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huntress 09-10-2002 06:31 PM

So when does the Halloween challenge OFFICIALLY begin?

Man, rough day here, not as rough as Tiffany's, but I was running around that office all darn day, couldn't even get to the potty sometimes.

OMG........Tiffany, you poor thing, I HATE, HATE, HATE dentists. They have caused me immeasurable pain in my life, they will pay for this some day! Take care of that tooth, I feel for ya hun.

Gotta go.......DD has open house at school and needs the extra credit. Pretty sorry if you ask me, telling these kids if their parents come they will get something..............what is that teaching them.

Tata for now.

Halloween Goal - 195

Tigerlily 09-10-2002 06:35 PM

I'd say for the Halloween challenge, we want to reach our mini goal weight asap....so start yesterday:p

Tiffany123 09-10-2002 06:42 PM

I agree. I want sumphin nice too.

I changed my goal. It was 224, but since I am at 229 now, that isn't much of a challenge for 6 weeks. LOL...

So, I made it 219, which is 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Do-able.

Although Mike just called and wanted to know if I wanted Chinese food tonight. WAAAAH. I would gum the heck out of an eggroll right now. :lol:

I told him, I'll pass. I'm high on this weight loss thing!

Oh yeah, my nice thing....I will buy myself some new bras. Sexy ones. My boobs are shrinking. :s:

Tigerlily 09-10-2002 06:59 PM

Dont remind me about the shrinking boobs :( I'll need new bra's too, and they are hard to find in my "thin weight" size....before I gained weight....no laughing...I wore a 38A....poor DH. Oh well, I'd rather be thin.

brighterdays 09-10-2002 09:49 PM

Hey you guys......I had to take notes!!!!!

I feel like the lonely night owl....just gettin' on this evening and trying to catch up. The ISP problems are getting more frequent but I don't have time for a replacement sign up right now.

Okay....here goes....

SEMO---Howdee Missouri pardner!

Dyan---cute children's names! and sounds a little fishy on the credit card thing....I wouldn't trust em girl and be glad you don't have the account any more....stick with the older named ones or the well advertised ones like Capitol One or one with your bank....that's what I did and no problems like that! Shame on them for taking advantage of you all!

Tiger---hello, fellow scale hopper! Paper furniture...what a good idea! If my kids were still small I'd be hitting you up for a costume idea...

Tiff--Will Cruella have a stuffed spotted dog? 229! Way to go girl. Several friends wanting me to join WW here...can't make the times of the local meetings- don't get home from work that early---but I'm considering the meetings at lunch in my work town. You may want to try a good multivitamin to pick up your iron levels---it usually helps me to get just the right amount without the constipation problems.

Deadnurse---sorry you are having ISP problems, also, it's crappy isn't it?

Jello---Hello..welcome back and your ring is gorgeous. I don't wear much jewelry but that one sounds unique and sparkly. ( He must be a gem himself to buy it for you).

Cafe---that is a great picture! Are those Bonsai trees? How oriental! Nice to have you back.

Kayla---Hello, sweetie! Glad to hear school is going well. We are all secretly hoping you will keep us all feeling young again on here! :cb:

Huntress---Hi, my friend, I'm here and getting ready to try that website you wrote about. Glad to hear your life has settled down and you're climbing aboard the wagon! I'm sitting beside you....just walked another 11/4 mile on the track tonight and drank all my water....the food part is doing better too. What is this I hear about a man..????!!!! :love:

I hope I got everyone....it's so nice to have such a large group to talk to....so many wonderful personalities!

I'm afraid if I make this any longer I'll loose my connection, so gotta go!

Take care and have a great Wednesday, everybody---it's hump day, ya know!

:flow1: "Bright"

GeTtInG_ThErE2 09-10-2002 09:50 PM

Hey girls!!!

i gotta run......one of my friends (shes just starting collage about 2 hours away from where i live) called me tonight and she is TOTALLY stressed out and stuff so im going to play our "happy song" for her answering machine and leave her a little friendship poem i found on the net...just to cheer her up..but i gotta do it before she gets back home which will be in like...15 mintus!!! so imust jet!!!

later gaters!

