Anyone have any experience with nanny agencies?

  • I just interviewed at a nanny agency -- and I think I'm pretty much accepted (they have to check my references and do a background criminal check). The interviewer was like, "where have you been?" The application/interview process took 3 hours! And there are 20 families in the area who need nannies, so I think they are pretty desperate. I was wondering if any of you have worked for an agency and what was your experience? I HAVE no idea what to expect. And I'd like to hear the experience of anyone who used an agency as well. Thanks everyone!!
  • I don't have any experiences to share, but wanted to wish you luck

    Btw, have you read the Nanny Diaries?
  • Thanks Suzanne I haven't read it, but I've heard about it. I shouldn't read it or I might get scared away from nannying!!