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  • much more out of the loop can I be? Where to start?

    Huntress: I had to smile, when I saw you bought a Camero. You are a Hot Rod Mama. We had an Explorer too. I called the freaking thing an Exploder. We bought it from a used car lot (DH just had to have it) and with in 3 months the transmission went out! The second time it went, I said no more. We're getting a NEW car. If I'm gonna be making payments, I want something reliable. Of course after we got the freakin thing, I read in Consumer Reports that 91-92 Explorers were really bad for having the trans go out!! So anyway, I got a Mazda 626 in 99', Brand new, only had 13 miles on it when we took it for a test drive. Then in 00' DH got an Expedition. We can't live with out it! I can't get all 3 car seats in my car!! YIKES . It about that mobile time. I need a mini van so bad! I saw a Windstar Sport, that I really liked. Maybe someday...... Once the kids are grown, then maybe I can get that Saleen Mustang...I've dreamt about. BIL has a Camero, and he just bought a Corvette. Not a new one though. Personally, I'm too crazy about vettes. A friend had one, it was so uncomfortable, as a passanger. Okay...anyway....CoNgRaTs on the new wheels!! I also wanted to say, that I'm so happy to hear that your aunt knew who you were and that you able to go see her on more time.

    Kayla: Thanks for straightening me out. I hate saying stand. As in Popcorn stand or Popsicle stand. I "like" joints , with all the rockin and rollin.....hehehe. I hope your first day of school was a blast!

    Tiff: I think you summed up what we all need to remember. This is going to take some time. We all wish that it would just "melt" off, but reality is.... it's NOT.

    Tiger: The festival souds like fun. We usually have an Art & Wine festival in September, but I have NOT seen anythign this year, announcing it. I am so bummed , they've had it EVERY year for as long as I can remember. What the heck is going on?! I'm so confused and sad......

    I'll be is talking to me and is expecting me to listen and answer her....some people....
  • LOL, the NERVE of some people wanting us to actually WORK after a holiday weekend. Jeez. I have a Ford Windstar, and with 3 kids, we HAD to have it...I have a Camry that I love, but it is getting old, so almost time to move on. I would like a new Camry, but Mike sells Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Kia, so....who knows what we will come home with!

    Well, Dyan, good to see you. You do realize that you have to pick up the slack while Jello is gone. LOL....

    Ok, cracking the whip, back to work I go!
  • Okay.....I'm back!

    I've got to get a report done, but am waiting for Tada.

    Semo: Glad you had a blast on your trip. We're starting a new week, and I'm so proud of you for getting a 3 pointer yesterday. I get so upset with myself. When I'm working I do GREAT, but give me a day off and everything goes down hill. we're going to Utah for Thanksgiving for a week, and I'm scared......This is supposed to be lifestyle change for me and well I only seem to "change" when I have my routine. I'm hoping to be able to correct this flaw by Thanksgiving.

    Nurse: Welcome. I hope your still around. I haven't seen any other post, but the one. I hope your lurking or have found a nice place to "play"

    Brighterdays: Hi there. Sounds like you've been here before. I've only just found these goofy ladies and am really having a blast!

    Okay, so here's how my weekend played out. Friday, got Kaleigha's ears pierced. Did she cry? You betcha'. Not too bad though. BY the time the pain registered and she started crying, the lady was about to do the other ear. Got both ears done, put her back in the stroller, gave her a bottle and she was done. Dh and I bought new tennies. There was a Sketcher outlet at the mall. So now we're "styling" . Went to the "As Seen On TV" store. I bought a pilates/yoga thing. Okay.....a BIG waste of money! . It came with a mat and a yoga ball (I guess), that's cool, but the video SUCKED HARD EGGS!!! It was some woman in a a plain white room (looked like the inside of her house) and it looked like it was done on a shoe string budget. Hey, for that kinda money, I want glitz and thangs.... . Bought plane tickets for the kids to go Utah. Cheye, Lucas and Kalei are flying w/ my mom and sister. Adriana is going to drive w/ me and DH. It's a 14-16 hour drive! I am so NOT looking forward to that part of it.