[email protected]

TIff, sorry about your tooth...heres a hug....itll be all better now!!! lol

Dyanm1 09-11-2002 01:46 AM

I don't know what happened to the day. I guess I got saide tracked ladies....sorry :sorry:

Okay.... the Halloween Challenge ~ Started this past Sunday (the 8th) and will go until Nov. 2nd, which is the Last day of Halloween week. (Also, my weigh in day, Saturday.) So if you weigh in on Monday, then we will count your weight as of the Monday before (I think Halloween is on a Thursday). I don't have a calendar in front of me. We'll just track our weight once a week until then.

I think the whole gift for ourselves for meeting our mini goals, is way cool. I mean besides actually losing the weight :D .

As far as our current 30 day Challenge, I think we should save the prize for the next challenge. I just wanted to do it the first time for myself (Plus I would feel weird, since Jello was kicking tail and then went on Vacation), but for the 2nd 30 day challenge, I'm in!! I'm gonna win....neener neener neener :snooty: .

Tiff ~ I am so sorry to hear about your tooth and the whole insurance thing. If you were here I would put you on my insurance :D (Heck, I just add DSD ~ no problem. SO now she has double coverage since her mom is too stupid to do it!)

Bright :flow1: ~ Just wanted to thank you for always being supportive and friendly. So Thanks!

Okay, DH just walked in and I'm super tired :tired: , so I'm gonna sign off now and I'll chat w/ ya'll in the a.m.

huntress 09-11-2002 06:25 AM

Good morning!

Hey Brighterdays - you really latched on to that one didn't you.:lol: He's just an old friend from HS and we play email tag sometimes. Funny thing, I have a lot of male friends. I just haven't found one to hook up with.:?: Hope you get your ISP straightened out soon, I miss hearing from you.

Dyan - congrats on winning the challenge. You deserve the prize, you worked very hard. I have to admit I like the Halloween challenge better since it is in #'s. I don't always do everything that I know I should but the weight is coming off albeit very slowly.

Tiffany & Tigerlilly - Ugh......don't talk to me about shrinking boobs. Mine have always been small until I gained this weight, but hey, that's what Wonderbras are for. I got 4 new ones this summer, Foleys was having a deal buy 2 get 2 free. I got 2 in my current size and put 2 away for when I get smaller.

Oh, I forgot, congrats on the loss Tiffany........way to go!

OK, so I have messed around and now I'm running out of time. I've gotten up from here about 5 times already, anybody know a way to stop the morning piddle? I am the worlds worst. Instead of just getting up and getting ready, I play on the computer, do laundry, drink coffee, balance my checkbook, etc. The next thing I know I'm running late for work and have to drive like a maniac to get there on time. Geez...........I just need more hours in the day.

Good day all..............

Halloween Goal - 185

Dyanm1 09-11-2002 09:26 AM

Good Mooorrrnniinnggg Ladies!

First off, please excuse all my errors lately. I think I need to go the foot doc and have my brain checked!

On my way to work, EVERY radio station had a moment of silence, in memory Sept 11th. Can I just tell you how Freaky that is!! I get in the car and no music, I flip through every channel I know, and NO music....I was really starting to get freaked out. But then whew :stress: I heard voices! Not just in my head either :hypno2: . So In remeberance of this terrible day 1 year ago, I would like to have a group hug :grouphug: :grouphug: (okay 2 for good measure!)

Last night my mom came over and said that mny legs look smaller :D . Was she, talkin to me? :lol:

Tiff your doing so well. CoNgRaTs on the loss!! and for passing up chinese food :T

Hi there Huntress......You sly dog ya....I didn't catch it until Bright brought it up. still too bad about the hottie that got let go/laid off/fired, whatever. Bygones, let's find a new Man....YIPPEE!!! You know how I love a challenge. Hey, I went up and started talking to DH on a dare (at the bar of all places!) and look at us now.......7 years and 3 kids later :love: .

Speaking of boobs, I can't wait for these bad boys to shrink. I want to be a C cup again. I was at 220lbs and all during high school. But after having 3 kids, I'm gonna have to have these babies lifted! Otherwise they'll just be 2 empty sacks laying on my stomach pointing at my shoes! HA

Jello 09-11-2002 09:26 AM

OK so it's September 11 and the President just finished speaking on the radio and they're playing patriotic songs and I'm all weepy here. :cry: Our flag outside my window is at half-staff and waving in the sun. Puts that old lump in your throat, I tell ya.

