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  • Oh my God....I want to meet you. LOL

  • I would have to be very wary of advice from someone who hasn't proven themselves as yet. As we say at work there is potential for "all talk and no walk" If you do intend to partake in giving advice when you are yet to prove yourself then I would suggest that you do it with a certain amount of humility not brashness.

    I think that there was some misunderstanding and mis-reading on the part of MrsJim's post. She did state to lift as heavy as possible. Considering that you may be starting off weaker then others then your POSSIBLE is obviously going to be lower isn't it? I don't see how this became such an issue.

    As for opinion I may think that someone looks like a stick or isn't feminine enough but it doesn't mean that I am so tactless as too insult that person about their body image. Strange, I though this site was about support and information - not judgement. May I say that you could have made you point WITHOUT specify your opinion of MrsJim. Besides her feelings it doesn't exactly ease the minds of other posters who may wish to put a picture up but may not for fear of 'opinion.'

  • Okay, I'm sorry that I EVER asked the question in the first place. MrsJim is a very attractive woman and looks great, we have all said this with only a little envy. I admire her determination and dedication that has taken her to her current physical condition. AGAIN we did not intend to cause any ill feelings and certainly did not mean for this CONVERSATION to draw this much attention. Guess there are more lurkers out there than I ever imagined and I will always keep this in mind in the future. I donít know what else that one can say to resolve this but if MrsJim is satisfied with the apologies that have been offered then I think we should END IT HERE. How about it MrsJim, are our apologies accepted?
  • Hey, what happened, why did they move us?

    Sorry ladies, I told you this morning when I was in a hurry that I wouldn't be around much for a while, but no real explanation. The truth is I'm in a slump right now. Work is kicking my butt, home life is chaotic and I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything right now. I am going to try to hold my weight steady but I'm going to back out of the challenge, and I don't want to bore all of you any more with my whining.

    Hope to talk to you all again soon.

  • I did speak to Mrs. Jim and I think things are fine now, I also spoke to JC and tried to apologoze for anything that was said in a hurtful manner. I think all of the comments were basically directed toward DeadNurseWife and her comments about Mrs. Jim. I'm sure they weren't meant in a hurtful manner, but some people say what they think in more direct ways than other people and it is easy to have hurt feelings and misunderstandings crop up.

    On behalf of this thread and its members, I apologize. Let this serve as a reminder to everyone here that we are all beautiful and to be careful when speaking of someone else's body in any way.

    I am hoping that this can die now, and we can resume our normal thread activities. This is making my blood pressure rise!

    Again, my apologies and let's all remember to play nice.
    Anything further can be addressed to me in Private Messages please.
  • Hey everyone,
    Sorry, im running non stop.

    Last night... the guy that i REALLY REALLY like...and have been flirting with the last couple weeks...and i thought i was getting THE vibe from......he called me and asked me if i would set him and the girl that lives with me up. My heart SHATTERED.

    Im now fighting with one of my best friends from camp, my mom hasnt talked to me all week, my dad is mad at me, ive had a million hours of homework, some parent got all mad at me when i was teaching drama club tonight because they have to sell 2 card things for a fundraiser. My sisters birthday is tommorrow and MEGAN (the girl that lives here) TOLD her what all her presents shes going on about how mad she is about that....and blah blah blah.....

    So im sorry i keep putting depressing posts but im CRYING MY EYES OUT and im soooo fed up with everything. Ive been trying to get ahold of my ryan from camp but he hasnt been home..and right now everyone is home upstairs and the cordless phone is dead so i cant even sneak downstairs to have a good long talk with him.

    THanks for all the advice sorry im such a downer!
  • I will never mention anyone's body type know it is said that "the road to **** is paved with good intentions" and I think the reaction to my seemingly innocent comment, at least on my part, was certainly proof of that. But apparently, unbeknownst to me I was being thoughtless, oh the humanity of it all. Mia cupla, mia culpa, mia maxia culpa!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not ignoring you DNW, just moving on...

    Kayla, I'm so sorry you are having a rough time lately, and I hope that things work out for you. A week from now, hopefully, everything will work out and you will be your usual cheerful self and making us all dizzy with your tornado of activity!

    Hope everyone is hanging in there and doing the best they can.

  • Ok, it is Hump Day, and I am starting a new thread....I think this one is done.

    Can the powers that be...lock this thread please?!

    Thanks, on to the next thread....It will be called, Doing our Own thing #5!

    See you there!
  • Whew! I can't go away for one minute....

    Kayla, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. Ah, long lost memories of my teen years. Hope you get to talk to your friend Ryan since it sounds like you need someone to just talk to and use as a "shoulder" ... besides us that is.

    Semo, ticks and chiggers and fleas, oh my! Yeah, we got all those in this area too. I love camping and so does my dog but then we have all those little critters to worry about.

    Tig, chocolate syrup in peppermint tea sounds sooo good!!! I'm going to try that too! Hope I don't overdo the chocolate part.

    Tiff, how's the sore throat these days? As for making candy and fudge, etc., I have a friend that wears a surgical mask when she's baking for the holidays. Can't eat or even smell with it on! Sounds like it might work.

    I have to run. Our new engineer has come up with yet another of his hair-brained ideas for improving the company (and thus causing more work for ME ) and I have to go knock him over the head with my coffee cup....

    Yeah, it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.
  • Must have been posting at the same time I was!!!

    EVERYONE ELSE....go to the new thread.....