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Default If you exercised 2hours a day?

I was watching The Biggest Loser, and I started thinking what would happen if someone like me, just decided to start working out 2 hours a day like they do on the show? I've always read that you shouldn't workout too much, but it seems to work for them. I know that they also have professionals/trainers etc. with them, but I'm just wondering if it would work or just end up hurting me more in the end?
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I think it depends how you do it. I've exercised more than two hours a day before, but it was relatively mild- I did a lot of strength training, but not a whole lot in the way of really strenuous cardio. I was constantly very sore, but got through fine.

On the other hand, a couple of days ago I jogged faster than I am accustomed to for about an hour, maybe a bit longer, and then discovered I was a long way from home and had to limp back. Result: I was too sore to run for two days. Just as an example of how too much can actually be a bad idea.

My advice would be to experiment with different levels/time periods of exertion, but be ready to ease off if you really feel like you're hurting yourself.

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The amount of exercise they do on that show (and the amount/rate of weight loss for that matter!) is pretty unrealistic. It's certainly very possible to work out for 2 hours on certain days- but especially if it's strenuous like on that show, you definitely need time to rest! For most normal people, who aren't on a reality show, 2 hours of strenuous exercise a day, every day would likely only cause adverse effects. Not to mention, I doubt most people could fit that into their daily lives anyway.

Basically, The Biggest Loser is nice and inspirational and all, and though one should definitely follow in the steps of weight loss, the extreme amounts should be left on TV. That's my $0.02 anyway. ^^

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I think they may work out with a trainner 2 hours but I have read elswhere that the contestants WO 4-6 hours a day and the gym is open any time for them to go use it on their own.

I personally will do 2-3 hours a couple of times a week, especially if I go on a hike 9 I try to do long ones on the weekend) I will also cardio/WL for an hour and swim for an hour. You have to build up to it. BUT I am still fat but healthy.
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L144S is right, they work out a LOT more than 2 hours a day!

Personally, I have been working out for 90 minutes to 120 minutes a day for quite some time now. I mix it up and do yoga, cardio, weight training, water exercise and so on.
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Smile I agree with Layri

I have often heard that some of the actors or actresses when preparing for a movie role will exercise 6-8 hours a day but that is all they are doing and they are getting paid millions of dollars to do it too! I would exercise for 20 hours a day if you paid me what they get! And, eat only a banana and drink water.

I would liken this amount of exercising to deciding you are going to work construction for a day. No one is saying that it can't be done! Ask anyone who does a lot of physical work for a job or living ----they do it because it pays the bills and puts food on the table. Some might even prefer it to being at a desk all day.

Now, getting back to the Biggest Loser contestants. Again these people are sequestered on a fitness ranch with nothing else to occupy their time. They are under a lot of pressure. They have signed contracts. If nothing else they have their pride or losing it if they "fail". They are in a very controlled environment. They couldn't order pizza or go through a drive through if their life depended on it. They have the pressure of making a specific goal weigh-in and not to be booted off the team or the show. If I had that kind of pressure on my back, I would probably be doing some of the stuff they do too! And, more!

It is tv and it is done for ratings. It is exciting to watch and, at times, inspiring, but I also think it is unrealistic for most of us to aspire to doing this. However, if you can clear the other commitments of your life to do this and your health will permit, who am I to say? I have always like being active and I have restarted my exercise program after a four month hiatus. I was able to start pretty much where I left off but I have been active almost 30 years too. I have worked with personal trainers in the past, I know my limits and I am a competitive person by nature. However, even I know that I am getting older and I can't do some of the things I used to do with ease.

If all signs say GO, then go for it!! Let us know how it works out.

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Default 2 hours a day possible

Wouldn't it be great if we all had the time to exercise 2 hours a day and have a personal trainer to answer to...sorry but I have a job and bills to pay. I'll confess I've never watched the biggest loser. I think it's unrealisted for any one who leads a normal life with a job, family, and friends to adhere to such a plan for exercise.

I know that in the past I've probably exercised 2 hours (or more) on a given day, but not standard exercise at the gym. If I count the time I walk to and from work, plus my lunch time hike (or gym time) I probably reach two hours a day. I would probably be seeing faster results if I was doing that 2 hours at a gym alone, but I do what I can to keep moving.
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Anjera are you kidding? you have lost almost 100lbs! whatever you are doing is working just fine. keep up the good work and share what is working for you.

As for the show? it is in a bubble, not real at all, the "biggest gammer" usually wins and it is never "fair" for the women. They can not lose the kind of weight the men lose. BUT the trnsormation is amazing and I think they are all winners for losing the weight anyway!

So keep on moving! (check out my siggie for googles oedometer mapping and find some new places to walk )
~Dixie CGC,TDI~
If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise
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