But on to the future. I'm definitely in on the Halloween challenge. And contrary to what Ms. Dyan says, it is I who will win this one! :p After my vacation (I was in Scotland have ya heard!?!?!) I NEED this challenge. It's 7 weeks from tomorrow. Coincidentally, tomorrow is also my official weigh-in at the gym. Can I start from whatever that number is? From there, I think I'll say 10 lbs. in 7 weeks. If I put my mind to it, I can do that!

On the subject of boobs, I WANT THAT!!!!! Boy, these things certainly get in the way. I've been a 40D since high school. I've seriously considered plastic surgery but am too scared ... and too cheap. :rolleyes: Maybe I don't need to make them smaller, per se, maybe just defy the laws of gravity a little???

Ooh, Tiff! Turning down chinese food! Good for you! Now that's something I have NEVER done. Love the evil sodium-inflicted stuff!

Semo, thanks for the info. I must go shopping at Penney's. I need something to wear to the gym besides this same old pair of sweats that I have to wash every time I go.

So guys, how long have I been back from vacation? Coupla days? Well, then it's time to start planning for the next one! :idea: How does Christmas in Las Vegas sound? Trying to convince Rich it'd be a good idea. Yeah, sure we can afford this.... Hey, life's too short.

Gotta run now. Thinking of slipping some St. John's Wort into the boss's coffee cup in the mornings. He's in one of his "moods". Again. :mad:


SEMO 09-11-2002 10:03 AM

Listen to Huntress....we all know that she just wants an excuse to go ZOOM in her new car!

I'm feeling really sad today, had to put my flag out this morning and just get to emotional to even watch all the specials on tv today. I didn't know anyone that this terrible thing happen to directly but still this just really upsets. Think that I will skip watching tv today.

So is there another challenge for three point days or just the Halloween challenge, I'm confused. :dizzy:

Speaking of boobs, I've got to make my mamogram appt, Dr reminded me yesterday to get that done. My girlfriend and I go together then shop afterwards, (buddy system). We so lovingly call this the BIG SQUEEZE day. We make our appts later in the day so we can go buy something for ourselves. You know to help get over our pain and suffering.:o

Okay I need to get to work, good thing that this is our slow time of the year. We get really busy in the spring and then for a short while in the fall. Winter days are long with not much to do, guess I'll have to quit when spring comes....how else can I keep up with this thread?? :shrug:

Tigerlily 09-11-2002 10:57 AM

Good Morning. It's a better day today. Electric problem all worked out, and we didn't burn down during the night. Wouldn't ya know it, it's 65degrees out, don't need the a/c today.:p

I'm feeling like a squirrel brain again. I just hate check books. About once every six months, I have to mess it up real good.:dz:
I have check numbers messed up. My solution is usually just to let everything clear and not use the account for a week or so. I'm ok with that, but hate letting DH in on the secret.:^: Although, he isn't willing to take care of the finances or even help....so, he shouldn't be able to say anything.:snooty: I'll have to take out cash today to get me by until things settle. Squirrel brain I tell ya.

I'm really hyped about reaching the Halloween mini goal. :cb: This chick wants some new clothes!

Is every one wearing red, white and blue? I dressed my boys in red, white and blue today.
Have a great day!

Tiffany123 09-11-2002 11:15 AM

Good morning ladies. Happy (?) 9-11 :(

I want today to be a day of hope and reflection, and a day to remember some extaordinary people who were able to show great courage and true patriotism when we needed it the most.

I want today to be a day of looking forward with hope and a positive attitude, instead of looking behind with sadness and grief.

That is what I want, but very hard to do, as I got into the car and heard a poem about how on September 11th, we were once again reduced to children and looked to our childhood heros, the policeman and fireman to save us and make us safe once more. And I burst into tears. I try not to watch the shows about the "events" of that day, because it makes my soul feel heavy and hopeless. I try not to imagine the sadness of friends, families, co-workers, New Yorkers, etc...because I don't think I could understand it. If my grief is this great for people I don't know, and a place I have never been, I can only imagine the black hole of despair that people close to it must have been and still are experiencing. :cry:

So, now that I have brightened everyone's day, I will move on before I crawl under my desk and suck my thumb and rock all day.

Ok...as far as the challenge. Halloween challenege started the 8th of September and will run through November 2nd. Everyone can post their beginning weight at the beginning of the challenge, and their goal, although most of us have it in our sig lines. And we can post our weekly weigh ins. Choose your own weigh in day. Mine will stay on Tuesdays for convienence. I will start a new thread for that, as well. We will be responsible for buying ourselves a treat for making goal, and for those of us that don't meet our goal, we will hug you and comfort you to the best of our ability. (And maybe give you a wedgie, so you better meet your goals!!!)

