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  • Good morning ladies..........

    This is such a beautiful group......Tigerlily, Jello & Tiffany you are all lovely ladies.

    My son (computer genious) has been out of town the last week but when he gets back I will post a pic.

    Not much to report, my weekend was pretty low key. I did manage somehow to keep my eating in check and drink the water but naturally I didn't do any exercise. TOM showed up last night and I was pmsing so I spent most of it either in bed or on the couch watching movies. DD brought over some Kettle Corn, WOW that stuff was good and it was the microwave kind so I'm sure it's not as good as the stuff that ya'll were talking about before.

    Have a nice day.

  • Monday Monday Monday. Blah. Just couldn't get my big ol' butt outta bed this morning. Woke up and saw it was only 4:30 so rolled over and went back to sleep. Then woke up and saw that it was 45 minutes later than I usually get up and considered calling in sick ... for all of 10 seconds. Ended up having to race around to get to work on time. Forgot my lab coat (not allowed back in the lab area without it), forgot my lunch, forgot the bills I was going to pay. Hm, well, maybe that one's a good one.

    I recalculated (more honestly this time ) and my 3 point Friday crashed and burned. Well, I think if you ate something so fast that you didn't even taste it, it shouldn't count.

    Ah well, it's a new day, right? I have to be very very good this week. I'm starting to lose sleep over this trip. I'm not worried about the flight or being in Scotland. I'm stressing over getting to the airport and THROUGH the airport. On the news this morning was the story of a woman who landed in Phila on a flight from Atlanta and they found a loaded gun in her luggage. When she LANDED, not when she took off!!!! Now tell me security isn't going to be tightened up like crazy after that!! It's going to take forever to get through the airport on Friday.

    A serious question. Don't laugh at me. Do any of you know if you're allowed pens and/or pencils on the plane? Sounds stupid but I can see how they could be used as a weapon, don't you? I like to do puzzle books during long trips and am almost afraid of trying to get on the plane with a pen in my carry-on!!!

    In other news.....

    Kayla, congratulations!!!! What an honor! You should be proud!!

    Tiffany, you look just like I pictured you!! You can see the mischief in those eyes. That's a GOOD thing, girlie!! BTW, why would you think that a long walk to the dome doesn't count?????

    Huntress, can't wait to see your photo too!

    SEMO, good luck at the baseball game(s). It'll be tough being "trapped" in that box with all that food. You can do it! Lots of water, right? Is there a private bathroom too?

    Guess I'd better get to work. Have to put all the files and folders anyone may need next week onto the main server so that no one has to get into my computer next week. I hate that. I made the mistake once and this stupid little bimbo started poking around my personal files while I was gone. Yes, there is a way to tell what files were opened and when on a computer. I told my boss that if she ever touched my computer again, I'd quit and press charges. Then I changed all my passwords and rearranged all my folders, etc. I do lots of work for the company president (he doesn't have a secretary) and a lot of it is proprietary. Can't have little miss airhead snooping around there. And then, of course, there's the important stuff ... 3FC forums, etc.

    Gotta run. Take care!
  • Mondays are soo hard to catch up. I'm gonna have to start getting on here over the weekends.

    Weigh-in this morning, still at 189.5. I'm glad I didn't gain, and don't know why I would have expected to see a loss....I didn't try hard enough last week. Thank Goodness it's a new week!

    Tiff, The Colts! DS starts JR. Football this week. DH is the coach. I had to call all the players and remind them that practice starts this week. One of my secretarial duties. DS favorite shirt is his Urlacher jersey.

    So, now that you've all seen my dog...Belle. Imagine her sitting on my lap EVERYTIME I get on the pc. And it's difficult. There isn't enough room for my thighs AND her under the keyboard shelfy thing. Yet again, another reason to loose weight!

    I'll be back on here in a there was any doubt. I need to beat down this bed head, because sure-as-shoot'n if I don't, someone will show up at more door!
  • Good Morning Ladies, I'm telling ya we have some hotties on this thread......looks as if I'll have to be the Mama of you cubs. But hey, if you hang around young people it rubs off.

    I'm developing a love/hate relationship with the ol Walk Away the Pounds tape. I did the three mile Sat and Sun then the two mile this morning. WARNING....shave your legs before beginning the three mile tape to prevent fires! You were right about the friction. OMG

    I've had four days in a row of three point days. WooHoo!!! Most certainly would not have done it had I not found you guys. Just the thought of breaking my chain of little bananas dancing kept me out of the chips yesterday. It's funny how something as silly as dancing bananas can make a difference. I lead a VERY DULL life....

