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  • Tig, you crack me up. Maybe we will have to get together at that festival. We can keep each other on the straight and narrow!

    Dyan, your draaws are cracking me up. I STILL pull undies out of the drawer and hold them up and think, "HOLY COW, is my butt REALLY that big??" But, *sigh* I know it is, just not for long.

    Hope everyone is doing well and enjoys their Friday, I know I will!

    No dishes for me! I have teenagers to do them!!! WOO HOO!! I just get all the laundry, cause they turn all the whites red. I think they do it on purpose!


    Semo, enjoy Nashville, nice time to go...I'm sad. I have no where to go. *boo hoo*
  • Well ladies.....

    I'm blowing this popcorn joint, in about 10 minutes. I have nothing to do and no here to keep track of me. You know what they say..... When the cat's away the (had to put at least 2 otherwise it would "mouse" instead of "mice") will play!

    I'll check in from home, sometime later today.

    Going to take my baby girl to get her ears pierced and get them all some new jammies.....

  • Dang it, I thought I posted again. Grrr...I did weigh this morning. I was at 230. My goal was going to be to get down into the 220s before Halloween. Now I have to get more specific since I am almost there. I have now lost 35 pounds. Smaller draaaws, here I come!

    When are we coming up with our Halloween mini-goals?
    I will put mine in my sig line today.
  • Hello.
    Halloween Goal...174. That's the high weight in the normal range for my height. 14.5 pounds to loose or I'll turn into a :tomato: .

    My youngest son's bday is coming up. I'm expected to do the cake and icecream thing at my house. I am already dreading it. DREAD, I use that word too much. But, it's how I feel. See, we bought this house in '97. It had no 'curb side appeal', but I thought we could make it work. Years later, it still isn't working and I dread having the family over. Stupid I know, but can't seem to shake it.
    Some days, I just want to call a realtor and put it up for sale. Bail out and start over.*banging head on desk* DH doesn't get it, but he wears stinky ballcaps and torn sweatshirts. What does he know.
    OK, enough of my downer mood.

    Tiff, 35 POUNDS! Awesome.
    Oh, and I always call them panties. Even the boy's and DH's. They get mad at me, I do it on purpose.
  • LOL...I know how you feel Tig. I have to have everything perfect before someone comes to my home. It is important to me that it looks right and I know I am anal about it, but it just matters that much. From the inside to the outside.

    I am already dreading Thanksgiving and Christmas, I usually cook. Halloween doesn't bother me very much, I buy crappy candy. But if I hit my mini goal, I may have to have a king size snickers to celebrate. LOL....

    Birthdays stink too. I have one little one that wants chocolate cake and that is good cause I don't like choc cake, but I LOVE white cake. So, I will try to make OTHER desserts for birthdays and stick a candle on it. Desserts I hate, like pineapple upside down cake. LOL...Or rhubarb stuff. LOL

  • I'm anal about the house too. Problem is, there is only so much I can do to make it look alright. The rest is out of my hands. I see so much potential in this house and property, but either there isn't the time or there isn't the $. I just get the house blues once in a while. Voices in my head tell me I'm lucky to have a home, yadda, yadda, yadda.
    I love chocolate cake. I'll do the cake and icecream thing for DS bday. He wants a Spiderman cake. I'll try to order the smallest size possible to avoid leftovers.
    We don't get too many trick-or-treaters at our house, no curb-side-appeal! LOL
    I'm in the middle of cleaning the cats room right now. aka the laundry room. There are even kitty pictures on the walls and he has a curtained litter area. LOL Kitty privacy. Better get back at it. Dust Bunnies everywhere, you'd think the cat would eat them.
  • LOL at the Kitty Room. I have a Doggie room. Little bed and stuffed toys. I am insane.

  • Kitty Room, Doggie Room....ok, now imagine 4 wooden screen doors screwed together with a top and bottom. That's Ernies Room. The iguana. He's lives next to the pc. Never in my life did I imagine I'd live with a lizard. Boys.
    DH just called and he's on his way home! He hasn't been home before 5pm in FOREVER! That'll be nice, get an early start to the long weekend. Corona is chill'n in the 'frig.
    Oldest DS spending the night w/friend, so will be quiet here w/only one rugrat. Kinda hard to fight w/himself. LOL.
  • strange see'n my Halloween Goal in sig line...ETCHED IN STONE!
  • For the Halloween challenge, present wt 179 (this am) and want ten pound gone by the end of the challenge. That doesn't sound like much but my fat really has a hard time letting go of this 'ol bod. Everytime I turn around it wants back on

    Getting ready to head out, run home throw everything in the trunk and take off again. Everybody be safe and will talk to ya Monday.

    OBTW, we own a cat from [email protected]!!.......... no kitty pictures in her room. If I thought I could pawn her off on someone she would be gone. Just afraid that someone would do her in and even tho I don't like her I wouldn't want anything REALLY bad to happen to her.

    Gotta go.
  • OMG, Semo, I thought you said, YOU would do in your cat...LOL, made my eyes bug all out and I gagged on my chip.

    LOL, Picturing you with a hammer, chasing the kitty around the house. Crashing into the lamps, etc.

  • Trust me it's crossed my mind to do away with her......... Bet you think she's not the only one from [email protected]!!. Thankfully she is getting old and sleeps a lot now, but geez has it been rough. Actually she is my son's cat (college kid) and of course the cat stayed with us.
  • Hey girls!

    WELL! shopping was a BLAST! I dropped one dress size in my jeans and the even smaller size ALMOST fit...i couldnt get it to do up but it fit perfect in the legs. which makes me SOOOOO happy.
    AND i went to old navy and i got two pairs of pants...and they were ONLY A LARGE and they FIT! which is FANTASTIC for me! i havent weighed myself lately and im not sure how much ive lossed but i plan to weigh myself tommorrow when i go to the gym......regardless of my weight i want to lose 15 pounds by halloween...and i know it doesnt seem like alot but its a step in the right direction.....

    Tif, hows the new job goin? i hope its good! you are such a nice lady and you deserve to be somewhere that you like!!!

    DYAN dyan dyan!!!! what am i gonna do with you?? now ladies...if were going to use slang we must remember there IS a teenager amongst us. lol. WELL now, dyan..i must pick on you since it was in YOUR were going to talk about joints or popcorn they can never occur in the same sentance...well they can.....ok...let me show you:
    1- im blowing this popcorn joint....incorrect
    2- im blowing this popcorn stand! (with exclamation point) CORRECT! lol

    and a joint usually refers to something trashier or where you would create perhaps this may be a bit of a joint! so anyways..theres your proper termonology lesson for the day.....and im just joking!!!!!

    Cafe, Hey girlie! where are ya??

    Huntress, hi hi....... yeah i have nothing interesting to say! (hence the whole thing about popcorn stands! lol)

    so anyways......yeah i had a blast to you all later!!!

  • Just slipped in to say HI. Up early getting ready for the Festival. Boys and DH all still sleeping. Strangely quiet.
    I am going to have lunch at the festival today, but I'll try to pick the lesser of all the evils and wont over-eat. How's that!
    Semo, our cats are probably distant cousins! Mine bites me on the ankles when he wants something, never mind meowing. And his purr box is broken, so he never sounds happy. On the other hand, he's a big lug.
    Better go dry the hair, its up in a towel.
  • Well, I figure this thread will be dead with the Holiday weekend. It's kind of the last big summer fling, so everyone enjoy! And do the best you can!

    We'll be strict again on Tuesday!

    Enjoy your holiday!