As far as the next 3 point a day challenge. That will start October 1rst and run through through October 31th. Nice and simple. (Unless their are objections.) No one is FORCED to participate. Only do it if you REALLY want to. You have a couple of weeks to decide if you want in on it.

If that idea sucks, feel free to make other suggestions. I will be thinking of other contest-type things we can do to make it fun and keep it interesting. :hyper:

Ok, moving along to the next order of business. I went to the dentist this morning before work. Have another appointment tomorrow to have them dig out the crap in there and start building it up for the crown they will have to put there. They will be numbing me up, thank God. So, I will update on that tomorrow afternoon. Like anyone cares about my crown. LOL....It's BIG NEWS!!!!! :nose:

Ate well yesterday, and felt positive about myself. I DID eat the egg roll, (Mike was nice and brought me one anyway) and I was able to figure it into my calories/Points for the day and still came out ahead. (The three cookies and glass of skim milk I had at 3:00 am, went on todays sheet as breakfast! LOL, I have to be honest, I like to pretend that anything I eat between Midnight and 6:00 am doesn't count. :lol: So, I am working hard to be honest ALL hours of the day.

Jo, yes, you can pick your weigh in day, and good luck tomorrow! Sounds like your vacation was simply heavenly, I'm sure you needed it.

Kayla, slow your butt down, girl. You are like a tornado through here!

Semo, I still haven't seen that raise in my paycheck yet. WHAT'S THE HOLDUP?

Dyan, way to go on the smaller legs. My mother pissed me off last time I saw her. She was peering at me kind of closely, and I asked her what she was looking at. And she says, "Yeah, I can kind of tell you lost some weight. You look like you have settled into your weight now. Maybe you are ready to go to the next level?" :chin: :headache: WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN? I wanted to say, "Woman, I AM taking it to the next level, and there hasn't been any time to SETTLE into my weight cause I keep LOSING it." "Now go drink your Slimfast and leave me the **** alone." But I didn't. I smiled and said thank you. And thought ALL kinds of evil thoughts.

That seems to be my recurring fantasy. Dreaming of the things I will do when I am thin. The people I will say and the things I will say. Mike dreams of what he will do when he wins the lottery or if he were to suddenly become invisible. I dream of being thin.

Hey LJ, if you figure out how to get more hours into the day, let me know! I think you just have to get up at 3 in the morning to get started. LOL

BrighterDays, your comment about hump day made me laugh. I worked once as a receptionist and Secretaries Day just happened to be on a Wednesday. The boss says, "Happy Hump Day AND Happy Secretaries Day. Does that mean this is Hump-Secretaries Day?" I was mortified. LOL But strangely turned on. He was quite the hottie!

Tig, glad your AC is fixed. That REALLY sucks to be hot.

HEY, where is DEAD? She is scarce these days.

Ok, I guess I have rambled long enough. I had better get busy!
Love you guys,

Tiffany123 09-11-2002 11:17 AM

Tig, we are all in Red White and Blue...the High School encouaged the kids to dress in it too. It's nice seeing all the people on the street wearing it!

[email protected] the cool temps today. Doesn't it just figure?

Off to start our new thread!

DNW 09-11-2002 12:07 PM

Hi All:

Quick hello and lots of love to all. Today sucks in NJ...in our larhge corporate conference room we have huge screen that has the TV on and projected. In NY they have been reading the names of the dead since 8:46 AM. I just cannot listen or watch anything today or I will start crying and not stop so I am diverting til I get to church tonight.

Also food HAD been good until I got home last night and got pissed because Deadnurse himself wouldn't help me put Petromalt on the paws of Rosie, our cat. She threw out mightily yesterday mornng and I suspect hairballs, Bob as usual wanted to procrastinate until this morning so I called him many #%@#*@XX and screamed and yelled and then ate a bowl of pasta...yeah that helped...I showed me alright! Anyway I apologized because he would never, and has never ever sworn at me in 12 years and I can really be abusive with my mouth...we have the therapist tonight so I will gain some insight then....basically though I was exhausted and tired and sad...I took it out on him....this man really loves me....no one else would put up with that....I will have to remember last night the next time he raises his voice...which is about as bad as it gets with him...the man's a saint....all be it a sloppy one!!

Love and thanks for listening

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