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Old 02-22-2006, 03:57 PM   #1
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Question Enabling others

I ordered 2 boxes of girl scout cookies before I started eating right. They have been on my kitchen counter for 2 weeks now just daring me to open them and eat them. I haven't reached the point where I am disciplined enough to eat just one or two because cookies are a binge trigger for me.

I have a sister in law who is more overweight than I am. I am considering giving the cookies to her because I know she would enjoy them and because I just hate to throw away anything that I paid good money for.

I kind of feel like I shouldn't give them to her because this would trigger her to binge just like I would if I opened them. She is not trying to lose weight however and I know she would appreciate them. In the back of my mind though, I feel like it's not right to tempt her. She's an adult though and can make her own decisions about what food to eat.

I wouldn't even worry about this whole thing if I hadn't watched a show on TV about a man who weighed 1000 pounds. His wife just kept enabling him and bringing him anything he wanted to eat. This show just irrated me to no end because she was just helping him to an early grave by giving him whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted...

My sil is no where near 1000 lbs but I wonder what obligation that I have for another person's eating habits. I won't let my kids eat the girl scout cookies, so should I give them to my sil??? Kind of a dilemma to me. I know I'm overthinking this whole thing, lol.

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I encountered the same Girl Scout dilema yesterday. I totally forgot I ordered them from a girl at work and they arrived yesterday. I did make it the whole day without having one. I posted my frustration on one of the forums and got some really good advice and support.
I wouldn't sabbatoge your sil if I were you. You know what its like to be overweight and whether she is trying to lose weight or not I don't think it would be a good idea. Would you want her to do that to you? Just a thought.
Some of the suggestions I got yesterday were to put the cookies in the freezer, give them away, send them to the troops, give them to a soup kitchen. Just a few suggestions.
Good Luck with your weight loss. Don't give into the cookies temptation.

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Old 02-22-2006, 04:31 PM   #3
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I know you said your sil isnt trying to lose weight, but sometimes we keep these things to ourselves, and I would say that since you are feeling a hesitation, thats maybe a sign that you shouldnt do it, so instead of making yourself worry, why not just donate them off, sending them to the troops is a great idea, as is the soup kitchen, what a treat for anyone you decide to give them too! Also big kudos for having resisted the temptation, and looking for a place to take them so as to not tempt yourself, way to go on being in control!!!

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I totally agree with donating them. There are people out there in bad situations who would really appreciate them. I'd put them in a bag along with some canned goods and take them to the neighborhood food shelf.

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Old 02-22-2006, 05:13 PM   #5
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Yes...you should give them away to someplace like the Salvation Army. During meal times they sometimes give out cakes and treats that people drop off.
I do want to congratulate you on not opening them! That's a major accomplishment.
Trust me... I stopped buying bags of chips or boxes of things that I love because I know I would eat the whole box or bag in a day.
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The ONLY time I cheated in seven months was with A BOX of samoas!!!! If I were you I'd throw them away as FAST as you can, before it's too late!!!!!

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That is the kind of stuff that finds its way to the counter at work.....gone in 2 secs flat.........high traffic area of doctors, nurses, porters, paramedics etc.

Though I would never buy them to start with......but that's just me.

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Old 02-22-2006, 11:34 PM   #8
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Can I have them???? LOL...Just kidding, I bought 3 boxes off of my cousin, they are surpose to be in in March, My kids love cookies so they can have them, or who knows I may have one myself, I'm pretty good at restraining myself with all kinds of temptations in the house. But anyway to your thread, I agree with the others just give them to someone....
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If you cant restrict yourself from eating one a day or sumin, why not give them to like a local shelter or hospital, Im sure all the hard working nurses would really appreciate something like that, or even if you have kids, nieces, nefews you could give them to them and maybe they can share them with their friends
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Could you possibly open them and divide them into individual baggies, then freeze some of them? That way you have small portions to keep you from binging on the box. And why not drop a cookie or two in with you kids' lunches as a treat from time-to-time? Everything in moderation.

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