenge. I sure was a wake call for me. On the 100# they asked us to list the amount we had lost during the first 30 day challenge. I think I came in 3rd over there, but all in all I beleive I had lost 11.5 pounds. Some of the people over there are counting house cleaning as exercise. Didn't know that until recently. But hey, to each his own, I guess......

How's everyone's day? Got Ds down for a nap and the baby woke up. I swear, never a dull moment. Ugh

Tiffany123 09-05-2002 04:35 PM

Hmmm. I don't count house cleaning as FORMAL exercise. I count that in my head as a little helping bonus. LOL...not formal though.

Like you said, to each their own.


As far as the challenge, we need to see if Jo is keeping up, she was burning up the charts too.

Tigerlily 09-05-2002 05:04 PM

I'm with you gals, house cleaning does not count as exercise. But, being a SAHM, if I managed to keep busy cleaning house all day and kept off the sofa...personal brownie points for myself. Afterall, move more/eat less.
On the other hand, yard work sometimes counts as exercise. Heavy weed pulling and raking can be a killer workout. I should do more of it. :doh:

Tiffany123 09-05-2002 06:51 PM

I just wanted to let you all know that I love you guys. I feel like you are all my family. And I am so proud of every one of you. So strong and beautiful, living full lives and I hate that our weight is a blemish on the perfection that we really are.

You guys are the best.


Tigerlily 09-05-2002 07:06 PM

:flow2: awww, warm fuzzies :flow2:

DH and oldest are at ftball. I'm suppose to be getting supper ready.:o
Today's calories are already over 1300...I'm ok with that, but supper is the hardest meal for me to calculate since I actually throw it all together and cook it. Guess I need to work on that area.
Tiff, werent you suppose to find a really good recipe to share?:chin: I have a recipe for sausage chowder. Very good, sausage is the only bad ingredient...but ya can play with that, turkey sausage, or veggie sausage. OK, I don't mean literally PLAY WITH THE SAUSAGE. I know what you butt cleaners are thinking. :s:

GeTtInG_ThErE2 09-05-2002 07:53 PM

Hey girls!!!

You know...i always look forward to coming here....because i know that...when i did good...you all will be happy for me..and i can be happy for you guys too...and when we did bad...we have eachother to boost eachother back up!!!!

Well, Today i did NOT too bad......not perfect by any means....but it was better than most days.....and im about to go for a run.....its FREEZING cold here...but im going to go for a run with my friend for a bit and then im heading to bed...... im sooo tired today...but im going to FORCE myself to go for some exercise.....

Friday night i think im just going to stay home because saturday my youth group is all going to this really cool dinner theater for the day....you have lunch and people come around and sing to you and stuff..and then you go watch a play.....its going to be awesome....two of my really good friends are going..so its going to be awesome....im so pumped! but anyways......i gotta run!!!!

later girls!!

Tiffany123 09-05-2002 09:18 PM

Here is the original recipe, I did adapt my own with fake meat and 1/2 the pasta...but to each their own. I don't have the calories written down, but as you dump stuff in, you could write it down, I guess.

Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli

1 pound ground beef
1 small onion, diced (1 cup)
1 large carrot, julienneed (1 cup)
3 stalks celery, chopped (1 cup)
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 14.5-ounce cans of diced tomatoes
1 15-ounce can red kidney beans with liquid
1 15-ounce can great northern beans with liquid
1 15-ounce can tomato sauce
1 12-ounce can V8
1 tablespoon white vinegar
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon basil
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 pound (1/2 package) ditali pasta (they look like little tubes)

1. Brown the ground beef and drain off most of the fat.
2. Add celery, onion, carrot and garlic and saute for 10 minutes.
3. Add remaining ingredients (except pasta) and simmer for 1 hour
4. About 50 minutes into simmer time, cook the pasta according to directions, drain and add to soup. Simmer for 10 minutes and serve.

I top my soupl with grated parmesian/romano blend.

This soup is VERY hardy and SOOOO delicious. LOTS of fiber with all the beans. The only bad thing is the pasta and the beef and as I said, you can use Green Giant Crumbles and cut the pasta way down, or even leave it out if you wanted.


brighterdays 09-05-2002 11:26 PM

Hi everyone,

Tiff, the soup sounds wonderful...I just finished writing it down. Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for a good soup recipe.

I'm the night owl of the bunch, I guess....just can't seem to get on here until about 9 or 10 pm. I've tried to read all the posts for today but having problems remembering who said what...maybe I'll do better on the weekend.

I got all my water in today but still off on points...didn't feel like I was overindulging but the numbers don't lie. I am just going to have to keep whittling down the inbetween meal snacks. I didn't walk tonight but I almost went for my tennis shoes and then a good show came on TV...dang the luck!:D

Kayla--so glad you are having such a great time in high school! I always liked school and kept really busy like you are....keep up that walk/jogging, girl, and you will see results. It kinda sneaks up on you when you are so busy....one day you can wear something that you couldn't before and you are like...ta-da!!:cb:

Tiger and SEMO---I'm where you all are...hanging those clothes out for motivation and watching point/calories.

Where is Huntress? Did she take off for a long weekend in that new Camaro? Must be nice.... :queen:

Dyan--good luck to you and your husband---I hope he gets the job! :yes:

To everyone else...I'm going to start taking notes so that I can remember what I want to say here.

Have a great Friday, everyone, and let's make this a fabulous weekend:twirly:

:flow1: "Bright"

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