    I have to do payroll, don't want these guys after me.
  • Hey there!
    Semo, I can understand the love/hate with Walkaway. I really like the level of exercise, and it's simple enough to follow. My thing is...I'm so bored of Leslie. And the studio, and matching orange outfits....
    I survived the company picnic. They should make tshirts with that saying! After changing clothes 6 times and messing with my hair forever, it started a downpour on the way out the door! Droupy hair, soggy denim capri's. But, I survived. I was attacked by a small pig ear, but only one. Like an elephant ear, but smaller. There was tons of walking and bottles of water offered everywhere....probably offset the pig ear.
    I'm not going to backtrack through the thread....Someone was talking about snail mail and wanting to have all the smilies. I do the same thing...with snail mail, regular email and icq! I want smilies EVERYWHERE!
    The Schwans man comes today. Do you all have Schwans? They bring evil right to your doorstep.
  • Good Morning Ladies!

    Glad to see everyone is here.

    Kayla ~ Welcome back, and congrats . What an honor.

    Tiff ~ Like Jello said, you look just like I pictured you. Your a evil , evil woman ! !

    Everyone looks great! I'm so glad everyone (just about) has posted a pic. I think it's great to put a face to a name.

    Semo ~ You go girl!!!! You are just the 3 point making fool. I am so jealous!

    Huntress~ We're waiting ever so patiently for your pic.... . Hehe.

    Jo~ I hope you get through the aiport w/ no problems. How many days until you leave?

    Where's cafe? I had to try to catch up this morning....So you could be here and I'm just having a mental lapse.

    Tig ~ So glad you didn't have a gain. I wish I could say the same. I weigh myself daily. I know, I know , but Saturday is "official" weigh-in day, and that's what I count.

    So on weigh in I was down another 3.5 pounds. But after eating like there was no tomorrow, on both Saturday and Sunday. It looks ugly. But won't frett until this coming Saturday, when it's official. Still feeling a little ho-humish. But am trying to fit backl into my cheerleader outfit ! .

    Spent boocoo bucks this weekend. The kids are all set for the new seasons that will soon be upon us. Went to go get my baby's ears pierced this weekend, but couldn't find a place to do it. Can ya believe that? So we're gonna try again next weekend. That's pretty much the kind of weekend I've had. I go somewhere set out to do something, and either they don't have what I went to get, or some other evil force has made it impossible to do/get.

    Oh, then the latest on the "ex". She freakin quit her job!! In this economy!! I think she's lost her , ever lovin mind!! She better not even think about taking us back to court and trying to get more $$$$. Okay, thanks, I'm done
  • Good morning, gals!

    Tiffany - the pic was worth the suspense! (not to mention possible damage to DD's social life). Another cutie pie.

    Kayla - I think you should change your subnic to Ms. Entrepeneur! Congrats!!

    Huntress - I had some microwave carmel corn over the weekend - OMG that stuff is pure evil in a bag. They just keep inventing new, evil, clever food, don't they?

    Tiger - WTG survinving the company picnic!!! Your dog is as cute as a button and I can imagine is welcome on laps at any time. This is from a cat person, mind you. I'll have to post my kitty.

    Dyan - Sorry you had a rough weekend - shopping will do that to a gal, no? But knowing you, you'll have a great week to make up for it.

    Semo - You are doing AWESOME! Way to challenge!

    Jello - Yep, it's a Monday, LOL. When exactly do you leave on your trip??

    I'm going to the left coast for a week - I leave early Saturday morning. I can't remember if I said this, but I'm flying nephy out while Sis & B-I-L drive the moving truck, and I'll stay and help them unpack. I'm excited. However, I've got to start looking into what kind of Internet service I can get my sis hooked up with or I'll be high and dry! I don't think I'll want to dial up long distance.

    So my weekend was good. I was bad on Saturday (day with the girls), but good on Sunday. I went to see that surfing movie - Blue Crush. It was great! but then this is from a girl who likes Endless Summer too, which is basically all surfing and no plot.
  • Howdy. Just pop'n in here real quick before I head out to mow the evil itch weed. I have't been scratch'n for a few days now...think I may have it licked.
    Cafe, I always thought of myself as a cat person. And I surely never thought I would have a small dog....I mean, what's the point, ya might as well have a cat. But, when the kids started begging for a dog....and we wanted to keep it in the house....little dog it was. She's a Jack Russell, too smart for her own good. Can't imagine not having her. Our cat even likes her. Puppy love.
    DS looked so cute wait'n for the bus this morning with his sax case. I'm such a sap. I'm sure I wont feel so sappy about it once he starts practicing.
    Other DS starts school tomorrow. I'll be a cry'n fool when he gets on that big yellow bus.
    Out to mow. Sometimes I wish it was a push mower just so I could get some exercise.
  • Feeling a "burn" in my calves. maybe shopping, should be considered exercise. I haven't really done any all weekend.
  • Helloooooo girly girls. I took my stepdaughter to the doctor this morning and was a little peeved at him. He is a big advocate for making sure girls are comfortable about their bodies and all that, which is a great thing. stepdaughter is about 5'5" and weighed in this morning at 177. NOW....I am overweight, and I know that by buying her clothes and watching her eat that she is a little unhealthy. She can no longer fit in any of the junior sizes and had to move up to Misses...and she is MAJOR unhappy about that, because of course, she wants to wear all the cool Junior clothes. She has quite a tummy on her and that is where her mother carries all her weight too, right in the belly. I am blessed to be FAT ALL OVER. Anyway, she mentioned to the doctor that she was wanting to lose some weight and become more fit. AND HE SAID...."Honey, you are fine just the way you are."