    I can't even remember what we did on Saturday! Sunday, went to SIL in Tracy. About an hour from where we live. When we left at 6pm it was 101 degress! HOT . SIL has air conditioning...Yippee. Then yesterday, went and bought DH a new jacket, 2 shirts and 2 ties, he's got to be looking spify for his job interview Thursday (He's interview at some compay down south in LA. They sent him a plane ticket and everything). Then DH and my baby boy got hair cuts. Lucas was having a fit! Poor thing, face was all red, boogies running out of his get the picture. No more curls! He needed a hair cut so bad. He looks like a little boy now . Where'd my baby go? He'll be 17 months this month. Kaleigha will be 6 months on Sunday. You should see her's comical. I TRIED to feed her peas last week and she wasn't having it. Figure I'll have to come back to those so I gave her carrots last night. You would have thought it was crap on a spoon! HA. But I got half a jar into her. Then we BBQ'd and that was my weekend. Nothing too exciting, but got some stuff taken care of that needed to be done. Oh yeah, now I remember what we did on Saturday. LAUNDRY, try 18 loads. You read right.....18 freakin loads..... It only took 5 hours! Our apartments has a laundry room w/ 5 washers and 6 dryers. We have vowed to NEVER let laundry go that long. Keep in mind we are doing laundry for 6 people.

    Isn't cafe on the West coast? I miss Jello too...
  • OMGoodness, I can't imagine doing laundry with three babies!! How much does it cost to do a load these days? I live in the country and hang some stuff outside when I'm home on the weekends. Love to smell sheets that have been dried outside. And I still like stiff bluejeans but I'm the only one at my house. Telling my age again aren't I!

    I have so much to do and all I want to do is go home. My co-worker is off today and tomorrow or I would have slipped out early today.

    DH is going for some training the end of the month and I plan to wallpaper our bedroom. Say do you girls have any plans for the week of the 23rd. I'd feed you diet food and wall papering is good exercise too! No takers eh.

    Back later.
  • OMG Dyan, you made me laugh so hard. First the crap on the spoon, LOL and then the boogies running out of the nose...

    Don't EVEN get me started on laundry. We do it for 5, and I swear, NO ONE can use a towel more than once. WHAT THE??? You are CLEAN when you get out of the shower. Use the towel, hang it up, use it again. Not 50 times, just more than ONCE. Plus, the girls like to change about 5 times a day, they will throw something on, and then change their mind and throw the first outfit into the laundry. If I am paying attention, I usually throw it in the dryer for a minute with the clean clothes and fold it and they never know.

    So much to do, and no one in that house seems to know how to run a load. "MOOOOOOMMMMM...I need my jeans washed." Grrrrr...DO IT YOURSELF. I tried to figure out once how many loads I have done, and I just got mad and stomped out of the room before I said something naughty.

    Well, as far as the diet goes, this last week was a wash. I stayed the same on the scale which was a Christmas miracle. This week is "Getting down to business" time. I need to have a perfect week. But, it is TOM, and I am having some problems with that, so I am not too hungry, but it does make exercise difficult. I can picture me on my walk, looking like Rambo, (you know that thing he had on his chest that had all the bullets in it?) Mine would have tampons. Every half block I would be squatting behind a bush to "reload".

    Ahhh...but anyway, I will be on track with my food for sure and trying to get that water in will be a challenge. I haven't done it this week, and I can actually tell a difference. As much as I hate to admit that. So, back to the water, I go.

    I was happy to have stayed the same because I REALLY had a slacker week. Was half way OP...but half way is better than completely off. LOL...

    But, I need to get stricter with myself, and not let myself slide as much. I notice MUCH better results when I stick to my plan.

    But, we all know that!
    Back to work,
  • It's cost about $1.50 per load. Sometimes more, if the freakin things don't dry the first time out. Tiff, our APARTMENTS decided that "kids" under 16 can not go into the laundry room!! I say ffffff that! If they're old enough to change there clothes umpteen times a day, were decorate, shave, wear make up etc.... there old enough to wash their own freaking clothes. My 3 1/2 year old is already "Queen" of clothes changing. She's now got into the habit of walking around in her panties and shirt. Once she goes to the bathroom, her pants/shorts/skirt comes off. But then she'll change her jammies about 2 or 3 times. What the heck is that all about? Because in the end I'll find her sleeping in just her draaaws. . The older one is doing that too. I don't have a problem w/ it as that's how DH and I sleep, but I don't put on umpteen pairs of jammies first. GGGRRRR......

    I'm with ya Tiff, let's get this party started

    I need to be OP for the rest of my life, but I'll willing to start today and take it one day at a time. I also wanted to congratulate you on your 35 pounds. It looks like we started around the same time, have lost about the same amount. I only wish that I could have started at the same weight as you , bummer. Oh well, at least I didn't wait until I had packed on another 35 pounds .

