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Is it too late to put in my 2 cents??
My biggest fear is ending up like both my parents, who are cardiovascular nightmares... high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, obese, high cholesterol, and they are both taking a list of meds out the wazoo! I want to be healthy, happy and fit and not have to worry about having a heart attack at a young age, or be limited by my obesity.
My biggest frustration is how surrounded we are by all these high fat, high calorie, high cholesterol foods. Everywhere you go, there's a fast food place, every other commercial on TV is pushing bad-for-you food. It is hard to make the right choices for yourself when we are bombarded by all these temptations!
What I am embarrassed to admit is kinda two-fold. I often hear my husband referring to his buddy's wife as a girl who was beautiful, but who let herself "go" after several years of marriage. I never want to be the wife who let herself "go" after we got married. I want my husband to always find me sexy and attractive. I also want to get back into my favorite activity, road biking. I want to sign up for a Century (100 mile) ride, and I don't want to show up for a training ride, decked out in spandex biking shorts, and have the other athletic, in shape people look at me and say "what is that fat girl doing here with us? she doesn't belong, she's not in shape enough...etc etc"
Sorry this is so long, but it's an interesting topic, and I love it that you brought it up!

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It's never too late, feel free to keep throwing in opinions, everyone. And thank you SO much, your opinions are invaluable.
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my biggest fear is that I will never be able to lose this weight, that i will just give up bc it wont come off
what i am embarassed to admit:thinking i will never have a long term fulfilling relationship bc of my weight. aww. i feel sad typing that. nvr said that to anyone else. thats one of the reasons i want 2 lose weight.
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Biggest fear: That I'll never get into the shape I want to be in, and never get over running to the chips when I'm bored/unhappy.

Embarrassed: (Not directly weight related, though it probably plays a part in emotional eating.) I'm embarrassed to admit I have a fear/obsession of never really being happy with my life, never finding that career that I really want or the person I want to spend my life with.
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Biggest Fear: Dying to young, sudden cardiac death from too many potato chips over the years. Second biggest fear: Not being able to keep up the momentum to lose all the weight I need to lose.
Frustration: Lack of healthy and tasty eating out options. I find substitute recipes at home and cook tasty, creative and interesting meals. I would think a chef could do this.
Embarassed: The actual number on the scale. The even Higher number that used to be on the scale. The food that I would sneak and eat while DH was off to work or out of town. How badly I think I look naked. Embarassed to go to the doctor for checkups and care due to being so fat. (I do have a deal with DH that when I am down 40 lb. then I will go to the doctor again. I have 25 more to go.)
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Biggest Fear- That I will pass on unhealthy eating habits to my children, that they will have the same struggles I do, because I have not taught them well.

Biggest Frustration- My husband. He is one of those freaks of nature who can eat whatever he wants when ever he wants in whatever quantity and not gain a pound. He had heart surgery in 1994 to correct a defect he has had since birth. Upon leaving the hospital the doctor told him to GAIN 12 took him 3 years to gain 12 pounds. I can do that in a weekend!! Because he has never had to lose weight he doesn't understnad why it is so hard for me and has little compassion for me. (like wanting me to stop what I am doing and scoop him a bowl of ice cream when I am dieting.)

Most embarrassed - How much I actually weight!! When I started this diet and join 3FC I told myself I had to be honest about everything. How much I weighed, what I ate, how much I ate. I actually cried the day I typed my starting weight on my 3FC profile. But I knew it was a step I needed to take.

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