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Post It's the dnd of my fist week on the Ideal Protien Diet and I feel terrible!!!

Is anyone else on the Ideal Protien Diet that can give me some help?

I started this Last Sunday, 10/25/2009, and it's been a tough week, although, I have lost 5 lbs so far.

I am not in love with vegitables, so I have been skipping out on those a bit and by evening, I feel so tired and not very alert, as if I'm just going to drop. Has anyone else been feeling this way?

I really like the protien packets but need help with creativity in the veggie department!

All my friends and family think I'm crazy for doing this diet because I've been complaining of how hungry I am and they don't think it sounds healthy, but I've read so many great reviews. A little support Please!!!!
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Well I will say not all diets are healthy and I don't know anything about the Ideal Protein diet so I can't say if it is healthy or not. And we all have our own of ideas of what is healthy anyway. I suggest you look in the Ideal Protein thread that I've seen here:
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Hi Allie Jack,

I have lost 15 pounds in 3 wks on IP. I look and feel great. Several of my family members are on this diet and have had phenomenal success.

When I feel tired it's usually because I need to drink some water.

Are you drinking 64 ounces of water per day?

As for veggies, here's a couple of tips:

Slice up some cucumbers and sprinkle the recommended sea salt on them.

Steam up some asparagus or broccoli, chop and add them to your packet of soup.

The first week is the hardest! Don't give up. And yes, check out the thread for more support.
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Talking Feeling wonderful

I'm really sorry your not feeling well. My mother and I started IP 10/24/09 and as of today I've lost 10lbs and 5 1/2 inches. I have felt wonderful since day 1.

My mother on the other hand felt horrible. No energy, the feeling of starving all the time and actually had heart palputations. So its obvious this diet is not for everyone....

Just a couple suggestions
1-drink plenty of least your 64 oz....more if you can.
2-make sure you taking the recommended supplements that your coach has given you.
3-make sure you getting the recommended sea salt. You can get dehydrated which can cause really bad side effects.

Suggestions for Veggies.
1-cut up your 2 cups of broccolli crowns and place salt/pepper mrs. Dash and a squirt of olive oil and place them under the broiler. Its can season them to take of course. They give you that good crunch we all look for.
2-i do the same steps with zuchinni and green onions.
3-i love cooked i buy a bundle clean it and cook it with garlic and salt/pepper just untils its wilted.
4-To eat salad theres a wonderful salad dressing recipe on 1 of the thread that i tried and wow it was wonderful so it will help include your salad in each of lunch and dinner meals.

Hope this helps!!
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I am starting the IPD tomorrow. I am excited but kind of scared also. I really do not know what to expect. I am just hoping that I do not get headaches or feel really hungry. I think with any "diet" or sensible eating plan you try, you also have to have a game plan and plan your day ahead of time. I will just try and take it 1 day at a time and not think about the other days.

It will definitely help reading through all of these posts for guidance or any questions I might have.
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I feel terrible too, only because it is my 4 day and I have cheated every afternoon. I get the most uncontrollable urge to eat sugar. Have you cheated at all, I do good all morning and at night but need to quit cheating in the afternoon. Will I still lose?
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everyone feels different the first week of this diet....The first three days I was a little nauseaus and hungry but got thru it and am doing really great now. Today was officially 1 week for me and I weighed in at the Dr's office....I was down 10.5 pounds! I know it will slow down but that was great motivation! I plan to keep at it until I get 58-60 pounds off...I'm hoping that by Christmas, I'm almost there! Stick to it!
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I don't think that every diet is for everyone- I would give it another couple days, and then if I didn't feel better, I would consider that maybe that diet isn't for you.
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I'm glad I stumbled on this, I've been doing low-carb/high protien for 2 days now, and I've had the constant feeling of starvation and insomnia...last night I was trying to sleep and all I could think of was toast! lol I think I'm losing my mind lol I'm going to finish the week and see how I feel about it then. To curb my toast thoughts at 4am I finally just toasted up some bread and ate half a slice with some peanut butter, felt instantly better lol
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Smile I'm new on the ideal protein diet too.

This is my 10th day on IP. I felt very hungry until I made it past day 4. I just found this website and I am glad because I have been looking for veggie ideas as well. I found (by mistake) that you can also dehydrate spinach leaves in the mircrowave and they are very good.
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Like others have said, make sure you drink the 64oz of water, add a sprinkle or two of sea salt, that may help. also, when you feel the need to snack, make it one of the protein packets... 1/2 a bar or such. Do tell your coach about the problems. I'm not a veggie eater, so that's been tough, usually have to have cheese, subbing the Walden Farms alfredo sauce seems to be working, may not be getting the full 4 cups, but I am getting some! I've lost 10# and 10" in 2 weeks.... and I have cheated here and there!
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I guess if I was feeling rotten while trying to eat healthy and nutritionally, I would surely look at what I was doing and wonder if this really was a long term sustainable method of weight loss and maintenance.
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To all that have cheated here and there: I don't think an occasional cheat is that bad as long as we only have the one and do not fall completely off the wagon! I cheated terribly in December and still maintained my 25 lb loss but now i am mad at myself because i think of how much ground i have lost, I could have had another 10 lbs or so off!!!! Oh well Feb is going to be much better!!!!!
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hey there im new to this site, just heard about Ip from my hair dressers shes lost 46# in 4 weeks and she definetly talked me into doing it im starting it on monday! ne words of advise hows it working for everyone! thankss
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Default IP Program

New to the IP Diet (1week down), but I am doing great. I went for my 1st weigh-in today. I lost 10# and 6 inches (started at 232#. In talking to the coach, it is a requirement to have 4 cups of veggies a day, take the supplements, use the sea salt, and drink the water. I drink at least 80 oz daily in addition to the water mixed with the protien packets and coffee. She said for each cup of coffee drank, drink that much more water. I have followed the plan to the letter and I have not been hungry. Before starting on this, I would get up from the dinner table full and in 10 minutes be in the kitchen looking for something else to eat because I had the munchies. I am thrilled at my success so for.
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