    My Halloween goal will be 261, that will total a 51 pound loss! Who-hoo. I'll be shouting it to the world, when I get there. And I WILL get there . Since I weigh in on Saturday for my labor day mini goal, I will go ahead and start this with this past Saturdays weight of 276.5, so we're looking at a loss of 15.5 pounds by Halloween. That's my mini goal and I'm sticking to it . I'll change my sig, after Saturday's weigh in.
  • Oh yeah.....Semo, like your sig line.

    and Tiff/ Rambo.......ya had to go there didn't ya?
  • Dear Dyan:

    Thanks for replying. I have been having alot of trouble with my DSL line and keep getting kicked off right in the middle of transmissions to others, so please know if I in the chat room then all of a sudden I dissapear, that's rudeness involved.

    I always say good-bye. Also you can reach me directly at my yahoo e-mail. [email protected]. I have instant messaging as of this morning.

    Sounds like you had one busy weekend!

    Carol Ann
  • Deadnursewife ~ I have to ask......where did your "handle" come from? Are you a nurse?
  • Handle
    Dear Dyan:

    Actually my husband's a "deadhead" (as in Grateful dead) therefore the dead;
    he's a nurse;
    and I'm his wife...deadnursewife...his handle of course is deadnurse

    Take care!!!!!!!!!!

    Carol Ann
  • Cool , You won't believe some of the morbid stuff going on in this sick, sick head of mine. .

    I'm so glad that your still with us. . I think Tiff pretty much summed it up. Currently we have a few challenges going on. On this particular thread we have just recently set a "mini" Halloween goal. Personally I have over a 100 pounds to lose. I started at 145 (to lose), but I say 150 just to make it easier, I still have quite a ways to go (110), but I've broken it down into 25 pound intervals. It's so much easier to focus on a smaller number, than to be overwhelmed with a HUGE number. So far I've lost more than my 3 1/2 year old weighs , she's way to heavy for me to carry around, and yet I was carrying that much everyday, on my actual body! Anyway, back to the challenge and mini goals. So please......join us and have fun. My halloween mini goal is 261. Just post it on your sig line (where it will be engraved , and etched in stone!), Nah, just kidding. For me, it helps to keep me focused. We also have a 30 challenge, you can read about it on the 30 day challenge thread. Semo, started at about 10 days into. We still have about a week or so more, then we'll start the next 30 days. Basically, we get a point for the 3 things that we know work. Food, water and exercise. Again, look at the thread. I believe there is a prize for the person with the most points at the end. (I'm not participating in that part of it, as of yet. I wanted to just focus on what I need to do the first 30 days).

    You will also find, I like to state my losses in sticks of butter. 4 sticks is pound. Which reminds me......I didn't post my Saturday weigh in. I'm down another 8 sticks of butter , hey, they don't have a butter I guess that the cheese will have to do. Tiff I don't want hear anything about someone cutting the cheese!

    Anyway, Deadnursewife, keep posting and we love new folks
  • Thanks and I will be in touch....The 30 day challenge sounds good to me....I will keep my eyes to you soon
  • Dyanm - girl you are awlsome, I'm slipping and sliding on all that melted butter. YOU GO GIRL.

    Carol Ann, I have to admit that I was wondering about that name too. Just couldn't get the picture out of my head of a dead nurse stuck in your closet.

    How's the water flowing ladies? I've almost got 40 oz down, having trouble today for some reason. Chug a lug.
  • Semo ~ thanks! , I'm trying to work it for all it's worth! . I've gotten down all 64 oz, this morning! and am in the process of peeing it all out too

    How's your day going so far?

    Bought ANOTHER new work out tape. Don't know what possed me. I guess I'm getting bored w/ what I got. Anyhoo, it's a Denise AUstin tape (Man, does she grate on the nerves), it the Fat Burner video. She does Everything! If nothing else, I actually WATCHED it yesterday. She uses a step and 3 pound weights. She does a little kick boxing etc..... For the most part I just watched and thought.....hhhheeeelllll nnnnnooooo. But guess what? I'm gonna try and do 20 minutes today. It's a 45 minute workout. Kids won't leave me alone that long, the little boogers!
  • Yea, I have to add Denise to several of the other people that really drive me up the wall. Guess you could turn the volume down once you get the moves. It's just something that really un-nerves me about these perky little people. Sort of reminds me of a mexican jumping bean. Ha
    Leslie's Walk Away the Pounds is starting to get to me too. I'm an early riser and generally in a good mood, but some mornings it's just too much.