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  • In here quick before the boss rolls in....

    Thanks for all the advice guys! I knew I could count on you.

    Dyan, I was on the Pill for years but stopped taking it when I went in to have my tubes tied ... and ended up short one ovary (plus tied tubes). I'm seriously considering asking dr. if I can go back on them. But don't they impede weight loss??? Always that issue....

    Tiff, thanks for taking the time to research. I did the same thing but know that nothing will beat sitting down with my gyn.

    Nurse, like I said, I know I have to go. But thanks for the information on too many tylenols, etc. I hadn't even thought of that!! As far as a "clean colon" goes, well, one of my many symptoms takes care of that for me. Let's just say it's like I drank the water in Mexico without the fun of vacationing there....

    Um, Tiff, what's a "gym hootch"??? Do I really wanna be one? Probably.

    Tig, you can be accountable to US!!! Report in after any exercise. Be honest. We don't judge. ... but some of us do give wedgies. BTW, I drive about 6 miles from work to the gym but then have to drive about 16-17 to get home. It's not so bad.

    Kayla, maybe this new girl just follows you around because she really needs a friend? Maybe she's just really insecure. I know she's annoying you but she might not be doing it "on purpose". Maybe your dad is just going a little overboard trying to make her feel welcome. You'll notice I put in a lot of "maybes" there. Just proves I'm only guessing and possibly no help at all.

    Huntress, we'll miss you!

    Speaking of missing, where's Cafe?

    Guess I'd better go now. Gyn's office opens at 9:30 and I want to be their first caller. Yes, I'm going to set up an appt. for when Aunt Flo finally packs her bags and gets the heck outta my life for another month. Oh wow, something to so look forward to....
  • Good Morning Ladies,

    Jello ~ They have so many new pills out there, I'm sure you can find one that won't impede on your weight loss. **** they even have a patch (no not for down there! , although that may stop some people from becoming pregnoids ). Like I said I was on it years ago, and the firstones, made me want to eat everything in sight, and my boobs grew. It's was almost as if I had pregnancy symptoms (weird), anyhoo, the doc gave me new ones, and I was groovy .

    Tiff ~ How'd weigh in go last night? Are ya high, from all the excitment or what?

    Kayla ~ Take a deep breath and follow Tiff's advice.

    Cafe~ How ya feelin? Are you more than tolerable today? I am definitely getting another flu shot this year. Got one last year when I was preggars w/ my baby. I did't get sick once and I was loving it! Now the year before when I preggars w/ DS I got sick as a dog!! Being 8 months pregnant, I had a fever of 102.8, so had to go to the hospital, where they kept me for hours. Gave me a shot in the hip to keep me from vomiting (which later on got infected), and while I was sweating to death, baby was fine, but when my fever started coming down, the baby wasn't doing too good. It was terrible. I NEVER want to go through that again. PLUS I lost my voice for almost 2 weeks. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER again , I better calm down....hehe

    Huntress ~ We'll miss ya

    SEMO~ Where ya been hiding? How are the new hormones working out for ya?

    Tig ~ Find any gyms? There's one 2 blocks from my house, but I have a hard time spending money on something I'm not sure I can do. I would have to go in the morning, and as is it, I have to be up at the butt crack of dawn to get to work by 6 a.m. So I'm holding off for awhile. BUT I have thoght about it .

    Nurse ~ How's everythig in your neck of the woods?

    Whew.....did I get everyone?

  • new toy!

    Hey everyone!
    I get up at 5am, but don't have to leave the house to go to work. Kids get on the bus at 7:15am and I pick the youngest up at 11am. On paper it looks like I should be able to get the kids out the door, go to the gym, then pick up the kidlen. I guess my next move is to find out how much it costs. If it's too much, I could always make it my Christmas/tax return gift.