    Um....WHAT? She has a BMI of almost 30 which is sadly considered OBESE. I think, about 150 for her height and build would be realistic and not too thin....but the damn doctor was like, "She's fiiiiiine." in that placating tone that I hate so much. So, now I am torn. Should I talk to her and say, you are beautiful the way you are, but you are right, you COULD be more fit. And try to encourage her to exercise and eat healthier? I am worried now, that she thinks this is all fine and if I try to help her out any, she will think that I think she is fat.

    Moving on. Jello, let me be the first to congratulate you. You are running away with the contest. You are now 4 points ahead of 2nd place. Nice going. Bet you are so excited about your trip. I THINK you can have writing utensils on the plane, but the best thing to do is to call your airport and just ask. Better to be safe than sorry. And good for you laying down the law about your computer files, etc. You don't need that little witch looking at all of the banana mutilation pics you keep on their. She might have to be killed then.

    Semo, you are seriously kicking tail girl. And you don't have to worry about being our "mom" here. Age is only a number and we all know that. You fit right in, the fun thing would be if we never knew how old we all were, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to tell. Most of us act like kids.

    Tig, glad you survived the picnic. Mike hasn't had his yet, and I worry myself sick, cause I tend to be VERY shy around people that I don't know. But I think back to people that I have met and I never pay attention to the fact that they are overweight, unless they are super-dee-dooper overweight, and then it isn't a staring thing, it is a "feel kind of sad and worried for them, and as ashamed as I am to admit it, I'm always glad that I tried to take control of my weight, and didn't let it get that far type thing"

    I guess I notice their personality. Not their weight. So, it would stand to reason that others who meet me for the first time, aren't thinking that I am big fat slob, but they are looking for a smile and a friendly personality. (I hope)

    And yes, by the way, we have Schwanns. The *******. I see him coming and my knees get weak. I want to stop this THING we have between us, but I am too afraid to. I need him and he needs me.

    Cafe, your trip sounds wonderful, I hope you have an awesome time. My girls wanted to see Blue Crush, but we hadn't went yet, maybe now we will!

    Dyan, I will be waiting for you to post that the ex wants more money. That will be next, I am sure. Mike's ex nickel and dimes us to death. We pay a lot for the kids and we have them probably 70-80% of the time, and she still calls and says, "you owe me $10 for the backpack I bought for school". LIKE SHE CAN'T USE 10$ OUT OF THE MONEY WE PAY HER. Grrrrrrrrrr......

    Anyway, moving on before my brain explodes.

    Huntress, you are doing stellar even while dealing with TOM. I bought some of that kettle corn for the kids and was afraid to even put one bite in my mouth. I don't seem to know when to stop.

    Kayla, you are too quiet. Tell us some stories!

    Talk to y'all later, I am off to grab some lunch. Tomorrow is weigh in, which means this is my last day to kick butt and take names. So....I am going to do my best!

  • Howdy. Mow break...ran out of gas.
    Tiff, I'd think if the stepdaugher was asking the doc about losing weight, she already knows what really needs to be done. I'd say setting a good example for her would be the best thing. She'll see how great you are doing and want to follow. She'll be think'n her step mom is hot and she wants to be hot too!
    I have the same kind of problem with my oldest son. He's 10yrs old, 5th grade, 5'tall, 130lbs. Kinda wiggly in the middle. He carry's it good. Maybe it will fall off during ftball season.
    Youngest son, almost 6yrs old, weighs 60lbs. What can I say, I have hardy stock.
    I checked out all kinds of people at the picnic. All varieties there! There were the "skinny minnies", wearing too little clothes. And the "think they are skinny", wear'n too little clothes. When I get "normal" again, I will not wear too little clothes. Especially to a company picnic.
    Oh, I almost forgot...DH told me my jeans looked droupy! I never thought droupy could be used as a compliment!
  • Tiff stand firm and take them names gggrrrllll!!! **** woman, from the way you talk, I thought your step kids lived with ya'll. What gives? I am very anti-ex at the moment. My sister called me this morning. She needed to vent about her DH's ex. After talking to her, I am so grateful that I only have 1 step child, instead of 4 like she does! Her "ex", doesn't work, supposedly goes to college part-time, but took the summer off. All the kids are in school, and her boyfriend who lives with them also doesn't work. I feel so sad for BIL. His son is on Riddelan (?), his two older girls are on prozac and sleeping pills (mind you the oldest is 11)! and luckily the baby (5) is okay...... so far.