    The gym is called Fitness USA. They have different days for men and women. Getting up the nerve to show my face the first time would be the roughest part. I can just see Bambi in a thong thrilled to help me. :lemon:

    Ok, maybe I skipped a step, I should talk to DH, wait. Find out $info, get all the facts, then ambush DH.
  • Kayla, my sweet baby girl, WHAT A MESS! Okay, dear 'ol dad was trying to do a good thing and he deserves some credit for that. But you've got to be totally honest with him and tell him how you feel, if your sister is feeling upset about this situation, then she should join you when you talk to him. Make notes of the things that are really bothering you both and put them out on the table. Your dad needs to know what others are saying about the arrangement and what offends you about this set up. I think that there is some jealously involved (but hey I can't say that I wouldn't be jealous...I KNOW I WOULD) You also need to discuss this with the girl, girls her age sometimes think that flurting is fun and do not realize that it can get out of hand or how it looks to others especially daughters. Try to introduce her to other girls her age and maybe you'll get lucky and be able to lose your shadow. Being honest is the only way to go. It may hurt your dad's feelings but at least he will know your feelings and what he does after that is up to him. Hang in there sweetie, (((((huzs))))) and
    I went to town last nite and got my prescription filled and GOOD thing because I was taking the wrong pill. My Dr gave me some samples and she said take one everyday and the other 14 days on and 14 days off. I was taking the 14 day one without the other, no wonder I started my . again.
    Jello, glad that your going to see your Dr. and keep calling until you get in. Women have so many things that change in our bodies and we need to get checked when something isn't right or when we have questions.
    Gotta get to work now.
  • Ooooohhh, it IS pretty, isn't it? I love it.

    Well, bad news and good news. Bad news is...I went to weigh in last night, and according to their scale, I was down a 1/2 pound. Blah. So, I finished my day and woke up this morning and weighed on my scale. I am down 2 pounds total...

    Last week on my scale it was 229 and this week it was 227. Good enough for me.

    I will be back in a while, all of a sudden I am busy!

    Back later!
  • Hey Tiff, WooHOO! Happy Dance for Tiff!
    How did the meeting go?

    What cha gonna do when ya hit your mini goal with only 8 pounds to go?!
  • WooHoo Tiff!! we're doing the dance.

    We called these snake doctors when I was a kid, they scared me because I thought that there would surely be a snake near by.
  • Hi Everybody!!

    Jello: I hope I wasn't overbearing about the doctor...and I know one thing will go soon since you had a close call already...i trust your judgement but please don't wait too long....

    And Tiff...what is a gym hootch??

    Kayla...most probably the new girl living with you is very depressed because no one wants to be disowned by their parent(s), it sounds like maybe you haven't gotten the whole story from her, and it also sounds like she thinks your the next thing to sliced bread...maybe if you spent more tim with her she'd spend less time with your father....find out what she is really feeling...she is probably so starved for your attention that she is taking the next best thing...your dad...also if her family was really creepy (like icky creepy)maybe she finds your family normal and wants to be near you all.
  • Actually, I was a little ticked off at the meeting. It starts at 7:00, I got there at 6:30 to weigh and sit down. People were still coming in at 7:00, she was still weighing them and finally at 10 after, she came out, and decided to scrap the regular meeting and do a review of the rules because we had so many new people. So, she was explaining the slide rule thing, and going over how much water to drink, etc. So, I didn't pick up anything interesting, EXCEPT...your body can't digest more than 600 mg of Calcium at a time, so if you take two 500 mg tablets, one will basically be flushed out.

    So, that was interesting. But other than that, I sat there and waited for a meeting that I felt was a jip. People need to get there in time to sign in and be weighed, so as to not cause the meeting to start late for everyone else.

    I'm still sick and grouchy as heck. My throat is KILLING me. Just on the one side. When I swallow over there, it feels like there is a cockle-burr caught in the right side. Weird. I have been taking Day-Quil and it helps a sore throat, but doesn't last for more than an hour or two...and the sore throat lozenges barely touch it. I am in search of something that will numb up this throat. Don't even mention the Cloraseptic spray. I hate it and only get it on my tongue anyway. And it doesn't seem to help.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Oh Huntress, where oh where are you going? We'll miss ya!