    Like I said, I'm trying to get myself back into the groove of things. Isn't it weird, how one minute your up and raring to go and the next your so far down, that your knee high to a frogs tit?

    I honestly don't know what happened. BTW, thanks for he offer Tiff. I wasn't in Funkytown, but I sure as heck wasn't in MotivationVille either. I guess the train broke down somewhere in between.
    Oh yeah, Tiff I had to laugh about the RED ALERT. I am really, really bad when it comes to smilies. I am however trying to tone it down.

    It sounds like all the kidrens have started school. The stores, were crazy this weekend, with all the back to school shoppers. What was I thinking

    Man, I've gotten all the "Debil juice" down and now I'm doing the dance.......


    P.S. I agree with by example.
  • OMGoodness. how am I to get any work done around here. I just love all the activity going on here. How can I leave for two days and not know what you are doing??? I work in an all male office and I really get lonely for female companionship. Send me strong vibes and while I'm gone so I'll know that you're thinking about me. I hope I can get through this without blowing all my hard work for the last four days.

    Tiff: I don't have any experience with step children, but I think that just avoiding temptation would be of great help for her. Try and Keep fresh fruit and not have junk food out where it is just there for the taking. Skip the over loaded sugar cereal. Ask if she wants to take a walk with you in the afternoons if time permits. I know it hard with children in the house, but they really don't need junk food around, yes they want it and we want it but most of our eating habits are learned and it's never too late to start making changes. Now if I could only follow my own advice, I'd be perfect. wouldn't I.
  • Thanks ladies...

    Dyan, you BAD girl. I was taking a drink of my white death in a bottle and I read your remark about knee high to a frogs tit and I blew water everywhere. You really oughtta warn someone!

    And Mike and the ex have 2 girls. We have one full time and the other one every other week. We pay the ex about 700 a month. For the 2 weeks she spends with the one child????? I told him that he needs to go back to the lawyer, she should be paying

    Anyway, Semo...I will send those vibes your way.

    Tig, I LOVE those people who are overweight and wear the tube tops and have the tight jeans with the roll exposed over the top. I always cringe. But I guess it is all about being happy with your body. They must be delirious.

    I think when I get thin, I will wear nice jeans, and t-shirts tucked in. And I like those long sweater jacket things. Probably dress very much like I do now, only in smaller sizes.

    Well, I have to hit the grocery store. I think TOM is pouncing on me, and I am STARVING. And it freaking figures. I weigh in tomorrow and I want to eat like a pig today.

    Brings up a good question. What do you eat when you want QUANTITY and lots of food with not many calories?

    Today I ate THREE fat free hotdogs on light bread, (less calories than buns) and 2 servings of fat free Pringles. 40 calories a piece for the hotdogs and 40 calories for each piece of bread and 140 calories for 2 servings of Pringles. Total of 380 calories and 1.5 grams of total fat. Less than my Weight Watchers pizza. And TONS more filling.

    I just wondered what you all ate when you just can't stop eating!

  • So Tiger, when you say "ran out of gas" do you mean you or the lawn mower? Anyway, glad you're not quite so itchy any more. So let's be careful out there, shall we?

    Tiff, I have to agree with what others have said about stepdaughter. I'm not so old that I don't remember what it was like to have to wear the "bigger" sizes instead of all the neat "funky" clothes ... actually I guess back then it was "groovy" clothes ... that everyone else was wearing. You know what it takes to work on weight loss and you could set a good example for her. Hm, could be a great 2-way street.

    SEMO, I'm with you. I have to check in here at least a couple times a day to keep up with all the action! Love it!

    Well, just learned today that the other "phone girl" who's on maternity leave has decided not to come back to work! This is bad, girls. It's just me and the little airhead princess on phones now. She takes at least an hour for her 30-minute lunch and goes outside for a "cigarette break" at least every hour on the hour. And she calls in sick at least once a week besides the days she claims to have an appointment and disappears for hours. The good news is that she's going to be on the phones all alone next week while I'm on vacation. Maybe then something will be done about the situation. Her boss is the old *itch I'm always talking about and maybe she'll try to make some changes. God knows she'd never do it for ME.

    I'm going to shut up now. Too much whining. Instead, I'm going to look forward to my vacation.

    ... I'm going on vacation, have ya' heard? Only 103 hours to go... Later!