    Oh SEMO...still waiting for my raise. LOL...

    Jo, we should ALL aspire to being Gym Hootches! I wanna be like Joanie Lauer, (China, the wrestler!!) I wanna have some muscles, and be toned and have 2% body fat. LOL....

    Well, another day is upon me. I have been eating so great!! Just not exercising and I need to get busy. The step tapes really did great for me, cause you do the arms and the legs and it works your butt, and then usually there is an ab section at the end...but I seem to be sapped for energy. I started taking the multi-vitamin about a week ago, and I am hoping for some increased energy, but so far, it hasn't happened. Anyone know how long it takes to get your levels up? Like Iron, etc? Is it instant or does it take time?

    Well, off to get some lunch. I want a big old salad today. I think.

  • cockle-burr ! I thought we only had those in my neck of the woods! Speaking of my neck of the woods, and revealing what a country bumpkin I really am....I bought a new CD. Toby Keith, Unleashed. I haven't bought a new CD forever. He has a song called "who's your daddy". I had it all keyed up and ready to play that song when DH got in the car this morning. Can't wait for him to get home and burn me a copy for the house.

    Tiff, I feel ripped off your meeting sucked too. I wanted some scoop!

    On track for eats today...but then it isn't even lunch yet.
    Gotta take the little girl I'm watching to school. I truly am a taxi driver.
  • Ok, I lost our thread for a minute. LOL, I came back from lunch and pulled up the site and Diet Plans was GONE. I had to do some hunting.

    But here I am.

    Yeah, Tig...the meeting was supposed to about loving the PROCESS of losing weight. Getting comfortable about the whole, long road to get there and instead I learned about my slide ruler again.

    Anywho...I like Toby Keith. He looks like someone you would see in a local bar. I liked "How do you like me now?" cause it had such a great attitude!

    Well, I went to Fridays with a friend for lunch and I had a plain baked potato with just tons of pepper and a side salad with no croutons (basically just lettuce, tomato, a little carrot and some radishes, and some 1000 Island on the side. There wasn't much dressing there, let me tell you, but I stretched it. So, I did ok for lunch I guess. Even with the regular dressing.

    Well, to answer the earlier question..."What is a gym hootch?"

    A gym hootch is one of those spandex clad babes that are over in the corner doing squats that make men look like pansies and she has a perfect bod and she is ALWAYS at the gym. People know her name and ask her opinion on exercise...


    I can dream.
  • Tiff you are such a riot!

    What is a slide rule anyway? Call me crazy, but I've never heard of this term.
  • Oh yeah, I was gonna mention something......

    Okay so on the 100 club, one of the ladies joined some diet place, which is all fine and good, but today she said she lost 19.5 pounds in a week , with proper diet and a dieurtic (?) they gave her. I'm happy for her, but at the same time, am thinking this can NOT be good. So I'm trying to be supportive and keeping my big yap shut . So I thought I would come here and say what I REALLY thought.

    I'm thinking she's setting herself up for long term failure. That is just way too much weight to lose in 7 days. That's almost 3 pounds A DAY!! Of course she's thrilled, as would I.....but in the long run.....

    Anyway, thanks for letting me speak my mind. Do you guys think I'm wrong in feeling this way? Like I said, I didn't say anything to "her", but am really hoping that it doesn't end up biting her in the hind parts. I'm hoping that this will be the kick in the butt that she needed, and that she will go back to what works in the long run. Okay I'm jumping off now
  • The slide ruler is the tool that WW uses to figure out the points in foods. You line up the calories and fiber and look at the total fat and then it will tell you the points per serving. Actually, it is called a "points finder", but I call it a slidey thing, cause it slides up and down. You could probably see one on Ebay if you search for WW points finder.

    Wonder if everyone else will find us, we are kind of hidden now.